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The giver book unit
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The giver book unit


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  • 1. The Giver, by Lois Lowry Name __________________________ Date ____________ Class ____________ Chapters 1-5 Reading Comprehension 1. What memory does Jonas associate with feeling frightened? 2. How do Jonas and Asher use language in different ways? 3. What word does Jonas settle on to describe his feelings about this December? 4. What ritual does Jonas family follow after dinner each night? 5. In what situations is release not seen as a punishment? 6. Why couldn t Jonas family keep the newchild permanently? 7. What rule did Jonas father break, and why? 8. What happens at the Ceremony of Twelve? 9. Even though Lily likes newchildren, why doesn t their mother think Lily would like to be a birthmother? 10.What do Jonas and Gabe have in common? 11.Why did Jonas take the apple home, even though it was against the rules? 12.Why does Jonas enjoy the volunteer hours so much? 13.Why does Jonas want to volunteer with Asher, and where does he find him working? 14.What is the family s morning ritual, and what does Jonas share? 15.How does his mother react to what he shares?
  • 2. The Giver, by Lois Lowry Name __________________________ Date ____________ Class ____________ Chapters 1-5 Vocabulary dwelling navigational ironic palpable distraught apprehensive ritual wheedle nurturer transgression enhance aptitude chastisement petulantly remorse gravitating infraction Writing 1. Describe at least three things about the community Jonas lives in that are different from how you live. 2. How would you feel about having your job chosen for you by community elders? Do you think it s a good idea? Why or why not? 3. Jonas and Lily think of animals as imaginary creatures. Can you imagine a reason why their society is this way?
  • 3. The Giver, by Lois Lowry Name __________________________ Date ____________ Class ____________ Chapters 6-9 Reading Comprehension 1. Why isn t Gabriel one of the newchildren at the Naming ceremony? 2. What happens when a community member is released, and why is Jonas glad this hasn t happened to Gabriel? 3. What is symbolized by the new possessions, clothing, and tasks children are given each year at the ceremonies? 4. What new clothing and responsibility is Lily given as an Eight? 5. Why doesn t Jonas believe the stories about people leaving the community voluntarily? 6. What assignment does Asher receive? 7. What happens when they come to Jonas number in line for Assignments? 8. What job is Jonas given? 9. Why was the Committee of Elders so careful in choosing someone for this job? 10.What five qualities must the Receiver of Memories possess? 11.How is Jonas reassured that he has the fifth quality? 12.In what way is Jonas training different from that of all the other Twelves? 13.What do Jonas parents tell him about the Receiver who failed? 14.Name two things that Jonas may do as a Receiver that ordinary people may not. 15.How does Jonas react to the rule about lying?
  • 4. The Giver, by Lois Lowry Name __________________________ Date ____________ Class ____________ Chapters 6-9 Vocabulary relinquish reprieve infringed invariably merriment buoyancy nourishment prestige designate serene crescendo benign jaunty unanimous meticulously requisitioned integral Writing 1. What do you think of the community s rules regarding rudeness? Are these good rules to have and enforce publicly? Why or why not? How does Jonas new list of rules change his position in the community? 2. With each year of age, the children in the community have new responsibilities, clothes, and possessions like bicycles. How is this similar to how you are growing up? How is it different? 3. What do you think the Receiver of Memories will do? What do you imagine Jonas job will be like?
  • 5. The Giver, by Lois Lowry Name __________________________ Date ____________ Class ____________ Chapters 10-14 Reading Comprehension 1. What two things make Jonas uncomfortable when he first arrives at the Annex, even before meeting the old Receiver? 2. What makes the Receiver s room different from other dwellings in the community? 3. What memories is Jonas supposed to receive? 4. What is the first memory that the old man transmits to Jonas? 5. Why are things like snow, hills, and sunshine unfamiliar to Jonas? 6. Why doesn t Jonas mind the rule about not discussing his training? 7. When Jonas saw the apple and Fiona s hair changing, what was he really seeing? 8. What is Jonas gut reaction to learning about Sameness? 9. Why doesn t Jonas think Sameness is fair? 10.On the other hand, why does Jonas think that Sameness is sometimes safer? 11.Why does the community need the Receiver, if they rarely ask for his advice? 12.Why is it meaningful that the Giver can turn the wall speaker off? 13.What does the Giver mean when he says that the instructors know nothing? 14.When Jonas asks the Giver for a memory of pain, what does he share? 15.What does Jonas accidentally do when he is caring for Gabriel?
