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Lyndal bailey t5 presentation


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Social Networking & Dating

Social Networking & Dating

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Social Networking
    By Lyndal Bailey
  • 2. What is Social Networking?
    Social networking refers to the grouping of individuals into specific groups.
    It has become very popular online through website such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, MySpace, Classmates and so on.
  • 3. Anyone no matter what age, uses social networking.
  • 4. #1 Social Networking Site: Facebook
    Facebook originally started out as a social networking site for college students in 2004 and has now become a ‘cultural phenomenon’ across the world.
    Facebook is made up around networks based on schools, businesses, religions, and sports.
    Each users has a profile page that allows them to post pictures, videos, comments, blogs and applications onto their ‘wall’. .
  • 5. Who Uses Facebook?
  • 6. Effects of Social Networks
    A look into the social implications & impact on users & society of social networking sites such as Facebook.
  • 7. Gone are the days of traditional courtship, the digital age of social networks have changed the way relationships are formed & kept in society.
  • 8. It’s now all about...
    • ‘Friend requests’
    • 9. ‘Poking’
    • 10. Relationship status updates
    • 11. Status Updates
    • 12. Writing on walls
    • 13. ‘Flirtexting’
  • There are many successful ‘love stories’ of couple’s meeting up or reuniting on Facebook & other social networking sites.
  • 14. However there are also many unsuccessful stories, & Your Tango have made up some rules to Facebook dating called “Facebook Manners & You.”
  • 15. ‘Facebook Manners & You”
    The rules of social network dating:
    1. Don’t change your relationship status without consulting the other person.
    2. Don’t post embarrassing photographs or videos of other people.
    3. Be discreet when posting messaging on another person’s wall.
    4. Don’t steal other people’s friends.
    5. Don’t start hate groups
    ( & Your Tango, 2010)
  • 16. An Interesting Story... Is it taking Facebook too far?
    This couple made the news when they immediately changed their Facebook status’ from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘married’ after the minister pronounced them ‘man & wife.‘
    (The Sun, 2009)
  • 17. References
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