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Getting started with Facebook OpenGraph API
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Getting started with Facebook OpenGraph API


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deck showing how to get starte

deck showing how to get starte

Published in: Technology

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  • From the plug-ins gallery – hereDeveloper info - here
  • Explanation - info – object is public, action is private to the user
  • Explanation - info – object is public, action is private to the user
  • Sample code here -
  • http://developers.facebook.com*Tip – to quick publish -- use Terminal in MacOS w/the code (starts with ‘curl’ ) from the Open Graph>Actions>{your action}>Create new run action dialog box
  • Download – samples - - – samples -
  • Transcript

    • 1. Open Graph for Developers @LynnLangit
    • 2. What and Why Open Graph?• A Facebook API to share information  From your application  To Facebook• Ex. Pinterest
    • 3. First LookOpen Graph by Example
    • 4. DemoOpen Graph Word Press plug in
    • 5. Open Graph in 30 minutes Wordpress Plug-in
    • 6. Understanding more…• Look at Open Graph for Facebook application development o Beyond the ‘Like’ button o Adding more information – noun / verb, i.e. “I cooked this recipe”• Understand how to get started coding using a single API• Learn concepts - User / Action / Object / Aggregation
    • 7. Displaying Open Graph InfoUse a single APIEnable Open Graph actionsTo appear on Social Channel-- Newsfeed-- Ticker-- Timeline
    • 8. User->Action->ObjectActions and objects are the building blocks of Open Graph
    • 9. Planning for Open GraphStudent Teaching Kids Programming After a student codes and builds a recipe (lesson), then: 1) Post a story to their timeline 2) Post their name 3) Post a picture of the output (screenshot) 4) Post the name of recipe 5) The timeline story should read as follows: “Lynn built the TKP SQUARE recipe today using Java”
    • 10. DemoSetting up an Open Graph application
    • 11. Objects, Actions, Aggregations for TKP
    • 12. Working with Open Graph• Core Concepts o Objects are nouns o Actions are verbs (and must be approved) by Facebook staff o Aggregations are views on Timeline, Newsfeed or Ticker• Wire up Open Graph Objects to web pages with <meta> tags o Tags in the <head> section of the page o Tags describe the type of the object, the name of the object and other key information
    • 13. Using Open Graph ADD new or TEST yourCREATE your USE default CUSTOMIZE application WIRE up your Facebook ACTIONS and existing Open using Tools application to Application OBJECTS to Graph items: • Graph API your Open w/a your Open • Objects Explorer Graphnamespace Graph • Actions • Facebook Activity Log • Aggregations
    • 14. Using the Samples Gallery From the samples gallery - here
    • 15. Try it out• Build an app which uses Open Graph API• Put your on app center
    • 16. Learn More