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Introduction to your nervous system reader preview

  1. 1. Q ‘ ‘“J}逑©{ “K” 4 .1-‘= = 6:: w ‘as’ as] g/ Ldllifli { Ala, .. uni. Your body’s ne 0 T has its headquarters in the brain, ough your spinal cord faster than speeding train. ystem has many functions, such as your sense of smell. It controls all our other senses, too, so keep your nervous system well. whic The
  2. 2. I l * Intestine Small ' “ Intestine ” The nervous S"’St n cor sols the actions of your organs; like your liver and your heart. Whethe“ ‘ aui re inning, eating, or speaking, your I, ‘ srvous system plays a part. It w ‘ " a lc; like a computer but more advanced in it every way. Your nervous . ., stem controls everything your body does, whether you’re at work or play.
  3. 3. rrrtrrruxkg The nervous f‘ st; ‘~ is ' sually divided into two ii regions of control. The ce ‘ “ant. g Wiphleral systems each have a A special role. The c. ‘cal nervous system is made up of the spinal cord and brain. The brain senc . , out the signals, which go through your body like a chain.
  4. 4. Your brain if t the center of everything you do. It reg’ . ... - vour "bus system and all the other s}; -sterns, too. It sen. W . all the signals that your body needs to ” know, and processes th em when they come back, from your head down to your toe.
  5. 5. The signals go ftl . .oug. . ,7 J1‘ spinal cord, protected by _ your vertebrae, to la‘; the *eas o. b )ur body, their messages to ‘ 5 convey. Most UL ' ‘’ activity is automatic. Your body does it without thinking, such as digesting your food, breathing in and out, and blinking.
  6. 6. AL The peripheral; nerve I‘ , stem is a network full of _ nerves. Nerve , tn. init :1. “ages from everywhere in the body that they serve. These in “ages go both directions from your body to E’ your brain or from your b. ain out to your body. Then it might come back again.
  7. 7. The nervous sys }in a I‘ JfltI'OlS your senses such as _ i ‘ ‘ste, touch, or smell. It contr , ... ner» tliat give you sight and nerves I or hearing things as well. The 11. W, system is like a manager for both your body and your brain. If your nerve endings are damaged, you could feel some major pain.
  8. 8. Your nervous s‘, stem E’ many functions. You need _ working to stay well. You I‘". ciSL ‘ie car. fyour body so you can learn, I and ‘play, and yell. So, .. ‘ uare of your body. Try to eat right and E’ exercise. Feed good thoughts into your brain, and it may also make you wise.
  9. 9. 1. Which of these is part of the nervous system? a. the spinal cord b. the bones c. the fingernails “ d. the teeth Answer: 2. The nervous system controls the actions of your body's organs such as: a. your fingernail b. your hair c. yo1u' liver (1. your toes — . _ Answer: 3. What are the two parts of the nery us system? a. the central and the peripheral L b. the bottom and the top R c. the inner and the outer d. the lower and the upper Answer: T l . 4. What bones protect the spirral cor(l? :i a. the skull l E b. the kneecap’ c. the 17l'f3Stbl0ll d. the Vcln l rae Answer: 3 ;
  10. 10. 5. The nervous system controls which of these senses? a. sight b. taste c. hearing d. all of the above Answer: 6. The peripheral system is a network of what? a. veins b. arteries c. nerves (1. bones . _ Answer: