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Word Press  Resources
Word Press  Resources
Word Press  Resources
Word Press  Resources
Word Press  Resources
Word Press  Resources
Word Press  Resources
Word Press  Resources
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Word Press Resources


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For beginner to intermediate WordPress users, here are some slides you might find helpful.

For beginner to intermediate WordPress users, here are some slides you might find helpful.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. WordPress Resources<br />Lynn Dye<br />WordPressMeetUp<br />February 28, 2011<br />
  • 2. Video Resources<br /><ul><li>YouTube – type in ‘wordpress tutorials for beginners’ – instant overwhelm!</li></ul>Narrow your search – be specific<br /><ul><li>Many channels dedicated to WordPress
  • 3. Subscribe to your favorite channels
  • 4. WordPress TV (by Automattic) – Visual Resource
  • 5. WordCampTV (we’ll talk more about this later)</li></li></ul><li>Print/Web Resources<br /><br />
  • 6. Print/Web Resources<br /><ul><li>WordCamp Central – links to upcoming and past WordCamps
  • 7. Most WordCamps have live streaming
  • 8. Links to presentations
  • 9. Lorelle’sList of Resources for beginners to more advanced</li></ul><br /> She also has tips on plug-ins, blogging and web design<br /><ul><li>WordPress Hacks Collection of WordPress Resources</li></ul> - News, Themes, Plug-ins, Blogging tips<br />
  • 10. Podcast/Audio Resources<br /><ul><li>WP Weekly – Jeff Chandler: Jeff’s been podcasting for several years and starts off with news and then usually interviews someone in the WP community. He’s a bit off and on in regards to podcasting weekly, but you can always check his website for a great forum and news.
  • 11. WordCast Podcast : Lorelle& others: They’ve been podcasting since 2008 and talk about news, WordCamps and they critique websites. They also delve into social media, sometimes getting off topic. The site has lots of WP information and tutorials that would be helpful to all levels.
  • 12. WordPress Podcast : Joost de Valk and Frederick Townes: Weekly show with news and interviews with weekly plug-in picks from the hosts.</li></li></ul><li>Podcast/Audio Resources<br /><ul><li>WP Candy – Ryan Imel: This site formerly focused on WP tutorials, but they’ve recently started regular weekly podcasts featuring news in the WP community and they also conduct interviews. Continues to bea good resource for how-tos.
  • 13. daWPshow - Josh Feck : Newest on the list with just two episodes so far. Focus on news and tips.
  • 14. Plugins: WordPressPlugins : Angelo Mandato: Out of production for over a year, but you can still check out his history and resources links at his site
  • 15. - Dave Holowiski: Video podcast with tutorials since 2008 on doing from basic to intermediate tasks with your website/blog. Sporadic content production.</li></li></ul><li>Premium Theme Companies<br />DIY Themes – Thesis Theme<br />Elegant Themes<br />Gabfire Premium Themes<br />Gorilla Themes<br />iThemes<br />Obox Design<br />Organic Themes<br />Organized Themes<br />PageLines<br />Press75 Themes<br />Proud Themes<br />Solostream<br />StudioPress<br />Templatic<br />Theme junkie<br />Theme Shift<br />Theme Trust<br />Viva Themes<br />WooThemes<br />WPZoom Themes<br /><br />
  • 16. If you’d like a pdf of these resources, email me at<br />