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Intro deck for developers for Predixion Software

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  • Image credits: & are a PA software company focused on HealthcareOrange county – SalesRedmond – DevelopmentFounded by a team of highly successful Software executives Vision – remove barriers to PA and fill a gap in healthcare
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  • Customer data is explored to uncover insights about human behavior and preferencesImage credit - models are built to predict the offer (products and/ or services) customers will respond toMarketing Lists are generated and shared with marketing team for campaign execution
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  • Intro to Predixion Software - Real World Analytics

    1. 1. By SQL Server MVP Lynn Langit for Predixion Software Real World Predictive Analytics
    2. 2. What is Predictive Analytics? Siegel defines predictive analytics as this: “Technology that learns from experience (data) to predict the future behavior of individuals in order to drive better decisions.”
    3. 3. Who Builds Predixion Software? Predixion engineering team IS the former Microsoft predictive analytics & data mining team Founders identified key strategic gaps in the BigData & BI landscape Predixion works with partners – Accenture, Avanade, Microsoft, EMC and more
    4. 4. What is the Vision of Predixion Software? Predictive analytics must be SIMPLER • Remove Complexity • Create usable Predictive Analytics for real people • Integrate with existing Microsoft tools (Excel, SQL Server, etc..) ALL Big Data & BI will be predictive • Enable Integration • Support Predictive Intelligence for many data scenarios Enterprises require END-TO-END solutions • Support Collaboration • Include usable Visualization tools • Enable model reuse via publishing
    5. 5. What Is Predixion Insight? Server-based Predictive Applications / Models • In the Cloud –OR- • On Premises (Uses SQL Server SSAS) Modeled in Excel • Integrated Toolbars • Visual Macros in Excel and in SSIS Use Varied Data Sources • Excel, PowerPivot • SQL Server • Hadoop (future) Collaborate with Smart Output Viewers • Visualize results of analysis • Share results via email, comments, publishing
    6. 6. Create Predictable Hospital Acquired Infection Preventative maintenance / predictions of failure Predictable Readmission Management One Platform, Many Solutions Market Profiling and Targeting B2B Next Best Action Customer / Member Retention Collaborate Consume
    7. 7. Predixion Insight ServerEnterprise Data Sources Client Tools and/or Predixion API Connexion Deployment Predixion Cloud Architecture Private Cloud Excel 2007 – 2013 PowerPivot Add-in Predixion Insight Client Datasets, Models and Automation Framework PowerQuery Add-in (SAS, SPSS, R) Predixion PMML Connexion
    8. 8. Predixion Insight ServerEnterprise Data Sources Client Tools and/or Predixion API Connexion Deployment Predixion On Premise Architecture SQL Server 2012 SSAS Excel 2007 – 2013 PowerPivot Add-in Predixion Insight Client Datasets, Models and Automation Framework PowerQuery Add-in (SAS, SPSS, R) Predixion PMML Connexion
    9. 9. Some Customer Scenarios
    10. 10. Healthcare: Preventable Hospital Readmissions • Hospital data is used to build a hospital-specific Predixion model • The Predixion model is then used to risk stratify patients upon admission • Risk scores are updated throughout the patient’s stay • Readmission risk scores are used by care givers to target appropriate patient care paths.
    11. 11. Oil and Gas: High Velocity Streaming Predictions • Predixion model pushed into CEP (complex event processing)/Stream • Thousands of predictions scored per second in memory, near zero latency • Continuous processing of event streams from multiple sources • Gathers and preprocesses data into predictors for predictive models • Reports in real time on potential failures for preventative maintenance Streaming Sensor data Real Time Scoring Digital oilfield In streaming data scoring Preventative Maintenance
    12. 12. Stop Guessing – Start Knowing: • Who are your best targets • What offers will your customers/prospects respond to • What action will improve business outcomes B2B: Next Best Offer / Action
    13. 13. Predixion Clients
    14. 14. Try it out
    15. 15. Getting Started with Predixion Cloud-based Predictive Analytics • Simple to set-up • Install Excel add-in • Connect to Predixion Cloud Service On-premise Predictive Analytics • Requires local SQL Server • Must follow install instructions • Keeps all data on premises
    16. 16. Getting setup DEMO
    17. 17. Predixion Insight Platform Details
    18. 18. Insight Now Ribbon in Excel
    19. 19. Identifying Key Influencers
    20. 20. Many Data Viewers • Decision Trees • TreeMap • Predictor • Application-level views • Many more • Displayed – in Excel or – in the browser
    21. 21. Data Viewers in Browser
    22. 22. Insight Now DEMO
    23. 23. Insight Analytics Ribbon in Excel
    24. 24. Create the Model from Excel
    25. 25. Test the Model’s Accuracy
    26. 26. Data + Probability Score
    27. 27. Create ROI Analysis in Excel
    28. 28. Insight Analytics DEMO
    29. 29. Support in SQL Server 2012 • In-database scoring • Integration with SSIS
    30. 30. Introduced in 3.0 Extensible Machine Learning Library Architecture • Pluggable to support Mahout and more In-place Scoring APIs • Support streaming APIs, such as StreamInsight • In-database scoring with SQL Server • Brings library to the data (like MapReduce) Marketplace • Reusable applications (by vertical)
    31. 31. Machine Learning Semantic Model • PAX – Predictive Analytics Expressions • Example ‘Z-Score normalization’ • N = (v-average(v))/stdev(v) • Data Access • Insight Workbench
    32. 32. Insight Workbench for building Applications
    33. 33. PAX Functions
    34. 34. Insight Workbench DEMO
    35. 35. Predixion Marketplace
    36. 36. Predixion Marketplace DEMO
    37. 37. Looking Forward • Support for Mahout (Hadoop) • Support for R
    38. 38. Learn More and Give Feedback • How to contact Predixion Software