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Race Brook's Veterans Day Presentation
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Race Brook's Veterans Day Presentation


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The powerpoint slideshow of friends and relatives of Race Brook School who have served in the military. The show was part of the 2013 Veterans Day celebration on Friday, November 8th.

The powerpoint slideshow of friends and relatives of Race Brook School who have served in the military. The show was part of the 2013 Veterans Day celebration on Friday, November 8th.

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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  • 1. Our freedom exists because of ordinary people who did extraordinary things. McAvoy
  • 2. Maurice Hodgman World War II Grandfather of Michael and Madison
  • 3. Frank Krajcik U.S. Navy Daniel Krajcik U.S. Navy Stephen Krajcik U.S. Navy World War II Relatives of Mrs. Krajcik
  • 4. Kevin Down Navy Uncle of Nolan and Alden
  • 5. James Bross Air Force Grandfather to Macie and Ciara
  • 6. Mario Garofalo Army 1957-59 1961-62 Berlin Air Crisis Grandfather of Emma and Maya
  • 7. Patrick Pane Marines Our friend and security guard at Race Brook School
  • 8. Harry Bartocetti U. S. Army Friend of Annie
  • 9. Craig Amshell Medic Uncle of Joseph and Michael
  • 10. CPL Ralph Nicefaro, Sr. U.S. Army Grandfather to Charlotte
  • 11. William Leavitt U.S. Marine Corps Grandfather of Nick and Alee
  • 12. William Leavitt U.S. Marine Corps Korean Conflict - 1953 Father of William Leavitt Great-Grandfather of Nick & Alee
  • 13. Frank DeNigris U.S. Navy Grandfather of Sophia and A.J.
  • 14. Lee Lieberman U. S. Army Father of Mrs. Becker
  • 15. Aleksandr Morosky U.S. Army- Airborne Division Congressional Aide for U.S. House Representative Rosa L. DeLauro
  • 16. Colonel William May U. S. Army Chairman of House of Heroes – Friend of Mrs. Battles
  • 17. Matthew Flocco U.S. Navy Friend Of William May
  • 18. Commander E. Ross Wohlert Supply Corps, U. S. Navy Father of Ryan and Maia
  • 19. Mac Jacobs Army Great-Grandfather Katelyn
  • 20. Robert Haughton Marine Corps Grandfather of Padraig
  • 21. Tom Foster Army 1968-1970 SP4 Military Police Husband of Mrs. Foster
  • 22. Paul Sevarino Army Air Force Great-Grandfather of Natalie & Grace
  • 23. David Borque U.S. Army Grandfather of Ryan and Josh
  • 24. Terry Tiernan Navy Medic -3rd Marine Division Reconnaissance Vietnam Husband of Senora Tiernan
  • 25. Richard Albert Ford Air Force Grandfather of Ryan and Josh
  • 26. Sylvester Salcedo U. S. Navy Future Race Brook Parent
  • 27. Edward C. Sembor Aviation Radioman 3rd Class USNR Great-grandfather of Riana
  • 28. Raymond R. Clark Radioman 1st Class Seabees USNR Grandfather of Riana
  • 29. Phil Grande, Sr. U.S. Army – National Guard Grandfather of Payton
  • 30. John Cusick 298 Army Ground Forces, Berlin Army Ground Force Band Great Uncle of Grace
  • 31. Captain Ronald Stark U.S. Army Grandfather of Alec
  • 32. John R. Anthony U.S. Army Grandfather of Chris & Olivia
  • 33. Fred J. Carlson Navy Seabee Grandfather Caitlin & Chris
  • 34. Tom Gray Army Brother of Mr. Gray
  • 35. Herold Fearnley Navy- U.S.S. Eagle 33 Grandfather of Jack
  • 36. David Evans Army Grandfather of Matthew
  • 37. William A. Savinelli, Jr. SPC 5 - Army 25th Infantry Grandfather to Abby
  • 38. Dick Cable Army Grandfather of Ty & Zack
  • 39. Captain James Nikolaus Dohr U.S. Marines – 1994-1999 Father of Jonah and Anagret
  • 40. Charles Maturo U.S. Army, World War I Great Grandfather of Dario, Nico, and Mattea
  • 41. Russell Blakeslee U.S. Army, Military Police Grandfather of Dario, Nico, and Mattea
