The 5 golden rules of customer service


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The five golden rules of customer service. Make customer service pay for you

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The 5 golden rules of customer service

  1. 1. The 5 Golden Rules of Customer Service
  2. 2. Chances are if you're a living, breathing, money spending human being, you have at some point been a customer. The chances are also high that at some point in your life that you have been a victim of rude, abrasive, or downright unhelpful customer service. More about contact number directory.
  3. 3. It's surprising just how little some companies value good Customer Service. How your customers are talked to and handled by staff is inextricably linked to the customer's image of the company and so is essential to the health of the business.  So with this in mind, here are the 5 Golden Rules that businesses should bear in mind when dealing with their customers.
  4. 4. Share a smile - even a joke!  Okay, so you don't need to become Eddie Izzard. But customers - especially those in busy shopping environments - will likely be feeling a little stressed or anxious. Simply smiling, making a joke, or even just starting some good old English small talk about the weather will smooth tensions and give your customer a much more pleasant experience.
  5. 5. Deal with complaints  Some businesses seem to develop an unhealthy 'us and them' mentality between the customers and employees. So if a customer complains to you about the business or another employee, it can be easy to take personal offence and to disregard the complaint.
  6. 6. The problem is, if one customer complains, whether it is about a rude member of staff or being held on the line for too long, it is likely others will pick up on it too, and before too long you will have a whole bunch of complaints. Instead of taking offence, take the complaint as a opportunity to improve your business.
  7. 7. Always deal with the customer yourself  Note the keyword in this sentence is "yourself." It can be tempting to palm off your customer onto another employee - especially if you're busy.
  8. 8. But the thing is customer service is a shared responsibility and nothing makes a customer feel more uncomfortable than being made to feel like their presence isn't wanted. The customer has asked you where to find the egg aisle, so unless it is beyond your capability, you should be the one to take them.
  9. 9.  The customer is always right (even if they're not!)  Admittedly, there will be times when customer has misread, misunderstood, or are just plain wrong. Some customers may even get quite abrasive at insisting their refund IS valid, despite not having read the small print at the bottom of the receipt.
  10. 10. While it is tempting to reply to such behaviour with your own shirtyness, you should always try and be sympathetic to the customer. Explain to them carefully the policy, call over a manager to discuss the matter and generally show them you are doing everything in your power to rectify their situation.
  11. 11. Listen  Probably the most important of the Golden Rules, and despite being one of the most basic forms of politeness, is surprisingly often ignored. It doesn't matter if your customer is telling you about their day, complaining to you about your business or calling you for assistance from the top of an aisle, you need to show at all times that you are a polite, attentive and helpful member of a team who values their customer's input.
  12. 12. Customer service begins from the moment your customer walks in the door and lasts until they leave. Everything you do will be judged and your flaws exposed. Stick to the five golden rules and you should be on the right path. Read more about contact telephone numbers : 