Session 4


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Session 4

  1. 1. Online Teaching Delivery Session 4 The Same but Different Moving to the Online Environment
  2. 2. The Journey so Far · Session 1 ·What makes a good online teacher ·Session 2 ·Communicating Online ·Session 3 ·Organising your online course
  3. 3. Comparing Face 2 Face with Online similarities differences only possible online
  4. 4. Certificate 3 Aged Care Martine Dare to be Different
  5. 5. Animal Studies Kim Searching for Interactive Resources
  6. 7. Video Conference Dale Code Baby Demonstration
  7. 8. Podcast Myth Busting Clive
  8. 9. Co-Constructing the online environment GippsTAFE Online Facilitation Course ·Each week participants engage in 4 online discussions & one synchronous activity ·Facilitators provide a summary of each discussion and “notes” each Friday ·Facilitators “model” good practice
  9. 10. Consider the Following Questions · How much of your present class activities are teacher-generated and how much student-generated? ·What are examples of learner-generated activities? ·What is the value of learner-generated activities?
  10. 11. · How do you envisage learner-generated activities happening online? ·What are examples? ·Can you name current f2f learner-generated activities you’d like to ensure happen online? How could this happen?
  11. 12. Interval Metering Course Malcolm Chadstone
  12. 16. Advanced Diploma Literacy & Learning Seph Minglis
  13. 18. Hospitality Short Course Dianne Duncan
  14. 20. Lunch
  15. 21. Workshop in Small Groups
  16. 22. Reflection What do you want to do right now?
  17. 23. Innovation LibGuide Online Help Resources Students and Teachers
  18. 25. Project From Here · Session 5 · Wednesday 18 August @ 12 noon · Session 6 · Tuesday 7 September @ 12 noon · Session 7 · Friday 8 October (final face to face workshop ·? Leongatha new campus)
  19. 26. Post Session Activity · Task 1: ·After a day or two, upload an image to the Ning, representing what today has meant to you · Task 2: · Search (via keywords) the internet for a ‘learning object’ that speaks to your VET area. Make a blog post in the Ning with your link and your reason for its educational appeal.
  20. 27. Final Reflection
  21. 28. What I valued most about today. · Networking ·Ideas from others ·New programs ·Looking at Martine & Kim's work ·Studying different elements of blackboard etc... all of actually ·Getting the new online resources such as LORN, Teaching Tube and finding out what Innovations do!!!! ·Help & support of other teachers about how to go about setting up my first online session also how I can use different technology to do this. ·The sharing of ideas, brain storming, showcasing projects. ·The time to come here and be amongst my peers talking about online learning, listening and learning more, more, more. Then having the inspiration to explore, explore, explore. ·The opportunity to meet with other educators and to hear their stories of the solutions and shallenges they face in delivering online learning
  22. 29. Right now my top priority is: · To come up with a creative and effective way to improve the delivery of the metering course. ·To allow myself the time to commit to this priority. Why? Cause it would be advantageous not only to me but to the learners as well. ·Ensuring that the students have access to the required information in an easy to access format which is also time effective for me. ·Working out a structure for a course. ·Making my online course easy to use and understand for my students and making it somewhat enjoyable. ·To hopefully set up my teaching session online and hopefully support my colleague with more confidence. ·Meeting with Malcolm having reflected on what is and isn't working and going online to look for resources.