The Journey of Man
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The Journey of Man






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The Journey of Man The Journey of Man Presentation Transcript

  • The Journey of Man
    HIST 140
    Summer 2011
    By: Le Thi My Ho
  • The Journey of Man through the eyes of Scientist, Dr. Spencer Wells
    Mankind has been searching for order, settlement, for peace and law, inrestlessness, a quest for new resources, more hospitable climates, basically desire for possession since the beginning of time
    It is these desires that drove the 1st man out of Africa ~60,000 years ago and across the world, and they continue to drive their ancestors to this day, genetically proven by scientist
    All the cultures of all the races of the world have been the creations of prolonged periods of migration - an important part of enlarging existing empires and conquering new ones
    When new empires were formed, it created new opportunities; different people, cultures, languages come together and new ones emerged; knowledge was exchanged; technology was shared
  • Where Did It All Started?
    Scientists have traced the human migration all over the world, by studying the DNA of thousands of people
    • The y chromosome can be traced all the way back to “Adam” 2000 generations; they were able to trace the geographical routes in which the human race took to populate earth
    • Studies show that humans moved from Africa to India and on into Australia. Also to central Asia, then into northern Asia, from there across the Bering Strait into the Americas
    • Both the bible and genetics show an “Adam”;the bible’s Adam is from 4004 BC and the genetic Adam lived around 60,000 yrs ago
    • Different climate and regions dictated the changes in the way humans look; people grew lighter skinned when they migrated away from the equator about 40,000yrs ago, cooler regions – less sun, resulting lighter skin
  • Dr.SpencerWellsfound the missing puzzle that connects us as one, under the same African skin; as brothers and sisters; separated by 2000 generations
    From these 4 regions, the key were found in 4 DNAs:
    Arizona – Navajo Indian
    Russians Far East – Chukchi Reindeer Herder
    Crossroads Central Asia – Mixture of Mongolian, Caucasian, Black Features
    Australia - Australian Aborigines
    The journey our ancestors started years ago is complete
    Film: The Journey of Man