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  1. 1. Streaming with SMARTboards: Opening a window to the digital world
  2. 2. I have over 13 years of experience in education and began my work as a language arts and math teacher. During the past four years, I have been working as a Technology Integration Specialist assisting various schools both in Connecticut and Mississippi with technology integration in all subject areas. While in Mississippi, I received over $65,000 worth of technology equipment through various grants I was awarded. Two of the schools I worked with have become SMART Technologies Showcase Schools, recognized for the innovative usage of SMARTboards in the classroom. Two years ago I was awarded Mississippi Technology Educator of the Year from the Mississippi Technology Educators Association. I currently reside in Connecticut where I work as a Technology Integration Specialist for the EASTCONN Regional Educational Service Center. Lynn Reedy SL Name: Lyndsay Rhiano
  3. 3. Discovery Streaming and SMARTboards: Using Streaming and SMART Video Player
  4. 5. Download Save your video file to use with SMART Video Player.
  5. 6. In the Welcome Center for SMART Notebook, choose Tools, SMART Video Player. In the Welcome Center for SMART Notebook, choose Tools, SMART Video Player.
  6. 7. Can import and save play list Pause video Stop Video Capture Video Notes Choose a pen and write on video Pen Colors Pen Width Delete Notes and Restore Notes Full Screen Repeat- play video continuously
  7. 8. Using Related Materials from Discovery Streaming with SMART Notebook PDF of additional resources to support the video.
  8. 9. Use SMART Notebook Print Capture to Capture the pages you want to use with your students.
  9. 10. Sample Page from the Teacher's Guide
  10. 11. Using Senteo Interactive Response Systems with Discovery Streaming Videos
  11. 12. · Can create class lists and assign a student a Senteo number ·Teacher can monitor student answers ·All results can be exported to an Excel document ·Results are immediate ·Can view results as a whole or by individual student
  12. 13. Funding Strategies
  13. 14.
  14. 18. Ways to Get Funding · Involve the media ·Hold student technology nights and invite the community ·Include the PTA/PTO in all aspects of your projects ·Get students involved (writing letters to support programs) ·Don't leave out local businesses, banks, foundations (visit them personally) ·Form a grant committee at your school/district- research what's out there ·Form partnerships with organizations, businesses, companies ·Get the word out
  15. 19.
  16. 20.
  17. 22. · Designed a web site for educators using SMART products which contains Notebook lessons, interactive web sites, and SMART board resources ·Introduced the first Connecticut SMART board User's Group ·Developed a SMART User Group Wiki for participants to post lessons, ideas, web sites and questions
  18. 23. Bridgit Connecting to Lynn · if you are interested in connecting and collaborating this year either with SMARTboard User Groups or classroom projects, please e-mail me at: [email_address]
  19. 24. Questions ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?