Social Media Crisis Communication


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From a company communication standpoint, what do you do when a crisis hits? Check out this presentation on how to mobilize and communicate quickly and effectively through social media during crisis situations.

Presentation is from a Social Media Club Knoxville event: Social Media & Crisis Communication: Benefiting Storm & Tornado Victims
Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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  • I know that I’m not only talking to PFJ customers, but to their families as well.
  • Social Media Crisis Communication

    1. 1. Lynsay CaylorSocial Media Marketing Manager, Pilot Flying J
    2. 2.  Severe weather or natural disaster Building or safety issues Technology failures Customer situations Community issues National issues
    3. 3.  Before you can help your customers, you need to know them and know how you can best help them. Think and feel like they do at the moment. Realize crises heighten emotions.
    4. 4.  2.4 million professional truck drivers Limited places to park Away from family for long periods of time Constantly moving Under heavy government regulation
    5. 5. 1. Let other departments know what you’re doing.2. Find the most important info 1. Safety issues 2. Any processes that are different than normal 3. Time estimates 4. Situation of the community
    6. 6. 1. Tell them the current situation2. Let them know how this will affect their normal visits/interactions3. What we are doing to correct issue4. Report any injuries & what is being done
    7. 7. April 27 at 7:40am Hey Pilot... Can you keep us all updated if any locations are closed due to storm damage? Im hearing West Memphis and Murfreesboro just got hit hard, but no word on the stores.
    8. 8. April 27 at 10:08am Power outage notice: Due to severe storms, currently our 2 West Memphis, AR stores - Pilot #429 and Flying J #607 are without power. Generators are in route to these locations. Please feel free to pass along so that those traveling in this area may know of the situation. And please be safe out there today!
    9. 9. April 28 at 10:25amNACS Props to Pilot Travel Centers for keeping folks in affected storm areas up to date. Our thoughts are with those that are going through this... From National Association of Convenience Stores
    10. 10. Wow. I hope all your employees & customers are safe, and nobody was hurt. April 28 at 9:52amThanks for the update! April 28 at 9:58amKeeping you guys and all truckers and their families in our prayers. April 28 at 9:58am
    11. 11.  Identify your emergency response team. Be flexible enough to have your day completely changed. Look for opportunities to highlight someone doing good during the difficult time. Stay tapped in to your community. Be calm and practical.
    12. 12.  When times are tough, the community reaches out to support. During a disaster numbers come, and then they dont leave. They follow because they believe in the cause & want to share with others. Always be looking to encourage and empower communities.
    13. 13.  Every crisis situation is different. You can’t be perfect, but you can learn from every situation or mistake.
    14. 14.  Listen Be a friend Get important info out Help out if you can Just be there
    15. 15. @wharman@redcross@lynsaycaylor