The Way We Are


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The Way We Are

  1. 1. The Day the Universe Changed <br />HIST 140<br />Summer 2011<br />By: Le Thi My Ho<br />
  2. 2. The Way We Are<br /><ul><li>The knowledge of the universe comes from the past, from different time with different problems but still affecting us
  3. 3. We try to take the universe apart, we are curious, to ask questions and to change what we don’t like
  4. 4. The things we do are based on what we know and the reason we are different today is because what we know is different
  5. 5. If WE ARE WHAT WE KNOW then we will pass it on to the next generation and we ask them to answer questions even though it has already been answered and to test that, we give them test to reassure ourselves to make sure the knowledge and answer hasn’t failed us
  6. 6. How our modern world is made up of answersand we hold on to it, influencing the way we are
  7. 7. Why are we so attached to what and who we are – is it for freedom, life, liberty and/or pursuit of happiness?</li></li></ul><li>Change Happens Everyday, Everywhere<br />3000 years ago the world is about myths, gods, nature and legends not about what the world or environment is right now<br />Once it took decades to change but now it changes with every new discoveries<br />Their view of the universe comes from the past from different time with different problems but still affecting us<br />Every culture, tribe, nation, group, ideology, country have this: a defense boundary, where we keep our secret and we defend that idea to death to keep it alive<br />Base on the change we invent modern technology and science<br />If that knowledge changes the universe changes<br />When any system works well, we hold on to it<br />We protect it by turning it into a ritual and following the general rule<br />We all have a role to play and no matter what happens we will not “rock the boat”<br />But once the promise is broken, the court, law, tax, government institution will run it for you<br />
  8. 8. We are what we know<br />We are what we are today is what we know<br />We became compulsive consumer<br />We want to accumulate KNOWLEDGE<br />Dynamic view: we share with common beliefs to avoid chaos<br />Wewill understandand we know the code even if we don’t speak the same language<br />What ever happens in nature, lines and angles will never change<br />Knowledge then says that we can shake the future<br />We are here today, gone tomorrow which makes us “US”<br />
  9. 9. Sources<br />Film: The Day the Universe Changed<br />