Customer Service


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Customer Service

  1. 1. The Top Ten Attributes ofGreat Customer ServiceCustomer service is a hugely important part of every business, whether a local firm selling freshfruit or a multi-national corporation making gadgets. All firms should strive to offer excellent levelsof customer service at all times, and this ethos should run right through the company, from how itis marketed to the way staff deal with complaints.And whatever your business and whoever your customers there are always ways to improve theservice you provide.ListenAlways listen to what your customershave to say. That may come through acomplaint or enquiry or simplythrough a customer comment andfeedback process. Without listeningyou won’t be able to find out whereyou are falling down and take steps toimprove things.Be accountableWhatever the situation, always showthat you recognise your company’sweaknesses. Apologise as necessaryand do not shirk away from admittingyou are at fault if that is the case. Thisdemonstrates respect for thecustomer, and in turn they will respectyou for being honest.Make realistic promisesDo not promise things that you will beunable to deliver. This is especiallyimportant when dealing withcomplaints. If you cannot findsomething out or resolve a problemstraightaway, only promise that youwill do all you can to get thingssorted.Right staff, regular trainingCustomer service should be bred intoall your employees, whether they arein customer-facing roles or not.Regular training sessions will ensurethey know how to deal with anysituation.CommunicateCustomer service is a two-wayprocess; you have to know whatcustomers expect in order to give it tothem. Open direct communicationchannels using things such as socialmedia and comment and feedbackforms. Demonstrate that you listenand they will be willing to help youfigure out where things are goingwrong.Know who is bossAt the end of the day you would goout of business if you had nocustomers, so treat them with theimportance they deserve. Treat themas individuals and ensure each onefeels appreciated.Go above and beyondThat old chestnut about customerstelling 10 friends about bad servicebut only one about good service? It’snot quite the case these days.Customers are more and more likelyto engage with the businesses theydeal with to say thank you, sosurpassing expectations can really payoff.Be availableWhatever communication channels you offer; acustomer services number, email, face-to-face or post,make sure that messages are seen and responded toaccordingly. Set out your policy for answering queries onyour website so that customers know when to expect areply to their email. Take a leaf out of the Sky customerservices department book and have support availableonline too.Take actionWhatever a customer saysor asks for, demonstratethat you are taking actionon it. If people say yourqueues are too long;introduce a better systemof getting more staff to thetills quickly. If they say themusic in your store is tooloud; turn it down!SmileBody language can do a lotto diffuse difficultsituations, so stay relaxedand talk calmly. Alwayssmile and say hello to cus-tomer, whether they are inyour store or calling on thetelephone. This initialimpression goes a long way.Remember: Without customers you have nobusiness! Treat them well and they will be loyaland help you gain new customers throughrecommendations.These tips brought to youcourtesy of