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Learnings from womma summit slideshare


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Learnings from WOMMA Summit
    Monica Appelbe (SBG PR)
    Lynette Liu (CMT)
  • 2. Key Themes
    Internal enablement
  • 3. Influencers
    Several interesting sessions explicitly about targeting influencers
    Josh Bernoff (Forrester)
    Jamba Juice
    Vail Resorts
    Verizon Residential
  • 4. Keynote: Josh Bernoff
    Peer Influence Analysis segments the different types of influencers and dictate how they can be reached.
  • 5. Case Study: mba Juice
    Goal: evolve brand image from “smoothies” to “better-for-you beverages and foods”
    Recruit physically and socially active people who have a passion for well-being to join athlete teams as “brand ambassadors”
    Brand ambassadors participate in foot races across the U.S. wearing Jamba Juice clothing and giving out samples
    Success Metrics
    Cost per impression (offline + online)
    Improvement in key brand health indicators
    The best brand ambassadors have activity passion and product passion.
  • 6. Case Study: Vail Resorts Snow Squad
    Goal: attract visitors to Vail Resorts (both local and vacationers) by creating positive buzz
    Held contest among locals to recruit “Snow Squad”
    Armed squad with season passes, video cameras, gear to document their adventures on the slopes
    Published their content on
    Success metrics:
    # of entries for Snow Squad contest
    Visitors to
    Make your influencers “mini stars” and they’ll naturally build buzz for you via WOM.
  • 7. Case Study: Hewlett-Packard
    Goal: increase preference for HP laptops among college students
    Leverage entrepreneurial students with insider knowledge to market to their fellow students
    Engage with college reps via Repnation site to learn more about these influencers over time
    Success Metrics:
    Brand perception
    Purchase preference
    Local ambassadors from the population you are marketing to can be the most effective at marketing on your behalf.
  • 8. Case Study: Verizon Residential
    Goal: improve customer satisfaction
    Program: recruit evangelists to peer-to-peer forums for the purposes of providing support
    Success metrics:
    Customer engagement
    Problem resolution
    Evangelist engagement
    Evangelists may not be Facebook or Twitter people, but would happily engage on a community site.
  • 9. Measurement
    Measurement strategies vary depending on nature of campaign
    Coke Zero
  • 10. Case Study: ESPN
    Insight: sports is a key driver of social currency
    Goal: measure value and strength of WOM among sports fans
    Online survey to representative sample
    Interviews with respondents
    Interviews with “conversational partners”
    The insight drives the measurement goal. The nature of the measurement drives the methodology. Some measurements only need to be done every 6+ months.
  • 11. Case Study: Coke Zero
    Goal: awareness and trial for Coke Zero
    Recruit brand advocates from existing Coke customers
    Provide them with the social currency and tools to spread the word in real and digital worlds
    Success metrics:
    Net conversational value
    Online conversational reach is measured through a mix of surveys and real-time behavioral tracking. Look at both short- and long-term impact of campaign.
  • 12. Internal Enablement
    Evolution from one team in charge of “social” to social as an integrated part of every campaign is key to success
    Vail Resorts
    Altimeter Group
  • 13. Case Study: Eloqua
    • Goal: boost brand awareness in social channels where talk was being dominated by competitors
    • 14. Program:
    • 15. Developed a social playbook in partnership with an outside expert
    • 16. Held small, in-person trainings with employees around the country using the playbook as a tool
    There’s power in numbers. Successful brands marshal and empower their employees to drive WOM.
  • 17. Case Study: Vail Resorts “Tweet Your Face Off”
    Goal: unleash employees to generate buzz
    • Tapped employees already interested in/on social.
    • 18. Created contest to reward employee engagement on social.
    • 19. Each team member has unique Omniture campaign ID to track clickthroughs and conversion back to its site
    • 20. Rewarded top revenue generators with small prizes
    • 21. Social listening/responding built into schedules at all levels including director, VP and C-level
  • Keynote: Altimeter Group
    Source: Altimeter Group, Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist, Nov. 2010
    Escape velocity achieved by launching a center of education and developing a scalable program which enables business units to deploy on their own. (Also echoed in Intel session)
  • 22. Keynote: Altimeter Group
    Currently, the Hub & Spoke best describes how SBG operates. We’d like to move SBG toward the Holistic model.