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    Target toeic Target toeic Presentation Transcript

    • 何謂多益考試何謂多益考試 多益測驗乃針對英語非母語人士所設計之英語能力測多益測驗乃針對英語非母語人士所設計之英語能力測 驗,測驗分數反映受測者在國際職場環境中與他人以驗,測驗分數反映受測者在國際職場環境中與他人以 英語溝通的熟稔程度。參加本測驗毋需具備專業的知英語溝通的熟稔程度。參加本測驗毋需具備專業的知 識或字彙,因為測驗內容以日常使用之英語為主。多識或字彙,因為測驗內容以日常使用之英語為主。多 益測驗是以職場為基準點的英語能力測驗中,世界最益測驗是以職場為基準點的英語能力測驗中,世界最 頂級的考試。頂級的考試。
    • 新多益有何不同新多益有何不同 聽力測驗聽力測驗 (PART 1~4)(PART 1~4) 將有四國口音呈將有四國口音呈 現現 為更貼近國際職場的真實環境,新多益聽力為更貼近國際職場的真實環境,新多益聽力 測驗將出現四個地區的英語系國家口音含美測驗將出現四個地區的英語系國家口音含美 國,加拿大,英國,澳洲,此四國口音將各國,加拿大,英國,澳洲,此四國口音將各 自負責自負責 25%25% 的錄音內容的錄音內容
    • 考試內容考試內容 聽力篇聽力篇 第一大題:照片描述/十題/四選一 第二大題:應答問題/三十題/三三選一 第三大題:簡短對話/三十題/四選一 第四大題:簡短獨白/三十題/四選一
    • 考試內容考試內容 閱讀篇閱讀篇 第五大題:單句填空第五大題:單句填空 4040 題題 第六大題:短文填空第六大題:短文填空 1212 題  題   第七大題:單篇文章理解第七大題:單篇文章理解 2828 題與雙篇文章理題與雙篇文章理 解解 2020 題題
    • 多益考試分數等級多益考試分數等級 等    級等    級 分 數分 數  優級- High Advanced 805805 ~~ 990990  高級- Advanced 655655 ~~ 800800  中高級- High Intermediate 555555 ~~ 650650  中級- Intermediate 405405 ~~ 550550  初級- High Beginner 305305 ~~ 400400  初等級 ( 二 ) - Beginner 2 205205 ~~ 300300  初等級 ( 一 ) - Beginner 1 1010 ~~ 200200
    • 多益都在考些什麼多益都在考些什麼 一般商務 契約、談判、行銷、銷售、商業企劃、會議 製造業 工廠管理、生產線、品管 金融/預算 銀行業務、投資、稅務、會計、帳單 企業發展 研究、產品研發 辦公室 董事會、委員會、信件、備忘錄、電話、傳真、電子郵件 、辦 公室器材與傢俱、辦公室流程 人事 招考、雇用、退休、薪資、升遷、應徵與廣告 採購 比價、訂貨、送貨、發票 技術層面 電子、科技、電腦、實驗室與相關器材、技術規格 房屋/公司地產 建築、規格、購買租賃、電力瓦斯服務 旅遊 火車、飛機、計程車、巴士、船隻、渡輪、票務、時刻表 、車 站、機場廣播、租車、飯店、預訂、脫班與取消 外食 商務/非正式午餐、宴會、招待會、餐廳訂位 娛樂 電影、劇場、音樂、藝術、媒體 保健 醫藥保險、看醫生、牙醫、診所、醫院
    • 這些多益常考單字你認得幾個這些多益常考單字你認得幾個 downsizing chairperson advertising shareholder merger headquarters supervision complaint conference recession commission recruitment convenience occupation franchise monopoly
    • Any person who is _____ in applying the position of professional secretary should send his or her resume and three references to the personnel director. (A) interesting (B) interest (C) interested (D) interestingly There is no ______ made on weekends because the hotel is almost occupied. (A) delay (B) violation (C) appointments (D) reservations
    • _______ terms of quality and service, the Excellence company surpasses the competition. (A) In (B) From (C) By (D) With Any unsatisfied item must be returned within 30 days and ____ by the original receipt from this store. (A) altered (B) adjusted (C) accompanied (D) aggregated
    • So what is he doing?So what is he doing? The little boy is crying his eyes out.The little boy is crying his eyes out.
