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Sarah plain and tall book unit

  1. 1. Name _____________________________________ Date _________________ Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan 1 Understanding Characters You will learn a little about each character as you read the book. As you read, add a descriptive detail about each of the four main characters. ANNA: CALEB: JACOB: SARAH:
  2. 2. Name _____________________________________ Date _________________ Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan 2 Remembering What You Read Chapter 1 1. What was the worst thing about Caleb? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 2. How was Papa going to remember the songs? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Chapter 2 1. What did Sarah s letter tell about her? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 2. What kinds of questions would you ask a potential mother? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 3. How did Sarah describe herself? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 4. What was at the bottom of the letter? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Chapter 3 1. What did Sarah look like? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 2. What did she bring with her? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 3. Why were the children worried when they looked at Sarah? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 4. What does Anna wish for? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
  3. 3. Name _____________________________________ Date _________________ Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan 3 Remembering What You Read Chapter 4 1. What gave Caleb hope that Sarah would stay? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 2. What does the word ayuh mean as used in Maine? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 3. Why did Sarah scatter Caleb s cut hair? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Chapter 5 1. What do you think is missing in Sarah s field picture? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 2. Do you think Sarah likes the children as much as they like her? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Chapter 6 1. What does Sarah miss most about home, and why? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 2. Why was Anna afraid to speak? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Chapter 7 1. Do you think Maggie will help ease Sarah s loneliness? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 2. How does Anna feel when she hears the two women talking? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 3. Do you think Sarah is happy? Why or why not? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
  4. 4. Name _____________________________________ Date _________________ Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan 4 Remembering What You Read Chapter 8 1. What did Sarah argue with Pa about, and did she win? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 2. What did Sarah help Papa do? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 3. The squall brought bad weather outside, but things were good in the barn. Explain this statement. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Chapter 9 1. Why is Caleb afraid of Sarah learning to ride and drive? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 2. What does Anna remember when she sees Sarah drive the wagon away? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 3. Why does Caleb believe Sarah is leaving? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 4. What does Sarah do that makes them all feel better? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 5. Why did she bring the colored pencils? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 6. Why will the winter be good? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
  5. 5. Name _____________________________________ Date _________________ Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan 5 Think About It 1. Look at the first letters Anna and Caleb receive from Sarah in Chapter 2. Draw conclusions. What two questions did Anna ask Sarah in her letter? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 2. What two questions did Caleb ask Sarah in his letter? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 3. Beginning in Chapter 4, there are clues that Sarah may decide to stay and marry the children s father. Most clues are hidden in what people say and in their actions. One clue is when Sarah says, We can have flowers all winter long. Find 2 other clues that foretell Sarah s staying. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 4. The writer uses many similes. Remember that similes compare two unlike things with the words, like or as. One example is the stars blinked like fireflies, found in Chapter 5. Find three more similes in Chapters 6 and 7. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 5. Sarah is encouraged to plant flowers by Maggie, their neighbor. Find five flower names mentioned in the story. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 6. In Chapter 9, Sarah goes to town. Why are Anna and Caleb so worried about this? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 7. As the story ends, how has Sarah changed the lives of Jacob and the children? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
  6. 6. Name _____________________________________ Date _________________ Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan 6 Writing 1. Write an ending for this story. Describe the wedding and family life after that, oorr describe Sarah returning to the sea, and how Anna, Sarah, and Papa would continue. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 2. Would you like to read the next book, Skylark, to find out how Patricia MacLachlan finishes the story? Why or why not? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________
  7. 7. Name Date Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan Author # of pages ________________ Main Characters Setting Introduction - Explain the problem that causes Papa to write for a wife. Point of view - The book is told from Anna's point of view. Choose another main character, and explain how the book might be different if told from that character's view point. Character - Think of words that describe Sarah. Give an example of when each of your words was displayed by Sarah.
  8. 8. Conflict - Caleb is always fearful that Sarah will leave. How does this fear show in Caleb's words and actions? Describe the way Caleb acts when Sarah returns. What does he do? What does he say? Resolution - How do the last two paragraphs make the reader feel? How does Anna feel? Would you recommend this book to others? Why or why not?
  9. 9. Sarah Plain and Tall Extended Activities 1. Look up each of the flowers mentioned in the book. Draw a picture of each one and label with the flowers' names. 2. Create a shoebox diorama of the farm. 3. Look up seashells in the encyclopedia. Make a book of your drawings and label each drawing with the name of the shell. 4. The family sang in the evenings. Make a list of things you could do for entertainment that do not need electricity or batteries. 5. Watch the movie of this book. Compare and contrast the movie and book.
