Social media for Craft Retailers What's Now, What's New and What's Next


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---Understand How/Why Consumers Are Using Social Media To Connect With The Brands They Love
---Learn Tips and Tactics to Make Your Social Media Programs Run More Effectively.
--Learn About New Social Media Sites That Your Business Can Employ This Year To Engage Wit h Customers
--Get A Glimpse of The Future- What Is Next In The World Of Social Media

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Social media for Craft Retailers What's Now, What's New and What's Next

  1. 1. Social Media Tools – Using What's Now, Learning What's New, and Preparing for What's Next Anaheim, CA January 10, 2014 There are Bigger Things to Fear Than Social Media! Creative Business Consulting Group Consumers Are Using Social Media, Are You? 56% Of Shoppers Using Social Media Have “Friended,” “Followed” Or “Subscribed” To A Retailers’ Page or Feed More Than 50% Of Online Shoppers Use SM To Engage With Brands They Like/Buy Almost 50% of Retailers’ Fans Follow To Learn About Special Deals And Products 5% Use Social Media For Customer Service/Support 85% Of Gen Y Shoppers Participate In Social Networking However, Retailers Do Not Have The Same Presence On Social Networks That Their Customers Do * (Pricegrabber, 2010) Creative Business Consulting Group 1
  2. 2. Tactics And Tools For Effective Social Media Marketing Creative Business Consulting Group First Things First: Social Media Strategy Must Be Built To Engage Followers and Build Community - Suggested Blend Personal 40% • Share Your Personality • Publish Information That Will Help Establish You And Your Brand With Your Followers • Have Fun And Express Yourself Share Relevant • Forward Blog Posts (Yours Or Others) That Are Of Information Interest To Your Followers 30% • Share Articles That Will Be Interesting To Your Fans • Make Yourself The Expert By The Information You Share Business 30% • Publish Promotions Or Store Events • Publish Specials/Deals For Followers With Links To Appropriate Webpages And/Or Locations • Host Special Events For FB Fans Only Creative Business Consulting Group Engaging Fans With Your Facebook Page What Should You Talk About? Remember The Basics, Follow Posting “Rules” • Create a Posting Calendar, Assign Duties To Appropriate Personnel • Align Posts With Your Overall Strategy – What Are Your Goals? • Create And Schedule GREAT Content DAILY • Good Posts Build Rapport, Evoke Trust And Engage Customers To Buy • Remember The Rules - 40/30/30 • Engage Your Customers To Help With PostsAsk For Pictures, Comments, Videos, Take Surveys • Ask Questions To Engage A Response From Your Followers Creative Business Consulting Group 2
  3. 3. Engaging Fans With Your Facebook Page What Should You Talk About? Use Humor To Engage Your Fans and Followers Do you like to laugh? So do your customers! Make your marketing more fun and you will stand out from the competition and capture customer attention. Try These Tips To Create Humorous Posts: 1. Tap into Pop Culture – Getting your fans into a fun pop culture meme is enough to them smile. 2. Lampoon With Cartoons - Cartoons are often the most-read and remembered part of magazines and newspapers, and they can also be an effective mechanism for promoting your brand 3. Get Animated – Use apps to create animated videos –quickly and easily. Apps to try: Xtranormal or GoAnimate 4. Solicit Humor From Your Fans - why not try crowdsourcing your funny business? Creative Business Consulting Group Engaging Fans With Your Facebook Page What Should You Talk About? Use In Store Experiences In Your Post Content Deliver A View Of Your Daily Business Via Posts. Help Your Customers Follow What Is Going On With Your Business- Even If They Can’t Be There • In-Store Events • Marketing Activities • Links To Emails, Blog Posts, etc. • Trade Show Experiences • Share Your Market Experiences • Ask For Customer Feedback • Share Customer Experiences • Testimonials, Product Reviews • Share Employee Experiences Behind The Scenes Look At Work Creative Business Consulting Group Engaging Fans With Your Facebook Page What Should You Talk About? Communicate How Knowledgable Your Employees Are Create Industry Expertise For Your Store/Brand By Sharing Posts (Written or Videotaped) By Your Employees. The Key Is To Have Them Their Extensive Product Knowledge About What Is Offered In Your Store • Have Employees Showcase Via Posts Features/Benefits Of ALL Products – Better Than Consumers • Showcase Tips On How To Use - All Features • Provide Links To Information About Online Review Sites For Specific Products • Be Able To Discuss Benefits From Buying In-Store Vs. Online if Necessary (Be Versed With Pricing Information From Competitive Sites) Creative Business Consulting Group 3
