2012-2013 Annual Report: Professional and Continuing Education at Oregon State University
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2012-2013 Annual Report: Professional and Continuing Education at Oregon State University

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I directed the completion of the Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) catalog at Oregon State. With a small team including a writer and graphic designer, we presented to stakeholders a......

I directed the completion of the Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) catalog at Oregon State. With a small team including a writer and graphic designer, we presented to stakeholders a visual and comprehensive annual report for 2012-2013.


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  • 1. Professional and Noncredit Education Annual Report • 2012-2013
  • 2. Message from the director Learning allows people to take different roads over the course of a lifetime. As individuals, we can choose many paths to develop both our professional and our personal passions. I’m proud to be a part of the team that creates continuing education opportunities throughout Oregon: Professional and Noncredit Education. In this report, you’ll find an overview of our history and the process behind our workflow, see a sampling of our offerings, and discover how we carry out the strategic initiatives of both the Division of University Outreach and Engagement and Oregon State University. You’ll have the chance to explore PNE by the numbers and witness how we’ve leveraged our relationship with the College of Pharmacy to develop several corporate contracts through our continuing education courses for pharmacists. With this demonstration of past success, we offer our plan to move forward. I hope you’ll join us for our team’s next chapter and reimagine what learning means to you and your stakeholders. Our mission is to bring the best of Oregon State University to people of all ages and industries through quality continuing education programming. We believe that people of all ages deserve high–quality education. Chris LaBelle Director, Professional and Noncredit Education We believe in learning, in personal enrichment, in career advancement. We believe that Oregon State University’s resources can serve the needs of people at all stages in life. We believe that education can be designed to meet the needs of all. We believe that Oregon State University can meet the needs of Oregonians as a land–grant university of the 21st century. Chris LaBelle and Dave King, Associate Provost for the Division of University Outreach and Engagement.
  • 3. How we work Who we are 1 P rofessional and Noncredit Education strives to bring the best of Oregon State University to people of different ages and occupational backgrounds through quality continuing education programming: short courses, certificate programs, workshops and more. 1 The Aha! Moment Faculty and off-campus professionals bring their ideas to us. Then, our talented team works closely with these partners to develop the proposed program. What we offer As a part of the Division of University Outreach and Engagement, we work with our sibling units—Extended Campus and Extension Service—to deliver Oregon State’s resources to learners of all ages with the same goal in mind: to exchange important knowledge and make a difference across the globe. Courses We’ve worked to create a comprehensive course development process that integrates technical production, marketing and enrollment services as essential components of our operation. Continuing Education Units Self-paced online classes, onsite programs and hybrid delivery options to accommodate the busy schedule Continuing education units (CEUs) that apply knowledge to your career As a demonstration of our commitment to ensure the ongoing success of our University’s graduates, Oregon State alumni receive a 10 percent discount off the cost of our programs. Certificates 2 5 Supporting Students Enrollment specialists assist individuals and groups by helping process CEUs, troubleshoot login issues, collecting payment via our e-commerce system and archiving student records according to university and IACET requirements. 3 4 K-12 Programs Onsite programming designed especially for the younger learner How can we bring your ideas to life? Proposal to Program Our Continuing Education Process In-depth programs suited for professionals looking to develop skills without enrolling in a full degree program We invite you to learn more about our story and discover how we turn an idea into a living program through the work of our project managers, web developers, writers, designers, videographers and enrollment service specialists. Developing a Learning Approach Project managers oversee the program and provide direction to developers, designers and videographers to ensure the project has structure and meets intended outcomes. Reaching the Audience Writers, designers and videographers create media content for print and online advertising, email marketing and social campaigns. Integrating Technology Web developers create interactive learning elements and mobile applications while designing accessible interfaces for each learner’s specific needs. A brief history: 2005-2013 full-time staff spring 2005 Lifelong Learning established student worker fall 2008 First Master Gardener™ Online course launched summer 2011 fall 2011 Chris LaBelle appointed director of Lifelong Learning october 2011 First Master Naturalist Online course launched New unit identity: Professional and Noncredit Education 2 | Annual Report: Professional and Noncredit Education partnerships est. in 2012 Deschutes Brewery Widmer Brothers Brewery Ninkasi Brewery OSU Small Farms Program The Center for Legal Studies staff hired in 2012 february 2013 Recycling 101 launched june 2013 staff hired in 2013 july 2013 summer 2013 26 programs in development First Northwest Beer Sessions program launched First OSU Chamber Music Workshop launched Annual Report: Professional and Noncredit Education | 3
  • 4. How we make an impact O ur programs and partnerships help Oregon State strive to become a land–grant university of the 21st century by creating economic development opportunities and enriching lives. In collaboration with our colleagues in the Division of University Outreach and Engagement, we work to promote environmental, social, cultural and economic progress and sustainability for all Oregonians and beyond. We ensure that our continuing education efforts specifically align with the strategic goals of the Division: • Scholarship Giving both professionals and graduate students the opportunity to enhance leadership skills, the Natural Resources Leadership Academy—a collaboration with Oregon State’s Summer Session— allows students to gain knowledge and connect with others in the field of natural resources. In addition, our staff attend national conferences and publish articles related to continuing education topics of interest to the Division. or eg on Partnerships In addition to our partnerships with the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institute of Oceanography and Ninkasi Brewing