  10. 10. Name Date (Key # 1 - 286406) Sarah, Plain and Tall Crossword Puzzle Complete the crossword puzzle. 65 2 13 1 3 10 9 11 12 8 4 7
  11. 11. SLY PEER CRISPLY TURNIP CANVAS FLAX MICA FEISTY FETCH WHICKER DUNE COARSE PALE SQUALL Across 4 a round vegetable that grows in the ground; the skin can be white or yellow 5 rough, not smooth 7 the sound made by a horse 8 heavy, closely woven fabric 9 almost white, not bright in color 11 a slender plant with blue flowers and narrow leaves 12 irritable and looking for trouble Down 1 to go get something and bring it back 2 a glittering mineral 3 a hill of sand 5 in a brisk manner 6 sudden violent winds 10 look searchingly 13 to be able to fool or trick
  12. 12. Name _____________________________________ Date _________________ Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan 7 Answers Understanding Characters Answers about will vary. Possible responses: • Anna: She is patient with her brother. She remembers when her mother died. She can make bread. She likes the idea of her father marrying again. • Caleb: His mother died when he was born, so he asks many questions about her. He likes to sing. He talks all of the time. He can t swim until Sarah teaches him. His first word was windmill. • Jacob: After his wife died he stopped singing. He wants to please Sarah so he built a dune. He is a farmer. He is willing to teach Sarah what she wants to learn about farmwork. He takes good care of his family. • Sarah: She is from Maine. She has a brother, William, in Maine. She likes to think and work for herself. She loves animals and has a kind heart for them. Remembering What You Read Chapter 1 1. Mama died the next morning 2. He would get a new wife to sing songs Chapter 2 1. She is from Maine, she lives by the sea, and she has a cat 2. Answers vary dependent on the reader s viewpoint 3. Plain and tall 4. She likes to sing Chapter 3 1. Plain and tall, with brown hair up in a bun 2. A cat and seashells 3. She looks sad and lonely 4. For everything to be perfect, and a sea of her own Chapter 4 1. Sarah talked about what they would do in the winter 2. Yes 3. Birds could use the hair for nests Chapter 5 1. The colors of the sea 2. Answers will vary based on the reader s opinion Chapter 6 1. She misses the sea, because of the many colors 2. She was afraid she might say something to make Sarah leave
  13. 13. Name _____________________________________ Date _________________ Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan 8 Chapter 7 1. Yes. This gives her a friend her own age 2. She is afraid when Maggie and Sarah talk of missing their families 3. Answers will vary based on the reader s opinion Chapter 8 1. She wants to plow fields and ride horses. She won the argument 2. Repair the roof 3. Answers will vary Chapter 9 1. She would ride away and not come back 2. She remembers the wagon taking Mama s body 3. Because she is lonely for the sea 4. She kisses everyone, including Daddy 5. To finish the picture 6. They will be a family TThhiinnkk AAbboouutt IItt Answers about will vary. Possible responses: 1. Anna asked Sarah if she could braid hair, make stew and bake bread. She asked what her favorite colors were. 2. Caleb asked Sarah the name of her cat, if she like small rooms, if she could keep a fire going and if she snored. 3. Two clues that mean Sarah will be staying are Sarah saying they could look for birds nest later and Sarah calling the hay mound, our dune . 4. Similes: I sank like a bucket filled with water and came up sputtering. It gleams like the sun on glass. The dandelions in the fields had gone by, their heads soft as feathers. 5. Flowers mentioned in the story: prairie violets, bride s bonnet, paintbrush, woolly ragwort, seaside goldenrod, asters, zinnias, marigolds, wild feverfew, dahlias, nasturtiums 6. Caleb and Anna are worried that Sarah won t come back or that she is making plans to return to Maine. 7. Their home is a much happier place with singing. Anna and Caleb have a mother who teaches them new things and wants to learn new things from them. Jacob is no longer lonely and has a wife and partner.
  14. 14. Answer Key: Key # 1 - 286406 Sarah, Plain and Tall Crossword Puzzle Complete the crossword puzzle. 6 S Q U A L L 5 C R I S P L Y 2 M I C A 13 S L Y 1 F E T C H 3 D U N E 10 P E E R 9 P L E 11 F A X O R 12 F I T 8 C A N V A 4 T U R N P 7 W I C K E