Evaluation question 2: Renewed


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Evaluation question 2: Renewed

  1. 1. Question 2How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  3. 3. • In the main task it clearly gives a stereotypical representation of a young female, as they are often portrayed as vulnerable and innocent. Through the use of long shot in the stairs scene you could see how isolated the area was and how vulnerable she is to whatever danger is to come forth.• Furthermore her clothing if not anything else, throws her right into the stereotypical traditional feminine woman or in this case girl. They are often shown as being girly, needs rescuing, scared etc and the medium long shot shows the signifier of a pink jumper but it signifies innocence and purity which is the key thing in the opening sequence because it makes the audience want to know what will happen to her. It’ resembles the protagonist in when a stranger calls since they are both females and have similar outfits and isolated areas which connote something.
  4. 4. Usually the female protagonist is a white blonde haired woman or girl which is mostly seen in horrors e.g. Drew Barrymore in Scream. Although our thriller is not of the horror sub-genre we wanted to incorporate that sot of element into our opening, and pushed the stereotype into an archetype by using a black dark haired young teenage girl. The use of mid shots, long shots and close ups show this clearly.
  5. 5. Furthermore, the detective in our thriller is a male. Our audience can recognise that the typical male profession is seen in the opening clip with the medium close up shot. Detective is known asDetective NickRice in Law a males job which means ourabiding citizen opening did not challengeand Detective any stereotypes because weMorris in ourthriller also used a male to portray that profession. This is similar to the detective in Law abiding citizen which Jamie Fox played the detective Nick Rice.
  6. 6. The detective will mainly be of white ethnicity and they are seen asgood, pure, heroes or strong. But because the population in Britain hasbecome much more diverse recently and current society is much moreused to mixing with people from all different cultures andbackgrounds, we used & developed the stereotype slightly by using ablack male as the detective. Below is the detective in our thriller andMark Whalberg in ‘The Departed’.
  7. 7. To the right is the antagonist in our thrilleropening, teenager Shakilus Townsend part of a gang whokilled another teenage boy and Jay from ‘Kidult hood’who are all representative of the stereotypical maleyouths in north, south and east London.The middle picture is a news report from 2009 aboutthe Honey trap killing in south London.In addition our antagonist is young and carries out anattack on the protagonist. This presents a stereotypicalnegative view of youths in today’s society so ouraudience can relate to what is happening.When we were choosing the gender that we wanted forour antagonist, one of our original ideas was to use afemale as the antagonist and a male as the protagonistbecause we wanted to challenge the stereotypes but wedecided to stick to the stereotypical view and use amale as the antagonist. Our antagonist is the negativestereotypical view of London youths today becausethey’re all seen as violent & mischievous. For example‘Kidulthood’ the males are represented astroublesome, aimless youths. This shows through ourantagonist and his clothing which are black combats anda black bomber waistcoat. But we know that not allyouths are like that, some just fall into that categorybecause of clothing.
  8. 8. • Within our opening, three classes are represented.• Middle class: Detective• Lower middle class: protagonist• Working class: antagonist
  9. 9. We used only Middle class, working class in our opening. Thedetective is of Middle class because of the way he isdressed which is smart and he’s in a authoritarian position insociety. Whereas the protagonist is of lower working classbecause he looks rough and results to crime which usuallycomes from people who are struggling. The antagonist is ofhigher working class because the technology she uses whichis seen as luxury items, which young adults and teenagercould relate to because its the trend of society at themoment with young adults/teenagers.