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D&B Business Verification API Code Sample in C#
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D&B Business Verification API Code Sample in C#


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D&B Business Verification API Code Sample in C#

D&B Business Verification API Code Sample in C#

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. D&B’s Business Verification programming the API By SQL Server MVP Lynn Langit for D&B
  • 2. How can an analyst complete a Customer Master List by using verified datasets? With a D&B Business Verification solution
  • 3. What is the Business Verification Service?  Use D&B’s Global Reference Database of 225+ million businesses  Validate and correct company names and addresses  Get clean, current and accurate company data – includes match statistics – includes confidence score and match grade
  • 4. D&B Company Business Verification in Action A.B.C. 123 Elm St. Bethlehem, PA 18025 (SIC) 5411-02 Chuck Smith, President Multiple unmatched records Alpha Plastics P.O. Box 111 Bethlehem, PA 18055 (SIC) 5411-02 Chuck Smith, President 610 882-7600 Charles Smith 123 Elm St. Bethlehem, PA 18025 (SIC) 5541-99 215 882-7600 D&B D-U-N-S Number: 12-345-6780 ABC, Inc + Alpha Plastics P.O. Box 111 Bethlehem, PA 18055 123 Elm St. Bethlehem, PA 18025 (SICs) 5411 0202, 5541 9901 Charles Smith, President Mary Worth, VP Marketing Chris White, Controller 610 882-7600 Single view of customer
  • 5. What is a D-U-N-S ® Number? D&B Data Quality Solutions provides a valuable key to company records by assigning a unique identifier (a D-U-N-S ® Number)  helps avoid record duplication  links related companies, and  streamlines disparate data into a single customer view
  • 6. What is a D&B API?  A D&B API is… – Made available via an endpoint – Called using URI + Credentials using .NET (C# in my example) – Run via exposed methods  Uses input parameters (some are required)  Returns output parameters  How to get it…. – Windows Azure Marketplace – D&B Direct
  • 7. How does the API work? Step 1 Sign up for the API  WAM  D&B Direct 7 Step 2 Test the API  WAM Step 3 Code using the proxy class
  • 8. DEMO -- Coding the API
  • 9. API Details: Fixed vs. Flexible Queries  Flexible – Add service reference with the URI from WAM – Proxy class is generated by the ‘add service reference’ tool  Fixed – Download Proxy class from WAM – Add Proxy class to your project in Visual Studio – Add reference to ‘System.Data.Services.Client’ in Visual Studio 9 TIP: WAM “Details’” says whether query is fixed or flexible
  • 10. MATCHED your own customers with verified records in D&B’s Global Database PRODUCED a combined Customer Master file that has verified D&B customer demographics data Customer Name, Address and Phone…. PRODUCED a Customer Master with a DUNS Number attached to each customer record this opens the door to additional business data from D&B 10 The result… A complete Customer file