Lynda Keeton-Cardno with a Modern Take on Scrapbooking


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Scrapbooking methods have evolved from saving bits and pieces of paper to snip and glue into a book to having Computerized programs that keep track of your precious memories. This is an article on the new way to scrapbook.

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Lynda Keeton-Cardno with a Modern Take on Scrapbooking

  1. 1. Lynda Keeton-Candno with a Modern Take on Scrapbooking <br />Hi, my name is Lynda Keeton-Candno and I am a veterinarian in Orange County, California. I found this article on modern scrapbooking methods by Lance Peters that I thought was interesting and want to share how the concept of saving memories from years past has evolved with modern technology. I hope you enjoy this information.<br />Scrapbooking is a very traditional hobby. You might have elderly relatives who still keep things in scrapbooks and you may even be fortunate enough to have the scrapbooks started by generations that have gone by. We simply love to keep paper cuttings, family photographs and the snippets of materials that remind us of pleasant memories. It's a beautiful hobby to take up too, not just as means of spending time creatively, but also as a means of storing things that your children, grand children and even the generations after them can treasure.<br />But times are changing. We simply don't 'develop' our photos in the traditional way anymore. Most of us use digital cameras and the first time we see our photos is now often on a computer screen rather than on 'proper photo paper.' While it may seem ridiculous, it is not so. With the arrival of digital cameras, we're taking more photos than ever before and in the digital age, we can share our photos faster than ever before.<br />Do not assume that the computerization of photography means the end of scrapbooking. Absolutely not, as it happens, Scrapbooking software enables us to now enjoy digital scrapbooking as a modern day take on this very traditional hobby. It offers the flexibility that traditional scrapbooking might never have been able to offer.<br />Good scrapbooking software comes with an array of templates, many of them customizable. So you can make your digital scrapbook look and feel exactly as you like. You can customize the text with special effects and generally make your scrapbook look exactly as you like – much more quickly and at a low cost than you would have been able to do with traditional scrapbook. Bear in mind as well that once you have bought your scrapbooking software, you don't need to spend money on arts and crafts materials to add up. So in the long term, this modern way of making scrapbooks can actually be more time effective and cost effective as well.<br />It's a productive hobby for the children in the family to take part in this process of making a scrapbook. With so many customizable themes available, there are some to appeal to the entire family and all can get involved!<br />Digital scrapbooks make beautiful and thoughtful gifts as well. Arrange the photographs of their near and dear ones in a way customized just for them and send it. It's a thoughtful gift that will mean so much to them in years to come.<br />Think of digital scrapbooking as creating computerized photo albums. You can share them quickly and easily with friends and family all over the world as well or simply store them digitally for weeks, months or even years until you want to share them with others.<br />We're taking so many more photos than ever before thanks to camera phones, ever cheaper digital cameras and all manner of mobile devices with cameras. It would be a terrible shame not to make something special of all those digital memories, wouldn't it? Article by: Lance Peters<br />