  • 42. Thomas Joseph Infantino, Sr. 1st Marine Air Wing Grandfather of Gina, Annie, and Tommy
  • 43. Allen Michot III Marine Corps and Army National Guard Step-father of Michael
  • 44. Walter Czekaj Army 11th Airborne Division Grandfather of Aedan and Tim
  • 45. William Heffernan Jr. Army Pop Pop of Aedan and Tim
  • 46. James Southworth Marine Corps Father of Michael
  • 47. Robert Lillis, Sr. U.S. Navy Grandfather of Bridget
  • 48. Donald Bresh Marines Grandfather of Jeremy, Connor, and Kylee
  • 49. Philip Marsilius Army Grandfather of Jeremy, Connor, and Kylee
  • 50. Fred Schumitz Air Force Grandfather of Lars
  • 51. Joseph Vondenhoff Army- World War II Pa Pa of Zoe, Cassidy, and Caitlyn
  • 52. Christopher Pandolfi U.S. Army Uncle of Nick
  • 53. William (Bill) Savastano U.S. Army- Vietnam Grandfather of Kiera
  • 54. Jesse Ede U.S. Army- Combat Vet Friend of Mrs. Trayes
  • 55. Timothy J. Maynard Navy Commander Uncle of Miss Sherry
  • 56. James Sharon U.S. Army- Korean War Grandfather of Miss Sherry
  • 57. Captain Howard Bronson U.S. Navy Father-in-law of Mrs. Bronson
  • 58. John Paul Bunnell U.S. Navy Grandfather of Connor
  • 59. Gerald Puddester U.S. Air Force Great Uncle of Alexa and Hannah
  • 60. John Agapiou Army Grandfather of Austin & Alexis
  • 61. Anthony Esposito Korean War Grandfather of Anthony & Katie
  • 62. Joe Zehnder, U.S. Army Paris 1945
  • 63. Louis Savarese U.S. Army, World War II Father-In-Law of Mrs. Savarese
  • 64. Anthony Torre U.S. Army, Corporal Grandfather of Mrs. Martorana
  • 65. George F. Smith, Jr. U.S. Navy Grandfather of Blake, Olivia, and Georgia
  • 66. Frank Martinetti Recipient of Purple Heart World War I Great Uncle of Mrs. Galatioto
  • 67. Santo Galatioto U.S. Army, World War II Father-In-Law of Mrs. Galatioto
  • 68. Santo Galatioto U.S. Air Force Husband of Mrs. Galatioto
  • 69. Bob Swirsky, U.S. Army World War II Grandfather of Michael
  • 70. William Juzwiakowski Navy Grandfather of Vera and Jack
  • 71. Morris Solomon U.S. Army, Europe, WW I Grandfather of Ms. Greenspan
  • 72. Sidney Greenspan U.S. Army, World War II Father of Ms. Greenspan
  • 73. Cebern Walker, U.S. Air Force James Walker, U.S. Air Force Grandfather and Grand Uncle of Blake, Olivia, and Georgia
  • 74. Francis Feurer U.S. Army, 1955 Grandfather of Mason and MacKenna
  • 75. Stephen Canonico U.S. Army – First Sergeant Uncle of Isabella and Rocco
  • 76. Paul Yocher Air Force Grandfather of Neva
  • 77. David Ballerini U.S. Air Force Husband of Elaine Ballerini
  • 78. Steve Moran Navy Grandfather of Aidan & Alex
  • 79. Stephen Michael Moran U.S. Navy 1984-1991 Uncle of Aidan and Alex
  • 80. Roman Oleschuk, Jr., Coast Guard Father of Isabella and Alex Racebrook School Alumni
  • 81. Thomas Rich U.S. Air Force Friend of Adele and Jeanne Bidon
  • 82. Bill Scalora U.S. Marine Corps Uncle of Elaina and Isabella
  • 83. Charlie Cegan U.S. Marine Corps Friend of Joan Marrone
  • 84. Ryan Fillipone, U.S. Army Raymond Carey, U.S. Navy Cousin and Uncle of Ryan and Brandon
  • 85. Shaine Belvin U.S. Army, Iraq Friend of Mrs. Battles
  • 86. Michael Manzo U.S. Air Force, Iraq Friend of Mrs. Michel
  • 87. William Logiodice Army National Guard, Iraq
  • 88. Captain Michael McMahon U.S. Army, Iraq Uncle of Chloe and Riley
  • 89. 1st Lieutenant Doug Borgeson (lead in photo) U.S. Army, Iraq Cousin of Henry and Maren
  • 90. A better world shall emerge based on faith and understanding. Douglas MacArthur
  • 91. Thank you to all the students, families and teachers who submitted photographs for this presentation, and a special thank you to their friends and relatives who have served our country.