    • So what is she doing?So what is she doing? She is hugging the little girl.She is hugging the little girl.
    • So what is she doing?So what is she doing? She is fastening her seatbelt.She is fastening her seatbelt. She is buckling up.She is buckling up.
    • So what is she doing?So what is she doing? She is peeking through the gap.She is peeking through the gap.
    • So what is she doing?So what is she doing? She is blowing her top.She is blowing her top.
    • So what is he doing?So what is he doing? He is eavesdropping.He is eavesdropping.
    • Words You Need To KnowWords You Need To Know contract seminar temporary recruitment take on competition available efficient involve candidates assignment exceed merchandise essential reckon compliment go over elaborate supply advantage replacement evaluate afford advancement short-staffed long-term
    • Listening 1Listening 1 A. Isn’t there any way we can get the air-conditioning to work? B. Where am I going to put all these files? C. How can you concentrate with all that construction work going on outside? D. Don’t you think they could provide more reserved spaces in the parking garage? E. Why can’t they figure out what’s wrong with my email account? F. Didn’t the janitor say that he would get someone to clean the windows over the weekend? G. When are they going to turn the heating on? H. How come the conference rooms are always booked when you need them. I. Why don’t you ask them to give you your own office? J. Can we close the window and keep the dust from coming in?
    • Listening 2Listening 2 Words You Need To KnowWords You Need To Know mess assortment consult in-box tray pile of papers correspondence deal with invoice headphones shelve reference material manual miniature filing cabinet drawer stapler cartridges and so on
    • Listening 2Listening 2 A. That would be great. I think he already has my number here at the office. B. Hold just one moment and I’ll connect you. C. Fist dial 9 and the number. D. Yes, it is. How may I help you? E. I can give you her cell phone number. F. She won’t be in till Monday. Would you like to leave a message for her? G. Please do. That way everyone can hear the good news. H. I’d like to speak to the department manager, please. I. Please tell him that Mark Hunter called. J. I’d like the phone number for radio station KZRK, please.
    • Listening 3Listening 3 Words You Need To KnowWords You Need To Know announce manufacturing press conference remain headquarter uncertain shut down laid-off quarter factory profit undergo representative enormous concern domestic drastic exception workforce adversely
    • REVIEW – Part 2REVIEW – Part 2 5. Why did you leave your last position? 6. When will we be able to move into the new building? 7. I’d like a copy of today’s paper, please. 8. Don’t you think there are too many commercials on TV? 9. Excuse me, how far is the nearest post office? 10. When did you hire the new restaurant manager? 11. How often is the outgoing mail picked up? 12. Could you put me through to Mr. Takata, please? 13. How did you find your new job?
    • REVIEW – Part 3REVIEW – Part 3 14. What do the speakers usually do on Fridays? 15. How do the man and woman feel? 16. What will the workshop be about? 17. Who is collecting the money for the gift? 18. What is Dr. Camara going to do? 19. In which department does the woman work?
    • REVIEW – Part 4REVIEW – Part 4 Words You Need To KnowWords You Need To Know Subscription Indicate Deliver Incomplete Confirm Toll-free number Accept Apology Ceremony Renovation Complex Reliable
    • REVIEW – Part 4REVIEW – Part 4 20. Who does Ms. Jackson probably work for? 21. Why is Ms. Jackson leaving a message? 22. ______________________________ 23. What is the purpose of the event? 24. Where does the event take place? 25. What facilities are provided to tenants?
    • Listening 2Listening 2 Words You Need To KnowWords You Need To Know Recommend Embroidered Purchase On the move Diversifying Venture Accommodation Elegant Intimate Lounge Plasma-screen Hammock Siesta
    • ListeningListening A. We recommend that all drivers perform a routine inspection before they use their vehicles. B. Yes, that’s right. Just leave us the full details of your address and we’ll do the rest. C. No. I am afraid we are not authorized to sell below list price. D. That’ depends. We advise drivers to check with the manager and to obtain the permission before driving inside buildings. E. According to our estimates, it takes only 45 minutes to unpack and put together. F. Well, all new owners are invited to attend a 30-minute training session. G. That’s right. If any part of the vehicle is defective, we replace it free of charge. H. Not necessary. We only carry a limited number of items and we order all others direct from our supplier.
