Into the twilight zone innovations for education


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Ten Colorado Technical University doctoral students and Dr. Cynthia Calongne presented their paper at the TCC 2011 Worldwide Online Conference April 13, 2011 called Into the Twilight Zone: Innovations for education, virtual worlds and emerging media.

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Into the twilight zone innovations for education

  1. 1. Into the Twilight Zone Innovations for Education, Virtual Worlds and Emerging MediaTechnology, Colleges and Community (TCC) Worldwide Online Conference April 13, 2011 Dr. Cynthia Calongne Colorado Technical University CTU Doctoral Researchers ******************************* Shane C. Archiquette Leonard T. Bisson, Jr. Quiana Bradshaw Paul Derby Ricky L. Keeling Josue E. Martinez Edward D. Lavieri, Jr. Erven F. McGinnes III Mark Shaffer Paul Tomaso
  2. 2. The Twilight Zone: The Changing of the GuardThe story of an educator who learns that his decades of teaching were inspirational, as demonstrated by the ghosts of his students
  3. 3. The Authorsin EM830 at CTUVirtual Economics and Business Fall 2010
  4. 4. Innovation TopicsArtificial Intelligence in Synthetic Holographic Weather Analysis Knowledge Management Virtual Language WorldVirtualized Musical Instruments Virtual World Education Grid Augmented Social Reality Gaming Web Browser Technology Game-Based Educational VoiceText Simulations
  5. 5. Synthetic Knowledge Management System (SKMS) Artificial Intelligence-based (Synthetic) interface to a robust Knowledge Management System (KMS). Innovative software solution to common business intelligence and information management needs. Edward D. Lavieri, Jr., author SKMS Loading ScreenKey Features• Audible interface tailored to user’s language and language level• Voice recognition eliminating the need for physical input devices• Interface tied to business databases, transaction logs, inventory systems, etc.Image based on LCARS (Rodenberry, 2005) and original three19 artwork.
  6. 6. Synthetic Knowledge Mgt System Image by Edward D. Lavieri, Jr.
  7. 7. Synthetic Knowledge Management Operations Monitor Decision Enabler Innovative Interface Intelligent Query System Intuitive Business IntelligenceSample Voice Queries SKMS Operations Monitor• What is our lowest revenue generating product in the northwest region?• What is the most ideal location in Colorado Springs for one of our hotel chains?• Which of our 319 retail stores should we market test our new widget in?• Compare our current suppliers to other vendors - report on potential ROI changes.Image adapted from LCARS (Forge Designs, 2005) and original three19 artwork.
  8. 8. Holographic Weather Analysis Erven F. McGinnes III, author
  9. 9. Holographic Weather Projection
  10. 10. The Uplay Concept: Make and Play Your Own InstrumentThe advancement of flexible touch screen technologies just expanded the possibilities in the realm of music… And the possibilities are endless… Design Radical Ideas •Hybrid instruments •Network via the Internet with your •How you play them orchestra •How they look •Learn & teach music in a new way •Save instrument templates •Unleash your imagination! Josue E. Martinez, author
  11. 11. Web Browser XDP ProjectThe Problem:Currently, web browsers are single-threaded, statelessenvironment for client development in JavaScript. Logictakes time to implement, resulting in this error: Image adapted by Mark Shaffer
  12. 12. Web Browser ThreadingIf you implement tasks within a browser that take a long time toprocess, you block the single thread of the browser.Solution for Web browser development and the ECMAScript:The use of a simple threading function to permit complex tasksto run in the background without affecting the browser’s thread.It favors simplicity over parallel processing and synchronizationlogic and supports a 10-million loop process efficiently.Mark Shaffer, author
  13. 13. VoiceText Photo from the NMC Horizon Report 2011 video Voice commands and interaction for mobile devices for hands free use while driving and text messaging Shane Archiquette, author
  14. 14. Virtual Education Grid and Economics EM830 Virtual Economics and Business project, Paul Tomaso, author
  15. 15. Game-Based Simulation Technology Photo from the NMC Horizon Report 2011 videoSimilar to the Sims and 3D educational storytellingand game design tools, like Alice from Carnegie Mellon’s Alice.orgQuiana Bradshaw, author
  16. 16. Augmented Social Reality GamingASR Applications links social media and the real world through smart phoneapplicationsASR Assassin, a team-based game like laser tagConcept: cooperative work to track and tag the opposition in the real worldwith direct line of sightPhase 1: Integration with Facebook – app installed and user discoverablePhase 2: Integration with social media platformsLater phases: video feed integration with FacebookLeonard T. Bisson, Jr., author
  17. 17. Research in Mobile Augmented Reality junaio - an augmented reality browser for mobile use by metaio First live interactive television quiz using augmented reality
  18. 18. Virtual Language World Ricky L. Keeling, author
  19. 19. Social Marketing and Virtual Education Resources Paul Derby, author
  20. 20. Summary of Innovations Mobile and Web Solutions Virtual Reality Solutionsartificial intelligence in knowledge research in holographic weather management systems projection and analysisvirtualized musical instruments virtual world education gridaugmented social reality gaming virtual language worldhands-free text messages game-based educational simulationsWeb browser technology innovation virtual world education resources
  21. 21. Real World Challenges for Learning Challenge-Based Learning - Jamie & Adam Challenge You - video
  22. 22. Simulation Design
  23. 23. Mars Geothermal Game
  24. 24. Collaboration and Learning
  25. 25. Game Simulation Research
  26. 26. For more information: Cynthia Calongne Lyr Lobo in Second Life Colorado Technical University CTU Doctoral Researchers ******************************* Shane C. Archiquette Leonard T. Bisson, Jr. Quiana Bradshaw Paul Derby Ricky L. Keeling Josue E. Martinez Edward D. Lavieri, Jr. Erven F. McGinnes III Mark Shaffer Paul Tomaso