  4. 4. Utilize Your Network To Spread The Word And Drive Traffic To Your Facebook Page • Email Your Opt-in Mailing List To Gather Followers • Include A Link To Your Facebook Page On All Your Email Signatures • Post In Store Signs Directing Customers To Your Fan Page • Include Your Facebook Page Address On Your Business Cards • Include A Link To Your Facebook Page On All Your Email Blast Campaigns • Post A Link Or Badge To Your Facebook Page On Your Website And/Or Blog Source:, Creative Business Consulting Group What Is Twitter? • Twitter Is A Learning Tool, A Sharing Platform, And A Networking System. • Twitter Is A Useful Communication Tool That Allows You To Interact With People Around The World In Three Different Ways: Send A Short Message To A Bunch Of People Publicly Send A Short Message To A Specific Person Publicly Send A Short Message To A Specific Person Privately • Twitter Is Also Referred To As A "Micro‐blogging" Service. • Updates Limited To 140 Characters Or Less. The Power Of Immediate Interaction With Like-Minded Individuals Is Life-altering When Used And Developed Correctly Source:,, Chris Brogan Creative Business Consulting Group How Can You Use Twitter For Your Retail Business? • Monitor. Obtain Instant Access To What Is Being Said About Your Company/Brand • Real Time Contact. Keep In Contact With Current Customers Of Your Business And Industry Experts • Learn. Find A Steady Stream Of Ideas, Content, Links, Resources, And Tips Focused On Your Business/Industry • Expertise. Create Expert Status For Yourself Or Your Company To Potential Customers Source: MarketingProfs 2009 Creative Business Consulting Group 4
  5. 5. What To Say? Finding Things to Tweet About.. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. An Observation: Tweet About What You’re Doing, Thinking Or Feeling What You’re Reading: Post A Link To An Interesting Blog Post Or News Article What You’re Watching: Post A Link To A Cool Video From Hulu Or Youtube What Events You’re Going To: Share A Link To The Next Event You Plan To Attend Promote Your Content: Post A Link To Your Most Recent Company Or Personal Blog Article Promote Someone Else’s Content: Post A Link To Someone Else’s Blog Article As A Helpful Resource Chat With Someone: Send Messages Using An @ Sign Before Their Username Retweet What Someone Else Has Said: Re-tweet (Using RT Or Re-tweet In The Beginning Of The Message) To Repeat What Someone Else Has Said Link Twitter To Your FB Posts- Post In Multiple Places At One Time Remember That Your Most Valuable Asset Is The Information You Provide Source:: Creative Business Consulting Group Blog Tips And Tactics: How To Start? • • • TypePad Micro -Not Free, but has great features. Post Useful Blog Resources • • WordPress is free, but you may have to pay for some features. Post Other Bloggers’ Posts • • Blogger (owned by Google) is free. News Relevant And Timely Articles About The Bird Industry Invite Industry Experts To Guest Write Posts For Your Blog • Report Live From Trade Shows And Industry Events • Review Books, Websites, Blogs • For More Information: Read Books about Blogging • Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble Creative Business Consulting Group Creating And Managing A Successful Blog ---In 6 Steps 1. Make A Plan; Create Goals And Utilize A Strategy To Help You Achieve Those Goals 2. Provide Valuable Content; Always 3. Be Transparent On Your Blog 4. Use Your Best Assets To Help Write Your Blog; Employees & Fans 5. Listen And Respond To Blog Comments And Questions Every Day 6. Measure The Results Of Your Time And Effort o Customer Interaction o Inbound Traffic o Outbound Traffic o Web Links o Social Media Links Creative Business Consulting Group 5
  6. 6. Scheduling: Use Scheduling Tools To Improve Efficiency And Productivity For Your Bird Business Benefits: •Boost Productivity •Consistent Messaging •Long Range Planning •Scheduled Delivery Creative Business Consulting Group What Is Pinterest - Why Should I Care About It For My Retail Business? 1. Pinterest Allows Users To "Curate" Collections Of Images Based On Their Passions 2. Pinterest Shares Merchandise With The Simple Power Of Visual Imagery 3. Top Interests On Pinterest-Crafts, Gifts, Hobbies/Leisure, Interior Design 4. Pinterest Converts More Browsers Into Buyers 5. Pinterest Reduces The Number Of Steps From Discovery To Conversion ---See It, Like It, Buy It’ Happens Frequently Creative Business Consulting Group What Should You Pin? Creative Boards Draw Followers and Engagement (Re-Pins) Creative Business Consulting Group 6