    • Snapshot Listening BSnapshot Listening B A. The inspector is checking the equipment. B. They are working on an assembly line. C. The hot, molten steel is being poured into the mold. D. The holding tank is being tested. E. Shoes are being manufactured in the factory. F. The carpenters are wearing hard hats. G. The steel-worker is wearing protective eyewear. H. The structure is being built out of wood.
    • NDUSTRYNDUSTRY Listening 2Listening 2 Words You Need To KnowWords You Need To Know Pallet run over Forklift damage Take off replace Immediately faulty Plant cost-effective
    • Listening 3Listening 3 Words You Need To KnowWords You Need To Know announce ancient ruin settlement metropolitan archeological exploratory excavation dwelling remnant declaring significant elicited praise enormous boost
    • Listening 1Listening 1 Words You Need To KnowWords You Need To Know freight acquisition transit budget container departure inventory estimated fragile entire antique declaration form wrapped
    • Listening 2Listening 2 Words You Need To KnowWords You Need To Know benchmark component labor cost interest initial investment exporter importer grinder
    • Part 2Part 2 5. When will the construction permits be signed? 6. If I place my order today, can I expect delivery before Wednesday? 7. Who will be in charge of the auction? 8. Which aisle is the pet food located in? 9. Are you going to type up the minutes? 10. This toy comes with batteries, doesn’t it? 11. Should we get subcontractors to finish the job? 12. Would you like me to have the shipment insured? 13. How will they pay for the goods?
    • Part 3Part 3 14. Where does this conversation takes place? 15. What does the man say they need to do? 16. When will the nominations probably be discussed? 17. What’s the problem? 18. Where does the woman most likely work? 19. What does the man want to know?
    • REVIEW – Part 4REVIEW – Part 4 Words You Need To KnowWords You Need To Know long-awaited renovation laboratory restricted in accordance with regulations allow memorandum granted oversee installation briefing appropriate radical sufficient
    • Listening 2Listening 2 A. My house is already worth about 140,000 dollars. Would you advise me to sell it now or would it be better to wait for it to appreciate? B. I’ve been at the same salary level for the last two years. How should I go about asking my boss for a raise? C. Is there an annual limit on the amount of money I can put into my personal fund? D. I’m interested in buying stocks. How should I choose wich companies to invest in? E. I recently inherited some money. What type of investment would give me the best return?
    • Part 4Part 4 20. Who is the speaker? 21. When will construction be complete? 22. What must authorized personnel do in order to enter the site? 23. _____________________________________ 24. What was the role of the international Coffee Federation? 25. According the the news report, what have mechanized production techniques led to?
    • ListeningListening free time leisure recreational spectator ranked high municipal paddles amazing sculptures cuisine fabulous terrific rendition conservatory improvise
    • Listening 3Listening 3 Listening ComprehensionListening Comprehension PracticePractice
    • Listening 1, 2, 3Listening 1, 2, 3 Words You Need To KnowWords You Need To Know cruise along spectacular medieval cathedral magnificent regret due to malfunction on behalf of inconvenience remind entitled refund fare gourmet recommend convention center conference telephone booth newsstand insurance coverage
    • Listening Part 2Listening Part 2 5. How much is the one-way fare? 6. Can you tell me how long it will take to transfer the funds to my account? 7. Have you paid off your mortgage yet? 8. Could you put that on my bill, please? 9. Are you going running this afternoon or would you rather play tennis? 10. Would you like a window seat or aisle seat? 11. Isn’t the art center open on Mondays? 12. The tour guide was outstanding, don’t you think? 13. Would you happen to know when the next ferry sails to the mainland?
    • Listening Part 3Listening Part 3 14. What is the woman asking about? 15. Who does the man probably work for? 16. How often does the service operate? 17. Where does this conversation take place? 18. Why can’t the woman pay by credit card? 19. What is the woman going to do?
    • Listening Part 4Listening Part 4 20. Where is this announcement being made? 21. Which gate should passengers report to? 22. __________________________________ 23. Who is this recorded message intended for? 24. What are the commentaries about? 25. How can the volume be adjusted?