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Potentia outplacement np

  1. 1. Potentia Consulting Group – OutplacementPOTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  2. 2. Your Presenter Lyndsay Potts Lyndsay has over 10 years corporate experience in the pharmaceutical and oil industry holding Regional HR Asia Pacific positions for Mundipharma (Purdue Pharma) and Afton Chemical. An Organizational Psychologist he has worked for Right Management Consultants and Drake Beam Morin in leadership and career development. He has lived and worked in Singapore for 14 years and has worked in the Asia Pacific region for over 10 years. He started his career in the Australian Defense Forces as a Psychologist. He currently runs his own business Potentia in Singapore and Thailand. Potentia Thailand are the distributor for CPP products that include MBTI® and FIRO-B®. Potentia Singapore is the distributor for The Leadership Circle instrument. He has an extensive knowledge through his corporate and consulting background in achieving leadership effectiveness through leveraging understanding, practice, and mindset. He has assisted many senior executives to improve personal effectiveness, interpersonal effectiveness, and leadership effectiveness. His clients he has worked with include P&G, HP, Reuters, JP Morgan, Westpac in Australia and Asia. Lyndsay holds a Master of Organizational Psychology degree from The University of Western Australia and is an ICF member and Results Coach. He is certified in a range of tools including MBTI®, FIRO-B®, The Leadership Circle, and many others.POTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  3. 3. Overview Potentia use a high tech/high touch approach to career transition, and believe it is the Career Coach that makes the difference, not the technological tools. We use a 3 stage process of: • Coaching • Connecting • Landing To ensure participants achieve their job search and career goal.POTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  4. 4. Potentia Career Transition ProcessCoaching Connecting Landing•Understanding the emotionalimpact of retrenchment Focused attention on allopportunities against •Using a social media contact manager •Comparing personal marketing plan•Self-assessment •Using research tools - Hoovers® three ensures potential offers •Negotiating •Fundamentals of networking•Identifying career directionsusing the MBTI® and Strong •Dealing with search firms transforms to results. •OnboardingInterest Inventory® and other •Connecting with job lead aggregatorsassessments •Interview coaching•Career Map•Preparing a resume and otherdocumentation•Developing a social media plan•Understanding online tools•Finalizing a personal marketingplan with targets•Interview coaching POTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  5. 5. Potentia Career Transition ProcessCoachingOutcome: Insight into career directions that match their personal profile. Preparingdocumentation and person for presenting.•Understanding the emotional impact of being retrenched•Self-assessment of values, interests, personality, skills and accomplishments•Identifying career directions using the MBTI® and Strong Interest Inventory® and other assessments•Goal setting process•Preparation of a career map•Preparing a resume and other documentation•Developing a social media plan•Understanding online tools•Finalizing a personal marketing plan with targets•Interview coachingPOTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  6. 6. Goal Setting ProcessCoachingMining and refining process to end with defining the right directions both in terms of next step and career direction.Right Job:• Will this position move me in the next step towards my career goal(s)?• Is my target position(s) a best fit to my personal preferences?• What are my other options?POTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  7. 7. Career Mapping Process Primary Role Industries Secondary Companies Role Alternatives Contacts Start own Consulting Online Face-to-face businessStart Business POTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  8. 8. Potentia Career Transition ProcessConnectingOutcome: Connecting participants with contacts and job leads. Ensuringperformance at interviews.•Connecting with opportunities based on Career Map•Using a social media contact manager•Using company research tools - Hoovers®•Fundamentals of networking•Dealing with search firms•Connecting with job lead aggregators•Interview coachingPOTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  9. 9. Use of Social Media for Career TransitionSocial Media is just one part of the careertransition process. It is a tool to support: Where jobs come from: Networking – 75%•Presentation to a larger audience of Search Firms – 20%possibilities. Job Boards – 5%•New ways of presenting self to the world•Connect with more people faster•Identify Job Leads fastPOTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  10. 10. Social Media and Career Transition The most valued aspects of outplacement: 1. “the coaching” 2. “job leads”POTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  11. 11. Linkedin as the Start “It all centers around Linkedin”POTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  12. 12. Contact Mining Know more about who you know…POTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  16. 16. Potentia Career Transition ProcessLandingOutcome: Reviewing opportunities consistent with their career map andmoving to convert to job offers.•Comparing opportunities against personal marketing plan•Negotiating offers•OnboardingPOTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  17. 17. Job Lead AggregatorsPOTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  18. 18. Participant ReportingOnce a month personalized reporting on each participant in an individual program. “Too often our people go into outplacement and we never hear about them again”POTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  19. 19. Singapore Biographies Rosalind Potts Rosalind is an experienced Business Psychologist having spent the past fourteen years specializing in the field of assessing and developing leadership talent. Prior to entering the world of consulting, Rosalind started her career in Human Resources in Australia with BHP Billiton one of the world’s largest resource organizations. She later worked at Ciba Specialty Chemicals in Singapore where she managed HR issues across Asia-Pacific. She has also worked with organizations in various coaching engagements to help talent that might be experiencing a few problems along their development journey. Her key clients include Royal Dutch Shell, Holcim, Credit Suisse, Roche Pharmaceuticals, and Barclays Capital. Rosalind has a Master of Organizational Psychology degree from the University of Western Australia. Lyndsay Potts Lyndsay has over 16 years experience in the HR in the Asia Pacific region, the last 13 years in Singapore. For the past 6 years he has held the role of Regional Human Resource Director for Mundipharma a US based global pharmaceutical organization. A Business Psychologist by background he holds a Masters of Organizational Psychology from the University of Western Australia. In previous roles he was the Business Development Director for DBM and Right Management Consultants working throughout the Asia Pacific region. His expertise is in Leadership Coaching, Career Development, and Psychometric Testing.POTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP 19