  • 6. The Giver, by Lois Lowry Name __________________________ Date ____________ Class ____________ Chapters 10-14 Vocabulary annex embossed deftly frigid weary fretful dumbfounded hue vibrance sinuous exempted assimilate invigorating assuage ominous murky Writing 1. What do you think of the idea of Sameness? How would that make the world a better place? What would you miss if Sameness existed in our world? 2. Do you think it s better to have one person bear painful memories, or to have them spread about among people? Why? 3. Would you rather be the person, like Jonas and the Giver, to bear all of the memories, both good and bad, or would you rather live never knowing that those memories existed? Why?
  • 7. The Giver, by Lois Lowry Name __________________________ Date ____________ Class ____________ Chapters 15-19 Reading Comprehension 1. How does Jonas try to help when the Giver is having one of his bad days? 2. What is the Giver s favorite memory? 3. Why doesn t Jonas know who his grandparents are? 4. What feeling was Jonas not able to name in the Giver s favorite memory? 5. How do Jonas parents react when he asks if they love him? 6. Why is Gabriel able to sleep through the night when he is with Jonas? 7. What does Jonas decide to do about his pills, and why? 8. What does Jonas realize for the first time about the game played by his friends? 9. Why will Jonas father have to release one of the baby twins? 10.How was the previous Receiver-in-training a failure? 11.Why isn t the Receiver allowed to request release? 12.What does the Giver tell Jonas when he says he would like to have seen the twin s release? 13.How does Jonas father decide which twin to keep and which to release? 14.What is Jonas most curious about while watching the release, and how does the Giver react? 15.What does Jonas learn about release?
  • 8. The Giver, by Lois Lowry Name __________________________ Date ____________ Class ____________ Chapters 15-19 Vocabulary anguish carnage ecstatic pervaded luxuriating obsolete pleaded expertise warily glum dejected puncture receptacle Writing 1. What do you think appeals to the Giver about his favorite memory? 2. Jonas feels that it might be risky to live in a world like that of the Christmas memory, but he s not quite sure how it would be risky, other than by having a fire in the room. What do you think he might have meant? 3. How does knowing the real meaning of release change your impressions of the community?
  • 9. The Giver, by Lois Lowry Name __________________________ Date ____________ Class ____________ Chapters 20-23 Reading Comprehension 1. Why don t the people who perform releases react to them as Jonas does? 2. Why won t the Giver leave with Jonas? 3. How will the community be forced to bear the memories? 4. What memories has the Giver been keeping from Jonas? 5. What note will Jonas leave his parents, to set up his disappearance? 6. How will the Giver prepare Jonas emotionally for the escape? 7. What will the Giver tell the community about Jonas? 8. Who is the Giver s daughter? 9. Why doesn t Jonas follow the escape plan? 10.Why does he take his father s bicycle? 11.What is the most terrifying aspect of the escape? 12.How does the landscape change as they ride? 13.What obstacle stops Jonas bicycle? 14.What does he find at the top of the hill? 15.What does he believe is waiting for him at the bottom?
  • 10. The Giver, by Lois Lowry Name __________________________ Date ____________ Class ____________ Chapters 20-23 Vocabulary mimicked successor empowered vehicle solace flee churning glee emphatically condemned languid augment taut foliage vigilant tentatively lethargy Writing 1. Why do you think the Giver changed his mind about it being possible to change the community? 2. When Jonas is starving on the road, he believes he made the right choice because he would have starved in a different way in the community. What do you think he meant by this? Do you think he made the right choice? 3. What do you think happens to Jonas after the book ends?
