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01 power point presentation

  1. 1. Presented by Khaw Wan Ling
  2. 2. Site Analysis –Jalan Hang Jebat, Malacca The site chosen is a restaurant and bistro named Cheng Ho. It is located at core zone area which is a historical building.
  3. 3. Traffic Flow
  4. 4. View from site –River viewView to site –Cheng Ho Restaurant
  5. 5. Advantages of site –Cheng Ho Restaurant • Facing to the river Malacca • Two façade, one facing to river Malacca another facing to Jalan Hang Jebat • Nice view and environment especially night time • Most attractive building among the street • Near to Jonker street, the most crowded area during weekend
  6. 6. This building got an air weld which can allownatural daylight to come in. Sectional Drawing Scale 1:100
  7. 7. Aims and Objectives-Tourism Information CentreTypical Information Center Design Aims and Objective • To reflect the characteristic of the local culture • To apply sustainable issue to the architecture • To create a centre that can guide the tourist to the right direction
  8. 8. Concept - DirectionThe concept for the Tourism Information Center is “DIRECTION” which comesfrom the building program itself. Information Center is a place that alwaysshowing clearly direction to people and also a space that link peopletogether. From the concept, 3 keywords had came out which are LINK,CONNECTION and FOCUS POINT that will be apply on the design. Besides, theconcept of “ Direction” also inspired by the “ CONNECTION OF LINES”.From the keywords above, the interior will be design with a lot of lines linktogether to form a complete shape. Furthermore, this Information CenterWill not provide any fan or air- conditioning for “GREEN CONCEPT” purpose.Therefore, the building has a air weld and a lot of windows to bring innatural daylight and wind.
  9. 9. Mind Mapping-Concept DevelopLines combine together and form a complete shape Connection of Lines Direction Keywords Link, Connection & Focus Point Form Triangle shape- sharp angle- Pointing direction
  10. 10. Concept Develop –DirectionSketchesLine Link Connection Conceptual Model
  11. 11. Sketches- Line link together and form a complete shape
  12. 12. Sketches- Initial IdeasCeiling design with Pieces by pieces connect Wall panel design- Rough ideaform on top together to form a shape
  13. 13. Space Planning-Bubble Diagram
  14. 14. Sectional Zonning
  15. 15. Spatial Planning-Sketches
  16. 16. Sectional Sketches-Form Develop
  17. 17. Inspiration –Line, Connection & LinkPrecedent StudiesStarhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur Arthouse Café, China Neuron Concept Lighting
  18. 18. Mood Board
  19. 19. Building Program Waiting Office/ Mini Library Area ConsultationComputer/ Semi Research Public Tourist Private Area Information Café/ Lounge Center Private Souvenir/ Gallery Capsule RoomInformation Counter Store Room
  20. 20. Lighting and Graphic Lighting Graphics
  21. 21. 3D Preliminary Ideas Information Counter Souvenir/ Gallery Computer & Research Café/ Lounge
  22. 22. 3D View-Exterior Design
  23. 23. Information Counter- Ground Floor
  24. 24. Waiting Area- Ground Floor
  25. 25. Souvenir & History Gallery Walkway- Ground Floor
  26. 26. Mini Library- First Floor
  27. 27. Office/ Consultation area- Second Floor
  28. 28. Selected Sectional Perspective
  29. 29. Final Model
  31. 31. Prototype- Capsule roomCapsule room is an extremely small room that provide cheap and basicovernight accommodation to guests. It is a type of hotel developed in Japan.It usually designs in rectangular or square shapes which are bulky. To breakthe traditional ideas of capsule room, a new design had been developed.The typical capsule room design- Design in bulky shape, with basic needs such as air-cond, TV and bedetc in the interior.
  32. 32. Prototype- Concept DevelopThe concept for the prototype is TRaNSFORmaTION. From the wordTRaNSFORmaTION, I had inspired by “COCOON” which is about themetamorphosis. The design of the prototype will be separate into two part,which is the inner part and outer part. The outer part which facingto the first floor café will design to be an enclosed area. It will be designingas a part of wall sculpture too. It is represent the enclose situation before acaterpillar turns into butterfly. For the inner part, it will transform to anopen area. This is representing the situation when the caterpillar came outfrom the cocoon and turns into butterfly. It is also to bring better ventilationand natural daylight to the room. The design of the capsule room is verydifferent with the typical one.
  33. 33. Idea Development-Sketches
  34. 34. Sketches- Initial Idea
  35. 35. Sketches- Initial Idea
  36. 36. Prototype- Precedent Study 1Nakagin Capsule Hotel in JapanThe concepts of this capsule hotel are metabolism, exchangeability andrecyclability. These capsule hotel units can be detachable and replaceablewithout interrupt other units. However, the exterior design of the capsulehotel was somewhat bulky.
  37. 37. Prototype- Precedent Study 2Spin Spider- Worthy Web by Packing TapeThis is an art installation create by packing tape. The designers using onlytape to construct, self- supporting cocoon that visitors can climb inside andexplore. The concept was developing from the “movement of dancer betweenthe pillars”.
  38. 38. Prototype- Precedent Study 3The two images were plays with the connection of line. It looks like the silkthat came out from the cocoon.These structure have punches many holes on the whole structure. It can bringin more natural daylight/ light to the interior. Besides, this idea can also bringbetter ventilation to the interior.
  39. 39. Prototype- Materials9mm Plywood with 6mm Tempered Frosted LED Lightinglamination on top glassSilk Bedding Sheet 25mm (L) Slotted Restrictor Hinge Hex Head Screw
  40. 40. Prototype- 2DTop view The top part of the prototype can be open as window to give betterScale 1:25 ventilation to the interior
  41. 41. Prototype- 2D From this elevation, it can clearly see the transformation fromSide Elevation an enclosed space to an openScale 1:25 space.
  42. 42. This capsule room does notPrototype- 2D provide any fan or air- conditioner. So for a better ventilation, it needs more open Space to bring in natural wind. Cold Air Hot Air Cold air can come in from theSectional Drawing front and the top. The main cold air is from the river MalaccaScale 1:25 then come into the interior.
  43. 43. Prototype- 3DThe form design to be sharp and hard instead of soft because to stronger the characteristicof cocoon which protected caterpillar till it turns to butterfly.
  44. 44. Prototype- 3D
  45. 45. Prototype 3D The interior design of capsule room
  46. 46. 3D View of Capsule Room
  47. 47. ThankYou