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Human body lapbook preview

  1. 1. All About Me 5 Senses (Fold out) (Reverse of Nutrition/Exercise flaps) Trace and cut out hand on folded paper (leave small part on little finger uncut. Write My Fingerprints on the front, unfold, then make fingerprints on inside Accordian book with baby and current “stats” All About the Human Body “What Are Genes?” One-page book with gene chart (Reverse of blank page for handouts) (Use brads to attach handouts) Our Bodies Are Made Of . . . Cells Tissue Organs Systems 4 Body Systems Math Pocket Brain Major Organs Healthy Food Healthy Bodies Major body systems
  2. 2. All About the Human Body By How Our Bodies Grow
  3. 3. Major components: Heart, Blood Vessels, Blood Major Role: Transport nutrients, gases and waste throughout the body. Major components: Nose, Trachea, Lungs Major Role: Provide gas exchange between the blood and the environment (absorb oxygen and expel carbon dioxide). Major components: Mouth, Esophagus, Stomach, Intestines Major Role: Break down and absorb nutrients required for growth and maintenance. Major components: Bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments Major Role: Support the body and protect the internal organs.
  4. 4. Name Tongue Rolling Earlobe Attachment Widow’s Peak (Write your name and the names of up to four family members in the left column. Then, write “yes” or “no” to indicate whether or not each person possesses that trait.) What are Genes? Genes are the blueprints for our bodies. They carry information that help make you who you are. Genes determine our physical traits (how we look) and other things about us.
  5. 5. Cut out and glue pocket into lapbook. Cut out flashcards. Write the answer to each math problem on the back of the card, then put it in the pocket. + Eyes Mouth - Toes Nose + Teeth Elbows - Eyebrows Feet How Many Parts
  6. 6. Glue to lapbook Glue “heart & lungs” tab on top of it Important Internal Organs Pumps Blood Throughout Your Body _______________________ Breathe in fresh air and get rid of stale air _______________________ Digests food into small pieces so the body can utilize its nutrients Stomach Liver Intestines Remove waste and maintain a constant water level in the body. Kidneys Bladder
  7. 7. A C T I VE B E Exercise can help you: * Keep your heart healthy * * Strengthen bones and muscles * * Prevent certain diseases * * Sleep better * * Feel happier * * Have fun! * Activities That I Already Enjoy: New Activities I Want to Try: Cut out soccer balls and write in answers. Bind with a brad, and glue back page to lapbook.
  8. 8. The Five Senses Write in each sense, then fold flaps in one at a time. Cut out graphic below and glue to front (when folded). The apple tastes sweet. I like reading books. The dog feels soft. My friend whispers quietly. The flowers smell good.
  9. 9. Healthy Food, Healthy Bodies Cut out and fold mini-book. Glue back to lapbook with point of triangle facing up. Cut out the “You Are What You Eat” triangle and glue it to the front cover. You Are What You Eat COLD FLU VIRUS Good nutrition can help strengthen your ____________________ system. A healthy immune system acts as a protective bubble to keep out germs that can make you sick. Eat 5-9 servings of fruits & vegetables each day to help keep your immune system strong! One serving is: ½ cup of cut-up fruit or dense vegetables 1 cup of leafy greens 1 medium apple, banana, etc.
  10. 10. Our Bodies Are Made Of . . . The smallest part of any living thing. A collection of similar cells that group together to perform a specialized function. A structure that contains at least two different types of tissue working together for a common purpose. Two or more different organs that work together to provide a common function.
  11. 11. My Weight at Birth: _____ pounds, ____ounces My Weight Now _________ pounds My Height at Birth: _________ inches My Height Now _________ inches My Eye Color at Birth: ______________________ My Eye Color N0w _____________________ My Hair at Birth: ______________________ My Hair Now _____________________ ____________ (at birth) All About Me age ____) (____________ I Am ________ inches tall My Friend _________________ Is ________ inches tall I Am ____________ inches taller or shorter (circle one) than _______________ Glue two pictures (birth and now) in boxes and write in name. Fill in blanks. Cut out and fold mini-book. Cut out and glue on cover (panel with current picture).
  12. 12. The Human Brain Cerebellum Controls balance, Movement coordination Cerebrum The biggest part of the brain that controls thinking and voluntary muscles. Brain Stem Connects brain to spinal cord and controls breathing, digestion and circulation.
  13. 13. Hypothalamus Regulates and adjusts body temperature through sweating and shivering. Pituitary Gland Controls growth, hormones and metabolism. There are many important systems in our body. Major Systems Cut out clipboards and fasten with a brad. Body System folding book: Cut out and fold into quarters. Glue back cover to lapbook. Glue graphic below to front cover.