  • 11. The Giver Story Elements Book To print the Story Elements Book Print the cover and blank page (which will be the back of your book) on one side of the paper and the pages labeled 1 and 6 on the reverse side of the page. Print the pages labeled 3 and 4 on a second piece of paper with the pages labeled 5 and 2 on the reverse side. Once printed make sure the numbers are in chronological order when the book is folded in half on the dotted lines. Staple the book on the fold. This is how to set your printer to print a two-sided copy: Select: File Properties Two Sided Printing (Drop down list) Select (Manually) Click OK Select Pages 2 to 5 Click OK Once the two pages have printed, you will need to place these pages back into the printer and tell the printing job to resume. Now multiple copies can easily be printed in a copier for students’ use
  • 12. The Giver By Lois Lowry Story Map Story Map Created by _____________________
  • 13. Characters __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ _________________________ 1 Conflict __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ _________________________6
  • 14. First Theme 3 Second Theme 4
  • 15. Plot 5 Setting __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ Point of View __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ 2
  • 16. ----------Key---------- Answers will vary. Page 1 – Characters  Jonas o protagonist o becomes Receiver of Memories for the community  The Giver o previous Receiver of Memory  Lily o Jonas’s younger sister  Mother o Jonas’s parent o works for Department of Justice  Father o Jonas’s parent o works as Nurturer in Child Development Center  Gabriel o newchild that is temporarily living with Jonas’s family  Asher o Jonas’s friend o assigned Assistant Director of Recreation  Fiona o Jonas’s friend o in training to become Caretaker for the Old  Larissa o one of the Old who Jonas helps bath  Rosemary o previous Receiver-in-Training o the Giver’s daughter Page 2 – Setting A science fiction and fantasy novel that does not have a defined time or place. Most likely set in the future. The place is an idealistic community on Earth Page 2 – Point of View third-person point of view - limited to what Jonas observes and thinks Pages 3 & 4 - Themes Importance of Memory Being an Individual  Jonas’s community decided to eliminate memories to stop pain. In turn this caused people to not remember happy occasions as well.  The society lived in peace and harmony, yet did not feel anything deeply. No one felt pain when a member of the community was released. Being an Individual  Individuality was lost in Jonas’s community when everyone lost vision to see color, music, etc.  The geneticists even tried to keep people from being born with traits such as red hair and blue eyes.  The concept of Sameness was the plan. Freedom Dangers of Sameness  All freedoms were removed from Jonas’s world. The people even took a pill so that desire was taken away.  The society gave up freedom in order to have safety.  All individuality has been taken away. People have lost arts such as music  By taking away risks and choices all pain, suffering, and emotions including joy are taken away creating a society that cannot remember mistakes to prevent future ones.
  • 17. Page 5 -Plot Climax When Jonas realizes that when his father “releases” newchildren he actually kills them, Jonas reaches a point of no return. Exposition The upcoming Ceremony of Twelve is about to take place in which Jonas will be assigned a vocation.  Jonas learns about Rosemary.  A year of memories is passed to Jonas including the pain of war.  Jonas begins to see color.  Jonas receives the memory of a sled ride.  The old Receiver calls himself the Giver.  Jonas is assigned the Receiver of Memories  Jonas’s father brings home Gabriel who needs extra care because he cries at night.  Jonas leaves the community with Gabe.  Jonas and Gabe are pursued. Resolution Jonas finds Elsewhere where he hears music and sees Christmas lights. Page 6 – Conflict Person vs. Society
  • 18. Important Quotes for Discussion  "For a contributing citizen to be released from the community was a final decision, a terrible punishment, an overwhelming statement of failure." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 1  "After Twelve, age isn't important. Most of us even lose track of how old we are as time passes, though information is in the Hall of Open Records." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 1  "What's important is the preparation for adult life, and the training you'll receive in your Assignment." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 2  "No one mentioned such things; it was not a rule, but was considered rude to call attention to things that were unsettling or different about individuals." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 3  "He liked the feeling of safety here in this warm and quiet room; he liked the expression of trust on the woman's face as she lay in the water unprotected, exposed, and free." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 4  "How could someone not fit in? The community was so meticulously ordered, the choices so carefully made." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 6  "He hunched his shoulders and tried to make himself smaller in the seat. He wanted to disappear, to fade away, not to exist. He didn't dare to turn and find his parents in the crowd. He couldn't bear to see their faces darkened with shame. Jonas bowed his head and searched through his mind. What had he done wrong?" - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 7  You will be faced, now, with pain of a magnitude that none of us here can comprehend because it is beyond our experience. The Receiver himself was not able to describe it, only to remind us that you would be faced with it, that you would need immense courage." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 8
