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Little house on the prairie unit
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Little house on the prairie unit


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  • 1. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder Multiple Choice Questions (Chapters 1 and 2) In Chapters 1 (Going West) and 2 (Crossing the Creek), we meet the Ingalls family once again as they leave the Big Woods of Wisconsin to move to Indian Country, in present-day Kansas. 1. The Ingalls family left the Big Woods of Wisconsin to move to Indian Country. In which direction did they travel? a. east b. south c. north d. west 2. Pa promised Laura that she would see an Indian baby. What was an Indian baby called, according to the story? a. a papoose b. a squaw c. a brave d. a warrior 3. What was the name of the frozen river that the family had to cross? a. Missouri b. Ohio c. Mississippi d. Kentucky 4. One day Pa bought two horses to help pull the wagon. What were their names? a. Pam and Penny b. Jack and Laura c. Pet and Patty d. Mary and Jack 5. While crossing a creek, the Ingalls family almost.... a. fell through the ice. b. tipped the wagon over. c. lost their food supply. d. broke the wagon bed. 6. What sad event happened when they crossed the creek? a. Jack got lost. b. Pet and Patty ran away. c. Laura tore her dress. d. Pa lost his fiddle.
  • 2. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder Multiple Choice Questions (Chapters 3, 4, and 5) In Chapters 3 (Camp on the High Prairie), 4 (Prairie Day), and 5 (The House on the Prairie), we are given a glimpse of a pioneer family setting up camp, exploring the prairie and then building their new cabin. 1. That night, as the family set up camp on the prairie, they are surprised by a return. Who came back? a. Pet and Patty b. Jack c. Mary d. Pa 2. Ma makes the family supper of salt pork in a cooking utensil with a funny name. What was it called? a. frying pot b. iron spider c. bunny pan d. iron skillet 3. The Ingalls family had moved to Indian Country . Where is Indian Country? a. Ohio b. Missouri c. Kansas d. Wisconsin 4. Once the family decided where to build the cabin, Pa began to cut logs. He had only Ma to help lift the heavy logs. What happened to Ma while she was helping build the cabin? a. She hurt her foot. b. She sprained her hand. c. She bumped her head. d. She fell. 5. Pa met a neighbor who could help him put up a cabin. The man s name is........... a. Mr. Scott b. Mr. Low c. Mr. Edwards d. Mr. Simon
  • 3. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder Multiple Choice Questions (Chapters 6, 7, and 8) In Chapters 6, (Moving In), 7 (The Wolf Pack), and 8 (Two Stout Doors), Laura s family moves into the new cabin, where they are safer. Wild animals, including wolves, were always a threat to the pioneers. Perhaps that is why Laura so clearly remembers helping Pa to make two stout doors to keep trouble away. 1. The cabin was complete except for doors and a roof. What did Pa put over the cabin as a temporary roof? a. tarp b. wagon cover c. sheets d. nothing 2. After Pa and Mr. Edwards built a stable for the horses, Laura found a surprise inside one morning. What was the surprise? a. a colt named Bunny b. a new puppy c. a cow d. a kitten named Scott 3. Pa came racing home one afternoon with a frightening story of being surrounded by a pack of animals. What kind of animals surrounded Pa and later circled the Ingalls home? a. dogs b. cows c. wolves d. horses 4. When Pa built two stout doors on the cabin, he had a problem. Do you remember what Pa needed but didn t have? a. hammer b. saw c. wood d. nails 5. Laura s door didn t have a lock but it did have something else. What was it called? a. latch string b. log lock c. padlock d. picket line
