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Learn how to step out of your dead zone in your mlm business
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Learn how to step out of your dead zone in your mlm business


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  • 1. Learn How To Step Out OfYour Dead Zone In Your MLMBusinessLast time I talked how how to create a winning attitude in your mlm business.Man it took me a while to learn this, and I hope to help you stop the struggle and get out of thedeadzone and build your life and dreams!
  • 2. The Major Thing I Had To Learn Was How To Step Out Of Your Dead Zone In Your MLMBusinessIf you want to succeed in anything you have to step out of your comfort zone. In fact I like to callit the dead zone!Do you remember that tv series? His dead zone made him see things that helped people. Butours are the place where we nurture our fears.I was really good at it actually. I could do so much with those fears I could have this mostamazing scenario and I could even make them come true!Learn How To Step Out Of Your Dead Zone In Your MLM Business By Taking SmallActions Every DayOne of my favorite books is "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olsen, and in it he speaks of what only verysmall actions repeated over and over can do for you, both bad or good.
  • 3. Now the first time that you talk to someone about your mlm business, you are not going to do itright! Hate to break it to you but that is the truth! I talk all the time about how it takes skill andpractice.Dont forget we can practice good habits or bad habits and we make a conscious choice to do itwhen we become aware.We are always afraid to take new action that we have never taken before. But when we learnsome skill and take small actions daily we gain confidence. When we procrastinate taking actionin our mlm business, we set ourselves up for more failure and more fear. And that is when welive in the dead-zone!Nothing that we have ever did was perfect on the first try. We started our lives learning newthings. At first it was the what we would consider simple skills of crawling and then walking. Butwe were not good at them at first.So the formula is:Learn a skill that will help you build your mlm business, and practice it daily, get it to a pointthat it feels as natural as walking!Dont try to learn them all at once. Most of those reading this are at least attempting to learninternet marketing skills. I have found that blogging is a way to get my voice to a more peoplethan I could ever have done just one-on-one.It is one of my mlm business skills, that I am good at. I was not good at it on the very first try butI had to keep working at it, and i still do today.I learned this from the 15K product of the Empower Network.So What Have You Decided About Creating Real Goals Not Resolutions That Really WorkFor Your MLM Business?One parting thought I will leave with you is, to never look down your nose at small commissions,although I now get 100% for mine, even when I did not, I always celebrated every dollar thatcame in!So Thought For Today Learn How To Step Out Of YourDead Zone In Your MLM Business!
  • 4. WaitOMG… you get to earn 100% commissions when you promote empower network, becausethey pay you 100% commissions when people buy their products from you. setup yourblogging system right here so you too can start earning 100% commissions in (only $25)