Company, our work with the Center for Latino/Latina Studies & Engagement—CL@SE—has resulted in several plans for programs, including an advanced, online Spanish course for medical professionals. • Newport: Home of Hatfield Marine Science Center, where our Free-Choice Learning Professional Certificate instructors conduct research Umatilla and Jefferson counties: Where Pesticide Applicator Course Series instructors Mary Corp and Marv Butler conduct research on agricultural practices Access Our enrollment management system allows us to effectively manage and track enrollments and report data on programs like Oregon Master Naturalist, Master Gardener Online and our pharmacy courses. • Portland: Home of the OSU Food Innovation Center, host of Beer Proficiency • Integration We’ve formed partnerships with various faculty and staff across the University—within the colleges of Pharmacy, Agricultural Sciences, Forestry, Liberal Arts and Public Health and Human Sciences—to bring their resources to a broader audience. • Culture We’ve leveraged the voices of our sibling units—Extended Campus and Extension Service—as we collaborate to create new programming and cross-promote our efforts. We look forward to what our continued collaboration will bring. Corvallis: Home of Oregon State, where we offer the Chamber Music Workshop and the Brewing Analytics Course Series How can your idea cultivate and support Oregon’s future? Bend: The up-and-coming beer brewing hub and host of our Sensory Analysis and Craft Brewery Startup Workshop courses Wilsonville: Home of North Willamette Research and Extension Center, host of the Fruit Growing Series field trip Stories from around the state Designing a Sustainable World More than just an approach to use in the garden, permaculture helps us design sustainable growing spaces for different regions and levels of urbanization. Andrew Millison began teaching Permaculture Design to undergraduate horticulture students in spring 2009 and online via Ecampus in winter 2011, while receiving tremendous interest from prospective students looking for continuing education through an online course. Millison soon redesigned the content for a professional audience, launching Permaculture Design Certificate Online in April 2013. This first course offering attracted 30 participants of all ages, hailing from Alaska to Florida, the Yukon Territories to Texas—and of course, Oregon. 4 | Annual Report: Professional and Noncredit Education Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Genuine environmental awareness translates into action for Oregonians. Nearly 47 percent of our state’s waste was recovered as reusables or recyclables in 2010, a stark contrast to the national recovery rate of only 34 percent. Each day, these efforts create a greener, healthier Oregon. To meet the demand for quality recycling information, Recycling 101 brings online, self-paced learning to all Oregonians. Modeled after the successful Master Recycler program currently available in eight communities, PNE partnered with 21 different public, private and non-profit organizations to deliver the latest waste reduction techniques Oregonians need to know. As of June 2013, nearly 70 participants developed their knowledge and understanding of recycling, composting and waste reduction. Annual Report: Professional and Noncredit Education | 5
  • 5. How we continue to grow L ocated at Oregon State’s home in Corvallis–the heart of the Willamette Valley–we consider our work to be central to the core of the university’s strategic efforts. We will continue to expand and innovate the meaning of continuing education at Oregon State by: • • • To fortify Oregon State’s strategic efforts and remain at the heart of our state’s values, we will build upon our established success. Our on-site offerings — including Northwest Beer Sessions courses and the Chamber Music Workshop — and online programming will reach new audiences, allowing our future students in Oregon and beyond to develop their skills and passions. Our most ambitious and direct path to success: we’ll launch an additional 15 programs over the next year, with many more to come.  Developing onsite programs to take place in the Portland metro area and central Oregon Forging partnerships with faculty in the university’s signature areas Seeking out corporate e-learning contracts to increase revenue How can you transform your idea into an investment? Continuing Education: The Numbers $299,000 1807 $176,000 595 $107,000 493 $69,000 438 2010 2011 2012 2013 2010 Total Course Enrollment 2010 6 | Annual Report: Professional and Noncredit Education 4,100 2013 Association for Communication Excellence Awards 9,700 4,096 2013 Beer Science Courses • Gold winner: Video Script 2011 2012 Gross Course Revenue and Grants Average Number of Visitors to the Website per Month 3,600 2011 2012 2013 2013 Pharmacy Custom E-learning Course • Outstanding Professional Skill: Information Technology category • Gold winner: Information Technology 2013 Growing Farms • Gold winner: Promotional Video Annual Report: Professional and Noncredit Education | 7
  • 6. How can we help you? Proposal to Program: Management & HR Skills for Pharmacists Pharmacy Professional and Noncredit Education teamed with the College of Pharmacy in spring 2012 to relaunch a legacy course—Management & HR Skills for Pharmacists. We developed a custom e-learning platform, fine-tuned our enrollment management process and advanced our assessment services to support the updated online course. The new course addresses the continuous changes of the pharmacy industry and meets the demand for relevant continuing education content. We see this partnership as a model for other academic units, one that enables them to reach out to industries with research-based learning. 15 Months of Growth: The Numbers +160 Reached out to pharmacy professionals and enrolled 160 in the course 75k Generated $75,000 in revenue in just over a year +4 Formed four corporate contracts with companies from around the nation +3 Upcoming Offerings: Effective HIV Care for Pharmacists Stress Management for Pharmacists Ethics for Pharmacists What our partners are saying Working with Professional and Noncredit Education at OSU to create and develop our online continuing education programs has resulted in exceptionally high quality offerings for our alumni and the field of pharmacy professionals. Their technical expertise, professionalism and attention to detail has been essential in the successful building of these programs. We are pleased to be marketing these pharmacy courses nationally to corporations and individuals, which has led to elevated visibility of our college, OSU and resulted in new partners around the country. Chris LaBelle and his team are great partners in this endeavor. They strive to provide guidance — creative and technical — and they do so in a timely and professional manner. —Paige Clark, R.Ph Director of Alumni Relations and Professional Development OSU College of Pharmacy Oregon State University • Professional and Noncredit Education 4943 Valley Library Corvallis, OR 97331-2132 541-737-5741 pne.oregonstate.edu 8 | Annual Report: Professional and Noncredit Education