  • 4. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder Multiple Choice Questions (Chapters 9, 10, and 11) In Chapters 9 (A Fire on the Hearth), 10 (A Roof and a Floor), and 11 (Indians in the House), we learn more about the lives of pioneer families. Settling into a new place, families such as Laura s had to build everything. A fireplace to cook indoors, the roof, and the flooring all had to be built done by hand. The pioneers faced dangers from wild animals and from the Native Americans who were angry over the white settlers invading their land. 1. What building material did Pa get from the creek for the fireplace? a. rocks b. sticks c. logs d. mud 2. After Pa had built the fireplace almost level with the roof line, Ma makes a suggestion for finishing it faster. Can you remember what Ma told Pa to use? a. green twigs b. stick and daub c. pebble topping d. log latch 3. One of the neighbors lent Pa nails to build the roof. Who was the generous neighbor? a. Mr. Scott b. Mr. Nelson c. Mr. Fox d. Mr. Edwards 4. Once Pa finished building the floor and the roof, what did he wish he had for the house? a. glass for windows b. new furniture c. cabinets d. electricity 5. Two Indians come to the house while Pa is out hunting. Ma makes them a meal using what ingredient? a. flour b. cornmeal c. salt pork d. bacon
  • 5. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder Multiple Choice Questions (Chapters 12, 13, and 14) Chapters 12 (Fresh Water to Drink), 13 (Texas Longhorns), and 14 (Indian Camp) 1. If the Ingalls family wanted to have fresh water without hauling it from the creek, they had to dig..... a. a well b. a water wheel c. a tributary d. an irrigation ditch 2. Mr. Scott came to help Pa dig the well. Pa always insisted they send a lighted candle down into the hole before going down themselves. What would the candle reveal? a. snakes b. mice c. a hidden gas d. quicksand 3. Pa went to help some cowboys keep their cattle out of the ravines. In payment, he was given some special animals. What were they? a. horses b. a cow and a calf c. oxen d. dogs 4. Laura and Mary went with Pa to an Indian camp. Pa read these to tell the story of the Indians who had lived there. a. tracks b. books c. signs d. beads 5. Carrie received a special necklace made from the treasures Laura and Mary found at the Indian camp. What had they found? a. beads b. bones c. shells d. flowers
  • 6. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder Multiple Choice Questions (Chapters 15, 16, and 17) Chapters 15 (Fever n Ague), 16 (Fire in the Chimney), and 17 (Pa Goes to Town) 1. Mosquitoes made the Ingalls family sick with a disease? What was it? a. malaria b. colds c. measles d. boils 2. Most pioneers had never heard of this disease, and did not know what caused it. Pa thought the night air made people ill. Mrs. Scott believed a certain food made them sick. What was the food? a. cheese b. blackberries c. milk d. watermelon 3. A friendly doctor nursed the Ingalls back to health. Who was he? a. Dr. John b. Dr. Black c. Dr. Tan d. Dr. Red 4. When a fire starts in the Ingalls chimney, a burning stick falls onto the hearth, rolling toward the rocking chair. Who saves the other girls from catching fire? a. Ma b. Carrie c. Mary d. Laura 5. Pa goes to the town of Independence to buy supplies. Ma writes a letter to the family back in Wisconsin to let them know they arrived safely in Kansas. When can Ma hope to receive a letter from her family? a. spring b. summer c. winter d. fall 6. Pa brings a special present home from town. What was it? a. candy b. a new puppy c. new shoes d. window glass
  • 7. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder Multiple Choice Questions (Chapters 18, 19, and 20) Chapter 18 (The Tall Indian) 19 (Mr. Edwards meets Santa Claus) & 20 (A Scream in the Night) 1. One day an Indian came to the house. He was friendly and spoke French. To which tribe did Pa think he belonged? a. Apache b. Navaho c. Osage d. Miami 2. Pa had been hunting and trapping all winter. One day, two unfriendly Indians came to the house to steal all of Pa s what? a. tobacco b. cornmeal c. nails d. furs 3. What gifts did Santa Claus send to Laura and Mary? a. new dolls b. shiny new tin cups c. sweet potatoes d. candy hearts 4. Mr. Edwards also brought a special treat for Ma and Pa. Can you remember what food he brought? a. sweet potatoes b. turkey c. watermelon d. pumpkins 5. One night the Ingalls family is startled out of sleep by a terrible scream. Pa is afraid some harm has come to his neighbors, the Scotts. He goes to see if he can help. What animal frightened Pa with its scream? a. lion b. panther c. tiger d. bear