  • 19.  “But when he looked out across the crowd, the sea of faces, the thing happened again. The thing that had happened with the apple. They changed. He blinked, and it was gone. His shoulder straightened slightly. Briefly he felt a tiny sliver of sureness for the first time." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 8  "There was just a moment when things weren't quite the same, weren't quite as they had always been through the long friendship." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 9  "He was so completely, so thoroughly accustomed to courtesy within the community that the thought of asking another citizen an intimate question, if calling someone's attention to an area of awkwardness, was unnerving." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 9  "What if others-adults-had, upon becoming Twelves, received in their instructions the same terrifying sentence? What if they had all been instructed: You may lie?" - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 9  "Simply stated, although it's not really simple at all, my job is to transmit to you all the memories I have within me. Memories of the past." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 10  " Now he became aware of an entirely new sensation: pinpricks? No, because they were soft and without pain. Tiny, cold, feather-like feelings peppered his body and face. He put out his tongue again, and caught one of the dots of cold upon it. It disappeared from his awareness instantly; but he caught another, and another. The sensation made him smile." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 11  "He was free to enjoy the breathless glee that overwhelmed him: the speed, the clear cold air, the total silence, the feeling of balance and excitement and peace." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 11  "Always in the dream, it seemed as if there were a destination: a something-- he could not grasp what-that lay beyond the place where the thickness of snow brought the sled to a stop. He was left, upon awakening, with the feeling that he wanted, even somehow needed, to reach the something that waited in the distance. The feeling that it was good. That it was welcoming. That it was significant. But he did not know how to get there." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 12
  • 20.  "Our people made that choice, the choice to go to Sameness. Before my time, before the previous time, back and back and back. We relinquished color when we relinquished sunshine and did away with difference. We gained control of many things. But we had to let go of others." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 12  "They were satisfied with their lives which had none of the vibrance his own was taking on. And he was angry at himself, that he could not change that for them." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 13  "Now he saw another elephant emerge from the place where it had stood hidden in the trees. Very slowly it walked to the mutilated body and looked down. With its sinuous trunk it struck the huge corpse; then it reached up, broke some leafy branches with a snap, and draped them over the mass of torn thick flesh. Finally it tilted its massive head, raised its trunk, and roared into the empty landscape." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 13  "It was a sound of rage and grief and it seemed never to end." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 13  "Sometimes I wish they'd ask for my wisdom more often-there are so many things I could tell them; things I wish they would change. But they don't want change. Life here is so orderly, so predictable-so painless. It's what they've chosen." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 13  "He wondered what lay in the far distance where he had never gone. The land didn't end beyond those nearby community. Were there hills Elsewhere? Were there vast wind-torn areas like the place he had seen in memory, the place where the elephants died?" - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 13  "The sled hit a bump in the hill and Jonas is jarred loose and thrown violently into the air. He fell with his leg twisted under him, and could hear the crack of bone. His face scraped along jagged edges of ice." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 14  "Then, the first wave of pain. He gasped. It was as if a hatchet lay lodged in his leg, slicing through each nerve with a hot blade. In his agony, he perceived the word 'fire' and felt flames licking at the torn bone and flesh." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 14
