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Grammar reference chart
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Grammar reference chart


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. 1. Common Nouns 2. Proper Nouns (always begin with a capital) 3.Plural Nouns (that change spelling) 4.Adjectives 5. Pronouns Nouns are the names of person, place, an animals and a thing Proper nouns are special names for people, places and animals. They begin with capitals. Some nouns change spelling to mean more than one. Adjectives describe or tells about nouns Pronouns are words that take the place of a noun. You can play with us. Who are you? It is riding a scooter. It is her dog. aunt brother bike house dog park cat boxes duck egg Nicholas Willy Wal-Mart Pembroke Tuesday October George Washington Georgia Month of the year Days of the week. child -children man - men woman-women wife -- wives wolf - wolves ox ---- oxen tooth-teeth foot -- feet Shape: pointed, round, straight, flat Color: yellow, red, blue, white, Senses: cool, crunchy, fresh, hard, quiet, slippery, soft, bitter, sticky, tasty Compare: 1. fast, faster, faster 2. cold, colder, coldest 3. few, fewer, fewest he her hers herself him himself his I it its itself ourselves me mine my myself our ours she that their theirs them these they this us we what which who whom whose you your yourself They are watching TV. That is his ball. She is working. Grammar Chart Side 1
  • 2. Grammar Chart Side 2 1. Verb 2. Verbs Present Past 3. Adverb 4. Abbreviations and Titles 5. Abbreviations Math A verb shows action, Verbs tell the past, present and future. Today I ____. Yesterday I ____ Adverbs describe verbs. It tells when, where, or how. An abbreviation is a short way to write a word. Measurements brush catch climb clip comb eat feed fetch go hear help hold jump kiss look open play run see spot thank watch work 1. come 2. run 3. give 4. go 5. do 6. see 7. is 8. are 9. wake 10. bite 11.make 12. bring 14. creep 15.dig 16. find 17.give 18. have 19. sleep Þ came Þ ran Þ gave Þ went Þ did Þ saw Þ was Þ were Þ woke Þ bit Þ made Þ brought Þ built Þ crept Þ dug Þ found Þ gave Þ had Þ slept How: loudly carefully proudly softly beautifully When: always sometimes often soon today Where: far near inside outside 1. mister----Mr. 2. mistress---Mrs. 3. doctor----Dr. 4. road ------Rd. 5. street-----St. 6. avenue-----Ave. 7. governor Gov. 8. mountain Mt. 9. United States USA Length: 1. inch 2. feet, foot 3. yard 4. mile 5. Centimeter 6. meter 7. kilometer Time: 8. minute 9. hour Weight: 10. pound 11. kilogram Liquid Measure 12. pint 13. quart 14. gallon 15. liter Þ in. Þ ft. Þ yd. Þ mi. Þ cm. Þ m Þ km Þ min. Þ hr. Þ lb. Þ kg Þ pt. Þ qt. Þ gal. Þ lit. run ran