Marketing in 2013 customer conversations using social media slideshare version [compatibility mode]


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Marketing in 2013 customer conversations using social media slideshare version [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. Marketing in 2013:The Customer Conversation Using SocialMedia February 16, 2013The Long and Winding Road Toward Making APurchase in 2013 • Consumers Now Move Along A Complex, Nonlinear Pathway To Final Purchase • 83% Say Path To Purchase May Involve A Greater Number Of "Stops," But It Takes Less Time Than It Used To • Shopping Today Is A More Personal And Emotional Experience • 79% Of Consumers Say Their Relationship With Brands Is Much More Personal Than Ever Before • 68% Say Shopping Today Is "Less About The Brands/Products Themselves And More About Me - What They Are Feeling Or Needing Creative Business Consulting Group 1
  2. 2. Connecting With Consumers In 2013 Is Not Simple; Multiple Channels Are Required • Today’s Consumer Is Finding Out About New Products, Styles, And Trends Online – From Friends, Brands, And Influencers • The Shopping Experience Has Turned Into One That Is Connected As Consumers Are Using Mobile Devices While Shopping • 76 Percent Of Consumers Recommend Companies They Trust To A Friend Or Colleague (Source: Edelman) • 86 Percent Of Millennial Consumers Say That User-generated Content Has More Influence On What They Buy (Source: Bazaarvoice Study) • 62 Percent Of All Online Shoppers Read Product-related Comments From Friends On Facebook • 75% Of These Shopper Clicking Through To The Retailers Site (Source: Sociable Labs Social Impact Consumer Study) Creative Business Consulting Group Retail 2013 - New Rules Apply: Customers Will Buy Where And How They Want To• Even If Your Customers Can’t Get Your Products Anywhere Else Today, You Can Bet They’ll Find A Way Tomorrow – With Or Without You In The Picture• Mono-channel Is No Longer An Option In An Omni-channel World.• One Way That Retailers Are Working Towards Becoming Omni-channel Is By More Seamlessly Integrating Web With Brick And Mortar Capabilities• Retailers Must Create User-friendly Ecommerce Platforms And Social Media Programs That Are Integrated With Offline Sales And Merchandising Strategies Creative Business Consulting Group 2
  3. 3. Customers Often Break Up With Brands ThatIgnore Them Via Social Media • Customers May Feel The Relationship With A Brand Is One-sided. And No One Likes A One-sided Relationship. • The Feeling Of Unreciprocated Admiration Will Often Cause Customers To Break Up With Brands • On Average, A Business Loses About 20% Of Its Customers Just By Failing To Tend To Customer Relationships Getting Customers Back After A Break Up Can Cost You Both Time And Money Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netBrands Must Engage Customers Who AreSpectators And Create Critics Creative Business Consulting Group 3
  4. 4. Deeper Customer Connections Are PossibleUsing Social Media; The Question Is Where?• People Who Engage With Brands Via Social Media Demonstrate A Deeper Emotional Commitment To Those Brands• They Spend Between 20% And 40% More Than Other Customers On The Products And Services Offered By The BrandsBain & Company Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netFacebook – By The Numbers• Total Number Of Users: 1.06 Billion• Total Number Of Pages: 50 Million• Total Number Of Mobile Users: 680 Million• Average Number Of Friends Per User: 141.5• Average Daily Uploaded Photos: 350 Million• Average Time Spent Per Visit: 20 Minutes• Total Number Of Promoted Posts: 2.5 Million• Total Number Of Page Offer Claims: 42 Million Creative Business Consulting Group 4
  5. 5. This Jewelry Stores’ Facebook Page WasRanked #4 Of All Small Business Pages - 2012WHY?• User Friendly Link To Online Shopping Page• Good Fan Engagement With Photo Usage• Use Of Discount Promotions To Drive Traffic Where Appropriate• Numerous Customer Recommendations• Rewards App Is A Smart Way To Get Continual Engagement Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netImproving Facebook Engagement Keep Your Updates Short Research Shows That 100 Characters Or Fewer Seems To Be The Sweet Spot. Easy Cross-posting On Twitter Add Photos/Videos Posts That Include A Picture Or Video Generate 120% And 100% More Engagement Don’t Use URL Shorteners Engagement Rates Were 3X Higher For Facebook Posts That Use A Full-length URL Post At Times Ideal For Your Fans Optimal Time To Post Is Between 1:00 Pm And 3:00 Pm • Links Posted Between 1 And 4 Pm Get The Highest Click-through Rates ( Wednesday At 3:00 Pm Being The Best Time To Post All Week) • Engagement Rates Are 18% Higher On Thursday And Friday • If Your Goal Is Likes Saturday And Sunday Posts Get The Most Likes Buddy Media 5