  7. 7. Pinterest Best Practices • Pin On Boards From Various Sources • (Think Of Complimentary Products Or Design Inspiration) • Re-pin From Other Boards And Brand Followers • Use The Follow Button and Pin It Widgets • The Follow Button Allows Retailers To Put A Link On Their Sites Allowing Shoppers To Immediately Follow Them On Pinterest • Adding A "Pin It" Button To Your Product Pages Or Blog Posts Will Allow Customers And Readers To Pin Your Products Onto Pinterest Creative Business Consulting Group How To Make Pinterest Work For Your Business Upload Original Content Populate Pinterest Boards With Original Content As Often As Possible Learn The Difference Between Repining And Liking"Re-pin" Is Better Than A "Like. Re-pinning Means Someone Has Adopted Your Content And Added It To Their Mix Share The Love Follow Those Who Follow And Re-pin You. It’s the Ultimate Pinterest Compliment Curate Properly Organizing Boards In Themes – Don’t Be Dull or Overpopulate Boards With Mixed Content Creative Business Consulting Group How To Make Pinterest Work For Your Business Link Your Accounts Include A Link To Your Twitter And Facebook Accounts, Which You Can Set Up By Going To Your Account Settings And Connecting With Twitter And Facebook Pin It Encourage Your Website Visitors To Share Your Images With Their Pinterest Followers By Adding The Pin It Button To Your Website Price It Pinterest Pins Which Include Prices Receive 36% More Likes Than Those Which Do Not Creative Business Consulting Group 7
  8. 8. How To Make Pinterest Work For Your Business Use Relevant Image Labels Instead Of Labeling Your Image As Image 1 Or Image 2 (Or Any Other Random Name), Label Your Image With A Relevant Name, Specific To Your Image Create A Seasonal Pinterest Boutique Share Seasonal Fashion Information in A Fun And Engaging Way Ask People To Pin Your Images You Can Make It Easy For Others To Share Your Images By Asking Them To Pin Your Image Have A Pinterest Event Create An Online Event Asking Customers To Repin- Discuss Favorite Items In Stock Creative Business Consulting Group How To Generate Sales From Pinterest Run Contests Pinterest Discourages Self-promotion, So The Key Is Encouraging Your Followers To Pin For You! Create A Gift Registry Registry Helps Customers Tell Others What They Would Like To Buy From Your Store Monitor Who Is Pinning Images From Your Website Interact with people who have pinned images from your website These people are already interested in what you do- Cultivate them into customers! To see what people are pinning from your website – use this URL: Creative Business Consulting Group What Else Is Out There For You To Use? Tumblr: Tumblr Is A Micro-blogging Service Works Well When Looking To Provide Content In All Types Of Media Formats • Text, Audio, Video, Photo, Chat, Etc. • Offers Multiple Customizing Features To Personalize Your Page Google +: •Multiple Contact Groups (Circles) •Public/Private Setting Options for Different Circles •Video Chats •Hangouts– Groups of People With Similar Interests Connecting •Group Text Messaging •Photo Uploads Creative Business Consulting Group 8
  9. 9. What Else Is Out There For You To Use? •People Use Instagram To Share Experiences Thru Photos •Exchange Images With People With Whom They Have Common Interests •Document The World Around Them •Provide "Visual Status Updates" To Their Friends •Be Part Of A Creative Community Different Than Other Social Networks •Be Part Of A Visual Community That Allows People To Exert Their Creativity By Choosing Which Filter And Effect Fit A Photo Best Creative Business Consulting Group What Else Is Out There For You To Use? • Average YouTube User Is On Site For 15 To 30 Minutes Per Day. • Businesses Of All Sizes And Scale Can Benefit From Video Marketing • Posting Branded Videos Relevant To Your Niche Is A Effective Way To Promote Your Business, Drive Traffic To Your Website, And Get Your Brand Noticed In Front Of A Targeted Audience • New Video Tool – Vine • Short Video Clips – 6-10 Seconds (Think Twitter For Video) Photo credit: Hubspot Creative Business Consulting Group 9