  • 8. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder Multiple Choice Questions (Chapters 21, 22, and 23) Chapter 21 (Indian Jamboree) 22 (Prairie Fire) & 23 (Indian War Cry) 1. Pa made another trip to town to trade his furs. He brought back special treats, crackers, pickles, calico for Ma to sew a dress, and these special gifts for Laura and Mary. a. hair combs b. calico for dresses c. candy d. cheese 2. While in town, Pa heard some distressing news. What did he hear? a. the Indians were going to war b. the government planned to put white settlers out c. the creek was flooded d. a blizzard was on the way 3. Pioneer families faced this natural disaster on the prairie. What was it? a. floods b. blizzards c. prairie fire d. hail 4. More and more Indians began to travel the trail past the Ingalls homestead. Why were they coming? a. to hunt buffalo b. to have a picnic c. to make the white settlers leave d. to build a new village 5. When the Indians wanted to harm the white settlers, the Osage Indian, Soldat du Chene persuaded them not to. What did Pa tell Laura his name meant in English? a. great soldier b. great warrior c. great friend d. great hunter
  • 9. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder Multiple Choice Questions (Chapters 21, 22, and 23) Chapters 24 (Indians Ride Away), 25 (Soldiers), & Chapter 26 (Going Out) 1. One day, as Pa and Laura watched a long line of Indians travel past their door. What was Laura most excited about? a. the ponies b. waving to the children c. the Indian braves d. the leather fringe on the women 2. The Ingalls family began to plant a garden in the rough prairie sod. Ma saved something from Christmas to plant. What did Ma save? a. watermelon seeds b. a sweet potato c. corn seeds d. an onion 3. One afternoon, Mr. Edwards and Mr. Scott came to visit Pa. They told him that soon he would receive other visitors who would tell him that he must leave Indian Territory. Who were these other visitors? a. soldiers b. Indians c. surveyors d. government officials 4. What did Pa decide to do after talking to Mr. Edwards and Mr. Scott? a. plow another garden b. make a trip to town c. visit the Indian village d. leave Indian territory 5. Once again, the Ingalls family loaded their wagon and headed west. As they camped that first night, Pa laughed about how much fun one animal in particular would have eating the garden they left behind. Which animals did Pa laugh about? a. panthers b. prairie dogs c. rabbits d. prairie chickens
  • 10. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder VOCABULARY BUILDERS Use the words in the boxes to complete the sentences. papoose nosebag ford sadiron puncheon latchstring windlass ravine spurs malaria quinine treaty porridge furrow stockade 1. The Ingalls family had to ______________________________ the creek. 2. Ma used a ______________________________ to iron the dresses. 3. Pa made a stout ______________________________ with two buckets, to hang over the well. 4. Pet and Patty ate their grain from a ______________________________ 5. The new floor of the Ingalls cabin was a ______________________________ floor. 6. As the prairie fire came closer, Pa dug a ______________________________ around the cabin with a plow. 7. The cowboys wore______________________________ on their boots. 8. Mosquitoes spread this disease: ______________________________. 9. ______________________________ is a cereal made of oatmeal or other grain boiled with water. 10. When the Ingalls were inside the cabin, they pulled in the ______________________________ to lock the door. 11. Laura wanted to see a ______________________________, or Indian baby. 12. A ______________________________ is a steep, narrow gorge. 13. ______________________________ is used to treat malaria. 14. A ______________________________ is another name for an army fort made of upright wooden posts. 15. Pa explained to Laura that a ______________________________ was an agreement between two groups of people. Some of these words, used in Laura s time, are no longer used today. Which words do we still use today? ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________
  • 11. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder ANSWER KEY CHAPTERS 1 & 2 1. D 2. A 3. C 4. C 5. B 6. A CHAPTERS 3, 4 & 5 1. B 2. B 3. C 4. A 5. C CHAPTERS 6, 7 & 8 1. B 2. A 3. C 4. D 5. A CHAPTERS 9, 10 & 11 1. A 2. B 3. D 4. A 5. B CHAPTERS 12, 13 & 14 1. A 2. C 3. B 4. A 5. A CHAPTERS 15, 16 & 17 1. A 2. D 3. C 4. D 5. A 6. D CHAPTERS 18, 19, & 20 1. C 2. D 3. B 4. A 5. B CHAPTERS 21, 22 & 23 1. A 2. B 3. C 4. C 5. A CHAPTERS 24, 25, & 26 1. A 2. B 3. A 4. D 5. C VOCABULARY BUILDER 1. Ford 2. Sadiron 3. Windlass 4. Nosebag 5. Puncheon 6. Furrow 7. Spurs 8. Malaria 9. Porridge 10. Latchstring 11. Papoose 12. Ravine 13. Quinine 14. Stockade 15. Treaty