  6. 6. You Tube - How To Use It For Your Jewelry Store800 Million Users And 4 Billion Views Per DayAdd Product Videos To Your Website Raise Your SEOProfile (Google Algorithm Shows Preference For Videos InSearch RankingsCreate Videos Worth Watching. Youtube Ranks Video BasedOn "Watch Time," Giving Prominence To Videos That AreWatched For A Longer Stretch Of TimeExtend Video Usage. Use Videos Beyond Website ProductPages: Embed Videos In Email Newsletters, Post FrequentlyTo Social Networks. Build Out Youtube Or Vimeo ChannelsGo Mobile Use Videos To Engage Mobile Users. Video CanInclude All The Details That A Mobile Shopper Needs To MakeA Buying Decision (Options, Price and Availability)Have Customers Create Videos (Contests, Etc.)Videos Created By Customers Can Be More Powerful ThanVideos Created By A Business, Since Consumers Place A LotOf Faith In What Their Fellow Shoppers Have To Say.Capture App- Lets Users Share Videos Directly From TheirIPhone Screen Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netPinterest – Pinning Your Way To CustomerLoyalty And Retail Sales Allows Users To "Curate" Collections Of Images Based On Their Passions (November 2012 Offered Business Accounts) • Pinterest Users Have Highest Average Incomes Of All Social Media Sites (44% Earn More Than $60K) • Use Pinterst This Year To Create Pinterest Pinboards For Their Brands And Businesses Creative Business Consulting Group 6
  7. 7. Pinterest Case Study: 143 Boards; 14,054 Pins Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netHow Will You Get Result A Return OnInvestment From Your Social Media Strategy?• Growth In Audience Members, Such As Facebook Fans And Twitter Followers• Higher Engagement Of Fan Base With Your Digital Presence (Comments, RT’s, Shares And Other Interactions)• Generation Of Sales Leads, Allows For Permission-based Communications• An Increase In Traffic• Sales Through Coupon Redemption At Traditional Stores And Links To E- commerce Sites Creative Business Consulting Group 7
  8. 8. Focus Your Social Media Strategy OnDelivering Maximum Results For Your Business Businesses Get Results In Three Steps:• By Growing Their Fan Base• Engaging Fans With Their Brand• Monetizing On Their Fan Pages Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netHow To Drive Customer Engagement With YourSocial Media Content Ask Questions. Questions Are A Powerful Brain Stimulator. Ask Skillfully Crafted Questions That Heighten A Buyers Need To Consider Your Product Tell Stories. People Love A Good Story. They Add Emotion To Situations And They Help People Remember Complex Details And Content. Stories Allow Listeners To Jump Into A Situation And Imagine Themselves There Make Comparisons Why Would Someones Life Be Better With Your Products/Services? Point Out Key Differences And The Advantages Of Shopping At Your Store -- Doing So Makes It Easier For Customers To Choose You Creative Business Consulting Group 8
  9. 9. How To Drive Customer Engagement With YourSocial Media Content Paint Pictures. Images Are An Extremely Powerful Way Of Capturing Attention And Engaging Someones Mind. What Pictures Can You Use To Highlight The Need For Your Products? Mirror Customers. When Customers Feel That You “Mirror” Their Own Ideals, You Can Establish Rapport Quickly. Mirror Your Prospects; Show Them Others Who Are Like Them In Realistic Product Situations. That Establishes Rapport And Builds Trust Add WIIFM. Convert Every "We" Or "I" Into "You." That Shifts The Sense Of The Message From Being All About You To Being All About Your Reader Or Listener. People Really Care About Themselves Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netYour Social Media Strategy Must Be Built ToEngage Followers and Build A CommunityUsing Social Media For Your Small Business Requires A Blend Of BusinessAnd Personal Information - Suggested Blend - Personal 40% • Share Your Personality • Publish Information That Will Help Establish You And Your Brand With Your Followers • Have Fun And Express Yourself (Use Humor) Share Relevant • Forward Blog Posts (Yours Or Others) That Are Of Information Interest To Your Followers 30% • Share Articles That Will Be Interesting To Your Fans • Make Yourself The Expert By The Information You Share Business 30% • Publish Promotions Or Store Events • Publish Specials/Deals For Followers With Links To Appropriate Webpages And/Or Locations • Host Special Events For FB Fans Only Creative Business Consulting Group 9
