One size fits none: Embedded Data Librarianship

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Presentation for IASSIST 2011 session entitled Teach This!

Presentation for IASSIST 2011 session entitled Teach This!

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  • 1. One size fits none
    • Embedded data librarianship
    • Lynda Kellam
    • UNCG
  • 2. Scenario 1
    • Librarian embedded in the course management system
    • Participates in discussion board
    • Creates assignments with professor
  • 3. Scenario 2
    • Librarian team teaching with a marketing professor
    • Evaluates student work
    • Co-authored textbook
  • 4. Scenario 3
    • Librarian teaching subject-specific courses in a department
    • Incorporates information literacy infused assignments
  • 5. What do they have in common? Embedded Librarianship
  • 6. Embedded Librarians
    • Build relationships with a specific segment of a community
    • Provide customized and value-added services
    • Answer to the wide-ranging needs of a specific user community
    • Contrast with a traditional focus on collections and the library building
  • 7.
    • “ The librarian becomes a member of the customer community rather than a service provider standing apart.” Shumaker , 2009 [cc by 2.0] [cc by 2.0] [cc by 2.0]
  • 8. What do embedded librarians do? [cc by 2.0] They balance the traditional with the innovative
  • 9. But ... what about data?
  • 10. Statistical Literacy [cc by-nc-sa 2.0] “ critical thinking about statistics as evidence”
  • 11. [cc by-nc-sa 2.0 Data librarians work with select users and provide complex value-added services
  • 12. But sometimes there’s a fine balance [cc by-sa 2.0]
  • 13. What can we do? create stats lit modules anyone can use teach students how to cite statistics and data embed in a program and create assignments that develop stats lit knowledge promote awareness of data citation with professors and librarians build awareness of stats lit elements in our data products (e.g., Roper Center’s iPoll, the ARDA, ICPSR’s incorporate stats lit into our understandings of information literacy more ideas here!
  • 14. Thanks!
    • One size fits none: Embedded data librarianship
    • Lynda Kellam
    • @lyndamk
    • [email_address]