  • 12. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder Venn Diagram Use the diagram to compare your life with Laura s life. In the circle on the left, write five facts from the book about Laura s life. In the circle on the right, write five facts about your life that are different from Laura s. Where the circles overlap, write five facts that are the same in your life and Laura s.
  • 13. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder Discussion Questions for Chapters 1-13 (page 1) Laura and Mary had lived all their lives in the Big Woods of Wisconsin. When Pa decided to go west, how do you think they felt? Were they excited? Sad? Or did they feel both emotions at the same time? Can you think of a time when you were both happy and sad about an event? Have you ever had to move? Can you describe how you felt about that? Did your feelings match Laura s and Mary s? As they were fording a creek, the Ingalls family experienced a frightening event. Describe what happened. Once the family is safe again, what tragedy do they discover? The loss of a pet is sad. Have you ever lost a pet? Did you wish that your pet would return? If Laura hadn t found Jack again, do you think she should have gotten another dog? Why? Imagine that your family has gone to live on the prairie. There are no stores, and of course no shopping malls. You have just the tools in your wagon, possibly an ax, a hammer, and maybe a saw. Do you think your family would be able to build a cabin and stable as Pa did? Why or why not? How do you think Pa learned to build a cabin, and make a door or a floor? Did he learn in school or did someone teach him? Do you think it would be hard or easy to build a cabin? If you like animals, you might wish to live as Laura did. She had a cow, a calf, horses and a colt to play with. But these animals were also necessary to a pioneer family. Why were the Ingalls so glad to receive the gift of a cow from the cowboys? Some animals on the prairie were not friendly. Can you name some of the animals Laura feared? Did the way Laura wrote help you to understand how a pioneer would fear these animals? Have you ever seen a wolf or a panther? Were you afraid of them? Pa went to work each day, trying to make his land into a farm. If Pa wanted a door on his cabin, he had to make it himself. Laura writes so well about Pa making the door that we can see she enjoyed helping him. Have you ever helped a parent or another relative make something you were especially proud of? What was it?
  • 14. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder Discussion Questions for Chapters 1-13 (page 2) The Ingalls family had moved to Indian Territory, thinking the government would chase the Native Americans further West. This troubled Laura. She thought that if the Native Americans were on the land first, that the settlers should move west instead. What do you think? Do you agree with Laura? How would you feel if something belonged to you and you were told you had to give it away? Would this be fair? One day while Pa is gone hunting, several Indians pay a visit to Ma and the girls. They are frightened as the men make Ma bake cornbread to feed them. Pa has told Laura and Mary not to let Jack loose from his chain. Laura thinks of disobeying Pa s order by letting Jack free. What would have happened if Laura did? Have you ever disobeyed your parents and something awful happened? What did you learn from that? What did Laura learn? When we want fresh water, we turn on our water faucets. If the Ingalls family wanted water, they either had to haul it from the creek or river or dig a well. A well is a deep hole in the ground where the water seeps up and fills the hole. To get water, Ma would drop a bucket and bring it up filled with cool water. Have you ever seen a well? Have you ever dropped a coin in a wishing well? Mr. Scott came to help Pa dig the well. Pa had a rule that a lighted candle must be put down the well before the men could go down. Why did Pa do this? Do you think Pa was right? Why? What happened when Mr. Scott didn t listen to Pa? Did Mr. Scott learn a lesson from this experience?