  • 21.  "Was there someone there, waiting, who would receive the tiny released twin? Would it grow up Elsewhere, not knowing, ever, that in this community lived a being who looked exactly the same? For a moment, he felt a tiny, fluttering hope that he knew was quite foolish. He hoped that it would be Larissa, waiting. Larissa, the old woman he had bathed." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 14  Dirt streaked the boy's face and his matted blond hair. He lay sprawled, his gray uniform glistening with wet, fresh blood. The colors of the carnage were grotesquely bright: the crimson wetness on the rough and dusty fabric, the ripped shred of grass, startlingly green, in the boy's yellow hair." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 15  "Things could change, Gabe. Things could be different. I don't know how, but there must be some way for things to be different. There could be colors. And grandparents. And everybody would have memories. You know about memories." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 16  "With his new, heightened feelings, he was overwhelmed by sadness at the way the others had laughed and shouted, playing at war. But he knew that they could not understand why, without the memories. He felt such love for Asher and for Fiona. But they could not feel it back, without the memories. And he could not give them those." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 17  "Memories are forever." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 18  "Jonas felt a ripping sensation inside himself, the feeling of terrible pain clawing its way forward to emerge in a cry." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 19  "It's the way they live. It's the life that was created for them. It's the same life that you would have, if you had not been chosen as my successor." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 20  "If he had stayed in the community, he would not be. It was as simple as that. Once he had yearned for choice. Then, when he has had a choice, he had made the wrong one: the choice to leave. And now he was starving." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 22  "It was not a grasping of thin and burdensome recollection; this was different. This was something that he could keep. It was a memory of his own" - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 23
  • 22.  "For the first time, he heard something that he knew to be music. He heard people singing. Behind him, across vast distances of space and time, from the place he had left, he thought he heard music too. But perhaps, it was only an echo." - Lois Lowry, The Giver, Ch. 23
  • 23. Name Date The Giver Extended Activities 1. Draw a colorful rainbow. Then draw another one using only black, gray, and white colors. Describe the difference in feelings of looking at both pictures. 2. Create a career plan for your life. This must include your goals and how you plan to achieve those goals. Be as specific as you like. 3. Buy a roll of film that can be developed in black and white, or use your digital camera to take pictures on the black and white setting. 4. Discuss with your parents an idea for a new family tradition. 5. Visit or volunteer at a retirement center. Listen to some of the older people's memories as they share them with you. 6. Read Gathering Blue and Messenger, by Lois Lowry, companion novels to The Giver.
  • 24. The Giver, by Lois Lowry Answers Chapters 1-5 1. Jonas associates feeling frightened with the time an airplane flew over the community, when everyone was ordered indoors. 2. Jonas is careful about using the right word for any situation, while Asher talks quickly and often mixes up his words, like using distraught instead of distracted. 3. He decides to use the word apprehensive. 4. They take turns sharing their feelings from the day. 5. Release is not a punishment when the elderly or newchildren who aren t thriving are released. 6. They couldn t keep the child because each family is only allowed one boy and one girl. 7. He broke the rule of not knowing a newchild s name until the Naming ceremony, by looking at the list at the Nurturing Center; he did this because he thought it might help baby s nurturing if he was called by name. 8. The children turning twelve receive their Assignments for which job they will perform. 9. Their mother doesn t think Lily would like to be a birthmother because after they have three children, they become laborers, and they never get to see the newchildren. 10.They both have the same rare, pale eyes. 11.He took the apple home because it had seemed to change in the air when he and Asher were playing catch, and he was intrigued and confused by it. 12.He enjoys the volunteer hours because the rest of the day is very regulated, and he can choose where to spend the volunteer hours. 13.He wants to volunteer with Asher since he won t have the opportunity any more after the Ceremony of Twelve; he finds Asher volunteering at the House of the Old. 14.The morning ritual is the sharing of dreams, and Jonas shares his dream of trying to convince Fiona to get in the bath. 15.His mother tells him that the feeling of wanting in his dream is the first sign of Stirrings, and that now he must takes pills to prevent the Stirrings, like all adults in the community. Chapters 6-9 1. He isn t at the ceremony because Jonas father asked for Gabriel to have an extra year before his Naming and Placement an unusual request. 2. People who are released are sent Elsewhere and can never return to the community; Jonas is glad because he will still get to see Gabriel, even when he is placed with a family. 3. They symbolize their increasing independence and responsibility as they grow to adulthood.
  • 25. The Giver, by Lois Lowry ANSWERS, continued (2) 4. Lily is given a new jacket with pockets and smaller buttons, and she now begins her volunteer hours. 5. Jonas doesn t believe the stories because he can t imagine someone not fitting into the community, and he s never heard of anyone leaving. 6. He receives the Assignment of Assistant Director of Recreation. 7. The Chief Elder skips over his number and doesn t call his name. 8. Jonas is selected as the next Receiver of Memory. 9. They were careful because there is only one Receiver, and they failed in their last selection ten years before. 10.The Receiver must possess intelligence, integrity, courage, wisdom, and the Capacity to See Beyond. 11.He believes he has the Capacity to See Beyond when he looks out at the audience and they change like the apple. 12.His training is alone and apart, with no one to monitor his progress except the old Receiver. 13.They tell him that she was chosen much like he was, that her name can never be spoken or used again for a newchild, and that they don t know what happened to her after she failed as the Receiver. 14.Answers may include being rude, lying, and not sharing dreams. 15.He never lies, but suddenly wonders if all adults are given permission to lie, and realizes that he now has permission to ask others if they lie. Chapters 10-14 1. The fact that the attendant stands to greet him and the locked doors make Jonas uncomfortable, because no one had ever stood to acknowledge him before and no other doors in the community are locked. 2. The furnishings are slightly more luxurious, and it contains more books than the usual household reference books. 3. He is supposed to receive the memories of the whole world, not just those of the previous Receiver. 4. The first memory he transmits to Jonas is the memory of sledding through snow. 5. They are unfamiliar to him because of Sameness and Climate Control. 6. He doesn t mind the rule because he doesn t know how he could describe things like cold and snow and sledding to his friends, so it s easier to just listen to them. 7. He was really seeing the color red in the apple and Fiona s hair. 8. Jonas gut reaction is that the community shouldn t have used Sameness, and shouldn t have given up things like colors and sunshine. 9. He doesn t think it s fair because it means he doesn t have choices.
  • 26. The Giver, by Lois Lowry ANSWERS, continued (3) 10.He thinks Sameness is safer, because people might make the wrong choice about something like a mate or a job; it protects people from making the wrong choices. 11.They need the Receiver because otherwise the memories are released to the community, and ordinary people have access to them. 12.No one else is allowed to do so, and it means that the committee can t hear what they are saying; if the switch is on, the committee may be listening. 13.He means that they are well trained, but that without the memories the training is meaningless. 14.The Giver shares a memory of a sledding accident and a broken leg. 15.He accidentally gives Gabriel a memory of sailing, and it calms the baby. Chapters 15-19 1. He offers to help by letting the Giver transmit some of the painful memories this time of a battlefield. 2. His favorite memory is of a family at Christmas. 3. He doesn t know who his grandparents are because once their children are grown, adults live with the childless adults or in the House of the Old, and never interact with the youngest generation. 4. He was not able to name the feeling as love. 5. His parents react by reminding him to use precise language, saying that love is too generalized and meaningless to be useful. 6. Gabriel is able to sleep well with Jonas because Jonas transmits memories to him. 7. He decides to stop taking them because, along with the memories, it means he experiences more feelings and always sees colors. 8. He realizes that it is a war game. 9. He must release one twin so that there are not two identical people in the community. 10.She could not bear the memories of pain and loss, and she requested release after five weeks. 11.The rules were changed after Rosemary requested release and her memories were accessible by the community; they don t want the same thing to happen again. 12.He tells Jonas that as Receiver, he is allowed access to everything, including releases and the recordings of releases from the Hall of Closed Records. 13.He makes his decision based on weight; the larger twin is kept and the smaller is released. 14.Jonas is most curious about what the ceremony will be like, and the Giver tells him to be quiet and watch. 15.He learns that a person is killed by injection, and the body is disposed of like trash, without a ceremony.
  • 27. The Giver, by Lois Lowry ANSWERS, continued (4) Chapters 20-23 1. They don t react like Jonas because they don t experience real feelings as he does. 2. He won t leave with Jonas because he wants to stay behind and help the people deal with the memories. 3. They will be forced to bear the memories if Jonas escapes, because the Giver can t take them back, and there are no other children ready to be trained as Receivers. 4. He has been keeping the memories of music. 5. He will leave a note that he has gone for a bike ride by the river. 6. He will prepare Jonas for the escape by giving him all the memories of courage and strength. 7. The Giver will tell them that Jonas was lost in the river. 8. His daughter is Rosemary. 9. He doesn t follow the plan because he learns that Gabriel will be released the next day. 10.He takes his father s bicycle because it has a child seat. 11.The most terrifying part is the search planes. 12.The landscape becomes wilder and hilly, with animals and more trees, and the road is rougher. 13.His bicycle is stopped by the snow. 14.He finds a sled at the top of the hill. 15.He believes that people are waiting for him and Gabriel, people with lights shining from their houses, and music, and love.