  20. 20. Singapore Biographies Ng Sing Hwee Her most recent role was the Head of HR for Singapore, and the Regional Operations HR Business Partner for Operations in Asia Pacific in British American Tobacco (BAT). Prior to joining BAT, she was a Senior Consulting Associate with DDI Asia Pacific Int’l Ltd, and Project Leader with The Management Partnership. As a certified Administrator in Targeted Selection®, Facilitator in DDI’s and Achieve Global’s training programmes and systems, and certified Assessor for Executive and Leadership Assessment Systems including the SHL suite of Occupational Tests and Occupational Personality Questionnaire, she is well positioned to provide advice to her business partners on identifying, managing and developing leaders and talent within organisations. Sing Hwee graduated from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, with a Bachelor of Business Studies, majoring in Human Resources.POTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP 20
  21. 21. Thailand Biographies Dr. Terdtoon Thaisriwichai Dr. Terdtoon is an career coach who has worked with numerous executives and leaders to reach their goals and achieve professional as well as personal breakthroughs throughout their careers. With over 20 years of experience embedded deep in the corporate world in the field of HR, organization development, and leadership development, as well as with over a decade of teaching, training, mentoring, and coaching a wide variety of professionals, Dr. Terdtoon is able to reach his clients and help them to maximize their own abilities and achieve their biggest dreams to their highest potential. Dr. Terdtoon has coached business and HR executives through a wide variety of challenges, including those involving leadership issues, change management challenges, and periods of leadership transition. His training in HR, coaching and psychology, coupled with his innate and experienced business acumen give Dr. Terdtoon the insight needed to work with his clients as they seek illumination in how to overcome professional as well as personal impasses which may be keeping them from being and doing the best that they can in their professional HR careers. With the support of Dr. Terdtoon, clients can find focus on the issues that really matter and discover solutions and alternatives through their own thinking so that they can succeed and reach new levels of excellence, while learning how to avoid obstacles that may be getting in their way or impeding their progress to be who they really want to be. Dr. Terdtoon’s approach to coaching is also to train his clients how to become coaches themselves, so that they can in turn offer these skills to their own group of professionals to whom they are in charge. Dr. Terdtoon believes in the philosophy of learning by doing, and that the values and skills he imparts should become traits for which his clients not only gain benefit from but spread and teach to those around him as well. By offering a coaching style that is inclusive, non-judgmental, and positivist in nature, Dr. Terdtoon creates an environment that is collaborative and conducive to real, lasting growth and change. His passion for bringing out the best in his clients is what makes working with Dr. Terdtoon a rewarding and exuberant experience .POTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP
  22. 22. Malaysia Biographies Annie Liza Muhummad Annie, is the Partner and Director of Consulting for our Operations and Certified Executive Coach who has accumulated respectable 500 coaching hours, providing Executive Coaching to Senior Level leaders in the public sectors. She has provided numerous consulting experiences to both multinational and local organizations at the regional and local levels in the areas of HR Consulting, Organization Consulting, Change Management and Career Management / Career Transition. Prior to setting up CSA, Annie has served as Director/Senior Consultants in 2 of the largest international consulting firms in Career Transition and Change Management. She was instrumental in leading and designing Transition Strategies and Organizational Development strategies for clients, supporting the management as well as employees from the Senior Management level right down to the operator’s level. Annie graduated with honours (top 10%) holding an MBA from American university. She has served in leading multinational in Oil & Gas industry, as well as Malaysian local companies covering wide spectrum of HR as well as Business Development. She has held senior management position in a subsidiary of a giant Utility company as the Head of Human Resources and Public Relations departments. Notable Projects: Project Director for several large Work Force Reduction projects involving plant closure affecting as many as 2500 employees, business relocations, mergers & acquisition, various downsizing exercises for both multinational and local organizations for group as big as 700 people at a time. Designed and executed Organizational restructuring, Strategic Career Management and Development, Rebuilding exercises, including total revamping of HR department for Utility company and Leadership Development Program for multinational retail organization.POTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP 22
  23. 23. Hong Kong Biographies Steve Lazar Steve is the former Greater China Managing Director of Right Management, and in this role has worked with companies and executives in Hong Kong, China, Korea, and Taiwan. In this capacity he advised companies and individuals on career transition issues, managing and leading organisational change, leadership development, high value talent retention and merger / acquisition support. He is former Asia-Pacific product and marketing director for Reuters and Dow Jones and has worked closely with multi-national clients across a variety of industries. He holds Bachelor and post-graduate qualifications in both arts and sciences, as well as in various business disciplines. He parlayed his privileged position as a global business journalist in the 1980s into a vantage point from which he witnessed the birth of organisational development and talent management efforts across a range of Asian organisations. In his transition from editorial to management and consulting, Steve began working with high-value job candidates and ultimately helped pioneer the development of Career Transition and Career Coaching services in North Asia and Greater China. Attributing his success to a humane focus and positive communication skills, Steve is sought out by top professionals for his insights. He has participated in HR and Leadership conferences as an organiser, speaker and active delegate. Steve holds a BA from Notre Dame, USA, and MBA. He is accredited in a range of assessment instruments.POTENTIA CONSULTING GROUP 23