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Two one-hour class blocks for Introducing Kids to Programming using Microsoft Kodu

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Kodu class

  1. 1. What is Kodu:Kodu provides easy tools to create elaborate 3D landscapes, and controlthe lighting and camera, programming involves selecting visual tiles for acondition (WHEN) and an action (DO)Students can learn about cooperation, logic and creativity, not just aboutprogrammingKodu is a rich tool for narrative creation and storytelling – pulling users intocreating storiesKodu demonstrates that programming is a creative medium*Pair students together with a partner (2 students per computer)*Each class is 1 hour longLesson 1 – Run a game 1. Open Kodu 2. Click on Load World a. My Worlds (worlds/games you created) b. Downloads (games you got from the internet) c. Lessons (tutorials) d. Samples are games that you can play to get a feel for Kodu 3. Click on the dropdown SHOW and choose Keyboard and Mouse 4. Click on Samples to Road Kill 5. Play Road Kill 6. Hit [Escape] and then [Home] to get back to the menu
  2. 2. Lesson 2 – Create a World (hitting Escape will toggle you toedit mode) 1. Choose New Empty World from the closing menu for Road Kill 2. Go over the tools – the Editing Menu a. Home icon = the start menu b. Triangle = Play the game c. Hand = Move the camera (in this mode the wheel on the mouse will zoom) d. The Kodu = allows you to add objects e. The Path Tool = You can create a specific path that the objects will use exclusively f. Ground Brush = you can paint your terrain g. Create Hills or Valleys = You can add hills and levels – right click on this tool will take the hills away h. Ground Smooth Tool = After using the Hills tool you can smooth it out i. Spikey tool makes building like terrain more like buildings j. Water Tool = Adds water (you need to build terrain to contain the water k. Delete Tool is used to remove “objects” only like Kodu l. World Settings = allows you to change the way your world is going to work over all 3. Create a World a. Paint more terrain with the Ground Brush b. Add hills/valleys with the HillsValleys and Spikey Tools c. After adding hills and spikes use the Ground Smooth Tool to make the contour nicer d. Using the Object Tool add trees and explore the other objects that you can add (click on the Object tool and then click on the screen pick the object)
  3. 3. Lesson 3 – Add Programing to move around 1. Make Objects move a. Add a Cycler (click on the Object tool and then click on the group in the lower right - pick the object) b. Right Click on the Cycler (make sure the Object tool is active) Explain the When and Do methods – We will create Cause and effect – in most programing languages it would be called If and Then statements 2. Make the cycler move continuously and dodge the trees a. When = More -> Always Do = Move + WanderExplain how the glass walls are up by default (that can be changed in theWorld Settings menu) b. When = See + Tree Do = Move + Avoid c. Change the color of 1 tree to red (click on a tree and hit the arrow keys) d. When = See + Tree + Color = Red Do = Actions + Say + Type a saying “Hey I see a red tree” + OnceNotice how the cycle is bumping into trees once again (this is because weused “See” 2 times e. When = See + Tree Do = Move + AvoidLesson 4 – Do the Programming Kodu Tutorial 1. Hit [Home] to get back to the main menu 2. Click on Load Worlds 3. Choose Lessons and the Programming Kodu Tutorial 4. Go through this tutorial with them at first instructing them to read the screen above – if the class feels comfortable let them finish the tutorial 5. Have the class do the Scoring tutorial working with their partners to solve the problems given them (If time)
  4. 4. Second Class(If we didn’t get to it) Do the Programming Kodu and Scoring Tutorials(this will teach bumping & scoring)Lesson 1 – Review how to use the tutorials and do Kodu andthe Golden Apple 1 1. If you are not looking at it hit [Home] to get back to the main menu 2. Click on Load Worlds - choose Lessons find Kodu and the Golden Apple 1 3. Read the bottom of the screen once you find this tutorial: In this chapter, your task is to teach Kodu to meet up with his friend, Cycle 4. Read the Kodu bubbles, then hit [escape] to start editing 5. Click on the Object Tool and right click on Kodu to Program 6. On line 5: When = See + Cycle Do = Move + Toward 7. Play the game – when Kodu bumps Cycle it will claim Winner! 8. Continue with the rest of the Kodu and the Golden Apple Tutorials 9. Do Tutorials for ½ hour then have them pick a topic and build their own world/gamesIn the Lessons there are tutorials and solutions for the Kodu and theGolden Apple Tutorials