  10. 10. Remember The Basics, Follow Posting “Rules”• Align Posts With Your Overall Strategy – Remember To Ask: What Are My Goals?• Good Posts Build Rapport, Evoke Trust And Engage Customers To Buy• Twitter Allows 140 Characters – Good Tweets Leave 15-20 Spaces For RT Activity.• Facebook Posts Should Be About 200 Characters- Attach Visuals• Quality – Not Quantity When It Comes To Blog Posts• Use Video Links, Pictures Often• Remember The 40/30/30 Rule When Determining What To Say• Set Google Alerts To Listen To Your Customers Talking Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netUse Humor To Engage Your Fans and Followers Do You Like To Laugh? So Do Your Customers!1. Tap Into Pop Culture – Getting Your Fans Into A Fun Pop Culture Meme Is Enough To Them Smile.2. Lampoon With Cartoons - Cartoons Are Often The Most-read And Remembered Part Of Magazines And Newspapers, And They Can Also Be An Effective Mechanism For Promoting Your Brand3. Get Animated – Use Apps To Create Animated Videos –Quickly And Easily. Apps To Try: Xtranormal Or Goanimate4. Solicit Humor From Your Fans - Why Not Try Crowdsourcing Your Funny Business? Creative Business Consulting Group 10
  11. 11. Use In Store Experiences In Your Post ContentDeliver A View Of Your Daily Business Via Posts. Help Your CustomersFollow What Is Going On With Your Business- Even If They Can’t Be There• In-Store Events• Marketing Activities • Links To Emails, Blog Posts, etc. • Trade Show Experiences • Share Your Market Experiences • Ask For Customer Feedback• Share Customer Experiences • Testimonials, Product Reviews• Share Employee Experiences Behind The Scenes Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netCommunicate How Knowledgeable YourEmployees Are• Create Industry Expertise For Your Store/Brand By Sharing Posts (Written or Videotaped) By Your Employees• Give Them A Place To Showcase Their Extensive Product Knowledge• Have Employees Showcase Via Posts Features/Benefits Of ALL Products – Better Than Consumers• Provide Links To Information About Online Review Sites For Specific Products• Be Able To Discuss Benefits From Buying In-Store Vs. Online if Necessary(Be Versed With Pricing Information FromCompetitive Sites) Creative Business Consulting Group 11
  12. 12. Use Tools To Grow Your Fan Base With SocialMedia CampaignsWildfire Interactive. Offers Constant Contact. OffersOnline Tools That Enable A Social-mediaBusinesses To Design, Deliver Component Among ItsAnd Manage Campaigns. Services. Allows SmallCapabilities Include Analytics Businesses To RunThat Allow You To Assess Campaigns That AttractCampaign Performance, Fans And Followers.Evaluate Social Behavior Of Crossover Tools EquipFans And Gather Market You To Promote FacebookIntelligence. Pages To E-mailNote: You Can Tweak Subscribers And FacilitateCampaigns In Progress To Get Customer Sharing Of E-Better Results And Create More mails Through SocialRelevant Messages Media. Businesses Get Results In Three Steps: By Growing Their Fan Base, Engaging Fans With Their Brand, And Monetizing On Their Fan Pages Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netUse Tools To Grow Your Fan Base With SocialMedia CampaignsSnapapp-The Company Facilitates MarketingCampaigns And Sharing Through Social Media As WellAs Websites, Blogs, And E-mail. Content Can BeOptimized For Mobile Delivery.Offerpop - Social-marketing Platform That HasFacebook And Twitter Apps That Help Run Campaigns.Uses Contests And Deals To Attract Fans AndFollowers, Capture E-mail Addresses, Generate Leads,And Drive Sales. Has Measurement Tools.Local Agencies - A Local Agency Can Design And RunCampaigns For Your Business Using Its Own Suite OfTools Or Using The Technology Mentioned PreviouslyBefore Launching A Campaign Or A Series OfCampaigns, Businesses Should Have A ContentStrategy In Place And Set Specific Goals To GetReturns On Money—and Time! Creative Business Consulting Group 12
  13. 13. Measuring Your Return On Investment (Effort)Will Help Insure Your Message Is Effective • Growth In Audience Members? • Retail Fan Engagement With Customers In Conversations? (Increase In Likes, Shares, RT’s) • Did We Reach Our Target Market? • Did We Achieve Our Campaign Goals? (Sales, Customer Acquisition?) • What Is Our ROI For Our Marketing Spend? • ROI Measurement Formula • ROI =Benefits- Cost/Cost Creative Business Consulting Group Creative Business Consulting Group 13