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Used for Crane District teachers to access Google Accounts

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Getting started

  1. 1. A quick walk-thru on how to get started with your District Google account
  2. 2. You may have a few questions about using Google. Here are some quick facts before we get started!  The district has created a Google Apps for Education account that allows for ALL Staff and ALL students to have email accounts that are ‘managed’ by Google.  You will still be using your Outlook email account just as you have in the past.The purpose of the Google Account is for access to the Google Apps for Education.  These accounts will allow for students and staff to use the collaborative options that Google Apps for Education offers.  Students/staff have access to word processing programs, spreadsheet programs, and presentation programs (like PowerPoint) from home.  File Saving just got a whole lot easier:You can now save files to what is called the ‘Google Drive’– which gives you access to your files anywhere you have Internet access. ****** This presentation focuses on accessing your account to start off with*****
  3. 3.  Lets get started:  Signing into your Google Account using your district email account:  Go to: using Chrome or Internet Explorer Both web-browsers have the same start screen when you get to Google. Focus on the blue ‘Sign In’ box (If you have already accessed a personal Google Account on your district computer, there will be directions below on how to have multiple accounts) The top right corner has a blue ‘Sign In’ button you will need to locate. Click that button
  4. 4.  Using your District email account and password, you will sign into your Google Apps account.  This would be like and the password that is associated with that account/ the same password you use to login to your computer.  Click ‘Sign In’ when you have completed the login process.  Note that this password also changes when you are prompted to change it every 90 days/ per district policy. It will automatically change, just as Synergy does.  You will be required to agree to a ‘Term of Use Contract” (NOT SHOWN HERE)
  5. 5.  No worries! If you have accessed a personal Google account on your district computer- Follow these directions to have access to your district Google account.  Follow the instructions above to login, or if your personal account already shows up/ click on the drop down arrow next to your email and click on the ‘Add account’ button. You will be prompted to sign in again using your Crane email this time
  6. 6.  You are now on your way to using your Google account and the Google Apps for Education that is associated with this account.  Things included with this account are:  Access to your Google Drive to save files anywhere there is Internet access  Ability to collaborate with all who have Crane district Google accounts– with simply clicking a ‘share’ button.– Imaging working on collaborative lesson plans with grade level partners from the comfort of home.  Opportunity to have students have access to email accounts and creation tools without needing to have the Microsoft Office software that many students do not have at home.  Check back for more presentations that will guide you on how to access all of these great Google tools and how to use them. If you have any questions, please let me know! Be sure to like us on Facebook
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