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201003 BIRT

201003 BIRT






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    201003 BIRT 201003 BIRT Presentation Transcript

    • Who is BIRT Laurent Delvaux BIRT Expert @ Zenika1Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • Who is Zenika Conseil, Réalisation, Formation par des experts2Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • Actuate Launches the BIRT Project Actuate proposed and started Actuate Joins Eclipse Foundation BIRT as Strategic Developer Business Intelligence and Board Member and Reporting Tools Project Adds BI and Reporting … a top-level Eclipse project as Open Source Project Professional open source Primary development resources funded by Actuate Contributions from many sources IBM, Innovent Solutions and community AUGUST3Actuate Corporation © 2009 2004
    • Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools A New Generation of Reporting and Data Visualization Technology •  Makes all report development easy •  Modern, web-page design metaphor •  Open and standards-based •  Flexible with rich programmatic control •  Full support for libraries and reuse •  Foundation for a range of reporting solutions Simplicity Power that makes BIRT to create simple reports very complex easy layouts4Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • BIRT Release History Six Major Releases since Project Launch September 2004 BIRT Project proposal accepted, and project launched June 2005 1.0 Eclipse Report Designer, Report Engine, Chart Engine December 2005 2.0 Support for a wide variety of common report types June 2006 2.1 Advanced parameters, ability to join data sets, … June 2007 2.2 Dynamic crosstab support, web services data source, … June 2008 2.3 JavaScript Debugger, BiDi Support, Charts in Crosstabs, … June 2009 2.5 Page Level Variables/Scripts, Parameter Scripts, Study Charts, … •  Ground-up initiative: Innovative approach to report layout and design •  Enterprise-class, designed to handle real-world problems •  Developed in the open with community feedback at all stages5Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • BIRT Momentum: Downloads BIRT Downloads “BIRT is one of the top 10 most downloaded commercially supported Thousands of downloads More than 6.5 million open source applications downloads through December 2008 and has a tremendous growth curve over the last two years.” Andrew Aitken, Managing Partner, Olliance Group BIRT technology is tried and tested in many applications6Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • High-Level BIRT Architecture BIRT Report Designer Eclipse Eclipse Chart Report DTP, Designer Designer WTP,… Report Design Engine XML Report Design Report Document Generation Charting Services Engine Data Presentation HTML Services Services PDF Data Excel Word Data PowerPoint PostScript7 …Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • BIRT Viewer8Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • Chart Engine/Builder9Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • BIRT Designer DEMO10Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • BIRT Example Key Capabilities• Very Simple to Very Complex Reports Re-use and Developer Productivity •  Listings, cross-tab, dashboard, pixel-perfect, •  Library support for publishing and sharing charts … components •  Grouping, advanced aggregations, sub-totals, •  Leverages common standards (SQL, calculations HTML, JavaScript, Java, XML) •  Multi-section and sub-reports •  Conditional report sections and logic •  Cascading Style Sheets •  Full programmatic control/scripting •  Built-in debugger… •  Embedded images… Interactivity and Linking• Comprehensive Data Access •  Data driven hyperlinks •  SQL databases, Web Services, Flat Files, •  Drill-through charts and graphics… XML, scripted data sources … •  Multiple data sources in one report… Multiple Usage and Productivity Aids •  Graphical report design• Output Formats •  Query & metadata editors •  HTML, PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint… •  Internationalization of labels and text •  Formatting Builder •  Bi-Directional language display •  Grouping Builder •  Customizable cheat sheets and templates…11Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • BIRT Report Gallery Charts and Tables Listing with Groups and Sub-Totals12Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • BIRT Report Gallery Crosstab and Charts Crosstabs13Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • BIRT Report Gallery Forms Calendar / Schedule14Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • BIRT Report Gallery Sales Invoice Dashboards15Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • BIRT Chart Gallery16Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • BIRT Chart Gallery17Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • BIRT Chart Gallery18Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • BIRT Project Users AUDIENCE FEATURES Easy Content and Report developers Drag-and-drop authoring, charting Advanced content developers Scripting, script API Runtime integration developers BIRT Viewer and engine APIs Complex Custom design UI developers Design engine API Extension developers BIRT extension points Core development Eclipse development, open source19Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • Summary A New Generation of Data Visualization Technology •  Top-level open source Eclipse project •  Free with commercial friendly license •  Powerful, extensible data visualization technology •  Easy-to-use, web-centric design metaphor •  Very active community with more than 6.5 million downloads •  Actuate extends and complements BIRT with value-added technology20Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • Around BIRT with Zenika & &21Actuate Corporation © 2009
    • Who is BIRT? Solving Your Data Visualization Needs with Open Source Q&A22Actuate Corporation © 2009