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PC Reservation presentation


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What is PC Reservation and Print Management? How will it help library patrons?

What is PC Reservation and Print Management? How will it help library patrons?

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • 1. PC Reservation and Print Management
    Technology Strikes Again!
  • 2. What are we doing?
    Envisionware PC Reservation and Print Management (called LPT:One)
    At Main Library and the St. Stephens Branch
    January 8th-10th
    Major change in how we handle the computer labs and print jobs
  • 3. What is PC Reservation?
    Library customers can:
    Check out their own computer.
    If all the computers are being used, they can place a reservation to use the next available computer.
    Place a reservation to use the computer later in the day.
  • 4. What is print management?
    Library customers can:
    Send a print job to the printer knowing how many pages will be printed.
    Go to the printer and “release” the job for printing.
    The printer will not complete the job until they insert coins or bills into a coin-op machine.
  • 5. Why are we doing this?
    At the core of everything we do:
    Review the mission:
    Catawba County Libraries inspire the joy of reading, life-long learning, cultural appreciation, creative thinking, and promote economic development and individual growth through comprehensive resources, a knowledgeable and responsive staff, innovative technologies, and welcoming facilities.
  • 6. Improve customer service
    Outcome statement:
    Catawba County citizens will experience friendly and knowledgeable customer service so that they are able to find exactly what they need.
    Frees reference staff to assist customers!
  • 7. How will this change affect customers?
    Customers can:
    Check out their own computer (good or bad?)
    Print and pay without staff handling the copies or the money
    Will know exactly when their session will end
    Can extend their session if no one is waiting
    Can reserve a computer for the same day only
    Will need a PIN
    Customers with more complex information needs will have more staff to help them
    Other ideas?
  • 8. How will this change affect staff?
    Will not have to be “stationed” in the computer lab (good or bad?)
    Will not have to “bump” customers from the computers
    Will not have to intervene with print jobs
    Will have to teach customers how to use the system
    Will have to make sure that customers get a PIN
    Can spend more time helping customers who have more complex needs
    Can stop worrying about whether or not customers are paying for their print jobs
    Other ideas?
  • 9. How can we all make this a positive change?
    Support reference staff as they implement the change
    Communicate to customers that this is a good change
    Help customers to get a PIN
    Provide feedback to reference staff so that they can make sure the new system is working
    Smile a lot – other ideas?
  • 10. How will this changetake place?
    Envisionware will send technicians to install the system and train staff
    January 8-10th
    Computers will be “down” on a rotating basis as technicians install the programs
    A staff computer at the reference desk will be set-up to be the management console for the system; a computer at the customer service desk may also be set up to manage the system.
  • 11. What happens after the installation?
    We watch and listen to our customers.
    Is the system working for them?
    Do staff understand how to help customers use it?
    Do any changes need to be made so that it works more effectively?
    Staff must continue to “sell” this project to customers.
  • 12.
  • 13. Questions?