  • 15. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder Discussion Questions for Chapters 14-26 (page 1) Pa took Laura and Mary to visit an Indian camp. Laura writes that Pa read the tracks and footprints the villagers and animals had left behind to tell the story of their lives. Can you think of other ways you might read and discover about a person s life without words? Have you ever tried to follow animal tracks in the mud or snow? What did you discover about that animal? How could another person read something about you without hearing you speak? Laura and Mary both find pretty beads that the Native Americans had left behind. When they get back to the cabin, Mary decides to give hers to Carrie. Laura doesn t want to give up her beads but know that Mary s beads alone are not enough to make Carrie a necklace. Even though Laura gives her beads, she doesn t want to do it. Do you think Laura was right or wrong? Why? What choice would you have made? Was Laura selfish because she did not want to share? People in Laura s time did not understand that mosquitoes gave them malaria. Do you remember what ideas Pa and Mrs. Scott had about this disease? These are known as old wives' tales. Can you think of other old wives' tales that you might have heard? Dr. Tan was able to help the Ingalls family with a medicine called quinine, but most pioneer families did not have medicine to heal them. How are our things different today for sick people? When Pa went to the town of Independence, he took along a letter Ma had written. Ma expected the letter to take months to reach her family and many more months for a return letter to come back. Today, we can send e-mail that only takes seconds. Do you think we appreciate mail today as much as the Ingalls family? Our post offices send mail quickly today, yet few people write long letters. Why do you think this is so? What other ways do we find to communicate with our family today? Do you think the Ingalls family wished for a better way to talk to their family back in Wisconsin?
  • 16. Name _______________________________________________ Date __________________ LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE by Laura Ingalls Wilder Discussion Questions for Chapters 14-26 (page 2) As Christmastime came to the prairie, Laura and Mary worried that Santa Claus might not be able to visit them. Thanks to Mr. Edwards s kindness, they were able to have Christmas gifts. Do you think the Ingalls family ever forgot Mr. Edwards neighborly friendship? Why do you think Mr. Edwards risked his life to cross the dangerous creek with Christmas gifts? Have you ever known a person like Mr. Edwards? Describe one of your special Christmas memories, or maybe a gift you always remembered, as Laura and Mary did the tin cups. One night, Pa hears the sound of a woman screaming. He thinks there might be trouble at the Scott s cabin and goes to see if they are alright. What did Pa find instead of a woman in trouble? Have you ever heard a panther scream? Do you think it sounds like a woman? Have you ever been certain, as Pa was, that you heard one sound but it turned out to be another sound? The local tribes became angry that the white settlers were taking their land. Why do you think they were angry? Do you think the white settlers should have built homes somewhere else? Why? What would have been a fair way for the tribes and the settlers to share the land? What did Laura think? Pa? Ma? Do you think the Ingalls were frightened when they heard the Native Americans having a jamboree? What is a jamboree? How do you think they felt when they learned that Soldat du Chene had talked the other tribes out of killing the white men? Did it change their opinions? Were the Ingalls sad to see the tribes riding away? Pa heard that the government planned to send soldiers to make the white settlers leave Indian Territory. How do you think the Ingalls family felt about that? Did they want to leave their new home? Pa decided to leave before he was told he must. Why do you think he felt this way? Do you think Laura was proud of or unhappy with Pa s decision? Why? Ma says that they have lost a year. What do you think Ma meant by this statement? After reading this book, do you have a better idea of how a pioneer family lived? Do you think you would rather live now or in Laura s time? Why? Were there any parts of Laura s life that you envied? If so, which parts? Do you think Laura would have liked to live now? Why? Name some of the good and bad qualities of Laura s life on the prairie.