Staying Productive On the Road, At Home, and Everywhere Else


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Explore a day in the life of two small business owners as they get their work done using laptops, tablets, and smartphones.This presentation will give you over 20 apps and productivity tips that you can put to use today, whether you're in your car, at the coffee shop, or sitting in front of your desk.

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Staying Productive On the Road, At Home, and Everywhere Else

  1. Garrick Chow and Jess Stratton Staying Productive On the Road, At Home, and Everywhere Else
  2. At the coffee shop...
  3. • Tap the file attachment from your email, then tap the action icon to save it to the cloud: • Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc. Save attachments from your iPhone
  4. • Use the FREE Google Voice service to get a text transcription, voice recording and email of your voicemails. • It works with your cell provider so you can keep your existing number. • Get your voicemail on your tablet AND phone! Google Voice
  5. • Free note-taking app for mobile devices and computers • Instantly syncs your notes across devices • Create and save Web clippings • Intelligent business card scanning with Premium version Evernote
  6. • Scan receipts, documents and more from your mobile phone. • Scan a compilation of documents and save them into one PDF, or to Dropbox. • Makes expense reports easy! GeniusScan Pocket Scanner
  7. On the road...
  8. • Tell meeting participants that you’re running late. • See all possible documents (emails, etc) related to meetings. • Get flight information and Google Maps info right from the calendar entry! Tempo Smart Calendar
  9. • One app - every instant messaging service! • Works on your tablet and your phone • Google Talk, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc. • All your contacts in every service carry over! IM+ Pro
  10. • Eliminate the “where are you” calls • Let people see exactly where you are for a specified amount of time • Create groups to see everyone simultaneously • Free! Glympse
  11. At the office...
  12. • Get your text or table formatted, and select it. • Insert > Autotext > New • Use this for any text you type over and over again! Create reusable text with MS Word
  13. • Add custom Autocorrect words to replace long, commonly used text • Preferences > AutoCorrect > New Use Autocorrect for Text Expansion
  14. • Use the Save As menu to save a Word document as a PDF file. • Great for contracts, diagrams, screenplays, anytime you don’t want your data altered. • This functionality is built into Microsoft Office, no extra software is needed! Save a Word document as a PDF
  15. • Lock down social networks for a specified time! • For Firefox browser LeechBlock
  16. • In Acrobat reader, you can easily draw an “ink” signature with your mouse. • The signature is stored so you can use it again and again. • No more slow downs to print out a document, sign it, and fax it back! Ink signing a PDF
  17. • Works in Acrobat Reader for Windows • Works in Preview on the Mac Sign PDF with your Webcam Sign a PDF Document with Your Webcam Learn how in this Article:
  18. • Professional mailing list service. • Create your own template or choose from a large section. • Free plan allows you to send up to 12,000 emails/month to up to 2,000 people. • Track stats to see who viewed, what links they clicked, and more. Mailchimp
  19. • Easily create a Twitter widget of your Tweets to embed on a website. Put your Twitter feed on your blog
  20.,cles/tag/monday-­‐produc,vity-­‐pointers Learn more free tips every week from Jess Stratton’s Monday Productivity Pointers
  21. For a 7-day free trial: