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Game tech virtual guides fliesen calongne

  1. 1. Virtual Guides A Hybrid Approach to Immersive LearningMr. David Fliesen, Sonalysts, Inc. Defense GameTech 2012Dr. Cynthia Calongne, Colorado Technical University March 28, 2012
  2. 2. Characteristics• Companionship – A virtual guide not only offers information – The imaginary friend from your youth – Navigation, intelligence and emotion • Affect – emotional intelligence [1] – Igor, push the first lever… • Expectations of behavior
  3. 3. AffectEmotional intelligence [1] The design of a learning companion
  4. 4. Bardic Storytelling• Characters and companions• Stimulating affective emotional states [1] – The role of emotion in learning – Building a Learning Companion [2]
  5. 5. Books asVirtual Guides and Companions [3]An Example of Affect
  6. 6. Virtual Guides• Daden Limited [4] • Altair AI – chat bot, navigation, movement, emotional process • Bots that screen scrape Web content to select and discuss• Bots R Us group • Simplicity Labs - virtual agents
  7. 7. Virtual Guide Game Examples“Arthur ” from the Journeyman • The artificially intelligent characterProject 3: Legacy of Time Arthur provides a virtualby Presto Studios and Red Orb companion in the Heads Up DisplayEntertainment with adjustable humor to accompany the player in their epic quests“Lucy” from Assassin’s Creed 2 • Lucy mentors Desmond to tap intoby Ubisoft Montreal his stored ancestral memories in a battle of Templars and Assassins“S.A.R.A.” from ShadowGun • Personal android assistant Madfinger Games provides situational awareness to John Slade in his adventures
  8. 8. EM 840 Mayan Temple GuideChat bots as guides – are navigation and gesture required?
  9. 9. Are All Virtual Guides Humanoid?
  10. 10. Which is the guide? Virtual Guide in a Civic Simulation by a group in EM 825 Guides come in all shapes and sizes (right)
  11. 11. Extreme Reality by Mystical Demina & Simplicity Labs byJB Hancroft [5]
  12. 12. The Mars Expedition – Grand Prize Winner in the FVWC at GameTech 2010 [6]
  13. 13. Who is theVirtual Guide? [6]
  14. 14. Guide Characteristics• Features – Information, conflict mgt, skills• Interaction• Behavior• Emotion• Attitude• Outcomes
  15. 15. References[1] Kort, B. (2011). Cognition, Affect, and Learning. The Role of Emotions in Learning.[2] An Affective Model of Interplay Between Emotions and Learning: Reengineering Educational Pedagogy – Building a Learning Companion[3] Automated Avatars in Second Life by Daden Limited[4] Simplicity Labs by JB Hancroft in Second Life[3] What does your dream library look like?[5] Extreme Reality and Simplicity Labs at the SP Expo[6] The Mars Expedition, A virtual context in Storytelling
  16. 16. For More InformationPapers by Jonathon Gratch on• emotion & social modeling• rapport & social effects• virtual humans• socially situated planning• intelligent agents• adaptive problem solving• machine learning
  17. 17. Game ReferencesJourneyman Project 3: Legacy of Time (1999) by Presto Studios and Red Orb Entertainment: Web: Video:’s Creed 2 (2010) by Ubisoft Montreal: Web: Video: Cloud-based gaming demo: http://www.onlive.comShadowGun (2011) by Madfinger Games: Web: Video:
  18. 18. Virtual Guides A Hybrid Approach to Immersive LearningFor more information Mr. David Fliesen Joey Aboma in Second Life Dr. Cynthia Calongne Lyr Lobo in Second Life Joey Aboma Lyr Lobo For a copy of these slides, visit: