Thought patterns for high performance


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Effective behavior is underpinned by effective habits of thought

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Thought patterns for high performance

  1. 1. SINGAPORE “What makes for a high-performance business environment? Oftentimes, itʼs a deeper understanding of human behavior. People are key. Creative and engaged people inevitably make the difference. This is where psychology and strategy meet.”OVERVIEWThe guiding principle of The Pacific Institute is that individuals have a virtually unlimitedcapacity for growth, change, and creativity and can adapt readily to the tremendouschanges taking place in this fast-paced, technological age. Ron MedvedCentral to this point of view is that individuals are responsible for their own actions, and The Facilitatorcan regulate their behavior through a structured process that includes thinking skills,goal-setting, self-reflection, and a fuller appreciation of how the mind works.Join us. Youʼll find the campus of The Pacific Institute is conveniently located insideyourself...pull up a chair, youʼll like what you find. “Thought Patterns ForOUTCOMES High Performance 3.0” Open SeminarLearn how the quality of your thinking affects your personal and professionaldevelopment, the practical applications of cognitive psychology. Globally Recognized Video Education SystemDiscover insights into what may be blocking you from achieving your full potential.Acquire a set of concepts and tools that makes explicit how the mind works, and the May 17&18, 2012behavioral tools leading to performance improvement. Tuition: S$1,270Gain a deeper understanding of constructive motivation and the keys that cause theacceptance of personal accountability in yourself and others. Location:Become more of a “conscious competent”, be strengthened in “whatʼs right with you” Shaw Foundationas you connect your life experiences to the principles of high performance thinking. Alumni House, NUS
  2. 2. “Best course Iʼve ever taken”" “Inspiring”" " “Life changing”" “Amazingly practical”" " “Great teacher”" " “Wish Iʼd known this information 20 years ago” AGENDA “Thought Patterns For High Performance 3.0” DAY 1 Beliefs, Behavior, and Potential How the mind works, how thinking affects behavior Mental blocks, why they occur Understanding the brain, how it functions Access to subconscious creativity Self-image and the principle of self-regulation Self-talk and the consequences of our inner dialogue Lou Tice The Teacher DAY 2 Tools For Change, Growth, and High Performance Understanding gestalt, the constructive dynamic of change Replacement pictures, using imagery and visualization Principles of goal setting, its limits and opportunities Constructive and restrictive motivation Building self-efficacy, the foundation of accomplishment The practice of assimilation and continuous growth “All meaningful and lasting change starts first on the inside, then works its way out”
  3. 3. FACILITATOR EDUCATION OVERVIEW The Pacific Institute [TPI] is a global leader in teaching applied psychology, creating multimedia education, and developing train-the-trainer systems. TPHP Facilitator Education The Thought Patterns For High Performance [TPHP] video education is licensed for use and “facilitated” by our clients, to their own people. Lou Tice quality controls the delivery of the cognitive psychology concepts on video. Facilitators learn how May 24-25, 2012 to translate the TPHP learning experience into their specific personal, professional, and organizational applications. Facilitator candidates are often training Tuition: S$650 professionals or employees who are the natural, informal leaders within an organization. Location This 2-day, “how-to” certification course includes facilitator manual, lesson plans, Shaw Foundation and group practicum. Alumni House, NUS OUTCOMES Learn the difference between teaching and facilitating, how to set the learning For licensing information on environment for success. “Thought Patterns For High Deepen your understanding of Lou Ticeʼs teaching philosophy. Perfomance 3.0” Become comfortable with the TPHP program modules, learning objectives, and Please contact us at: process for facilitating each unit. Explore elements of adult learning, including practices to ensure active participation, assimilation, and real world application. Present the course material, each participant has the opportunity to practice different aspects of the facilitation process, receive feedback and coaching. “Facilitating TPI education is one of the most satisfying jobs on the planet.”
  4. 4. Tuition for Open Seminar is S$1,270 per person and includes the seminar, learning materials, and audio follow-through. Tuition for Facilitator Training is S$650 per person and includes facilitator manual, lesson plans and group practicum. For your convenience, we take Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Should you need to wire funds, please contact REGISTRATION FORM Please complete the following registration form and email to THOUGHT PATTERNS FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE 3.0 - SINGAPORE OPEN SEMINAR MAY 17 & 18, 2012 S$1,270 Check Box FACILITATOR TRAINING MAY 24 & 25, 2012 S$650 Check BoxCOMPANY/ORGANIZATION S$650NAME Title/PositionEMAIL PHONECREDIT CARD NUMBER Card Type: Visa MC AmExNAME AS IT APPEARS ON CREDIT CARD VCode (last 3 digits on card back)SIGNATURE For Wire Transfer Instructions: Please contact Calli Medved at