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  • 1. Decimals (+) (-) AugustAugustAugust Writing PromptWriting PromptWriting Prompt JournalJournalJournal
  • 2. © Creaons by LAckert Name: _____________________________________________________ August 1st: Francis Scott Key's birthday. Francis Scott Key wrote the American national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner. Do you like the national anthem? Why or why not? If Francis Scott Key's song was not the national anthem, what should it be instead? If you could have your own anthem, what would you choose? Draw a picture of the American flag on the other side of this page.
  • 3. © Creaons by LAckert Name: _____________________________________________________ August 2nd: Ice Cream Sandwich Day Imagine that you are making your lunch for school today. Your mother told you to make a sandwich and put some fruit in your lunch bag. She did not say what kind of sandwich you should make! Since it is Ice Cream Sandwich Day, you decide to be festive and make yourself an ice cream sandwich! Describe how you made your sandwich and tell whether it was a good idea or not. Super Ice Cream Sandwich! (serves four) 1. Bake 8 large chocolate chip cookies or purchase them from a bakery. 2. Scoop vanilla ice cream onto one cookie. 3. Place another cookie on top of the ice cream and press down gently. 4. Enjoy! NOTE: If you do not plan to eat the sandwiches immediately, wrap them each tightly with plastic wrap and freeze them.
  • 4. © Creaons by LAckert Name: _____________________________________________________ August 3rd: National Watermelon Day Imagine that you entered a watermelon-eating contest. Describe the event. How many people were in the contest with you? What was the age range of competitors? How many whole watermelons did you eat? How did the watermelon taste? Was it messy? Did you win? On the other side of this page, draw a picture of yourself participating in a watermelon eating contest. Southern Hospitality Watermelon Tea Mix one quart of fresh brewed or sun tea with one quart lemonade. With a fork, mash 4 cups of watermelon without seeds. Add mashed watermelon to tea mixture. Sweeten to desired taste. Place one whole slice of watermelon in container for added flavor and beauty!
  • 5. © Creaons by LAckert Name: _____________________________________________________ August 4th: August is Peach Month Imagine that you are the owner of Plantation's Peach Preserves. You are in the business of making and selling peach jelly. Lately, business has not been very good. The peaches don't taste right, and there are not as many on the trees as there were last year. You just found out somebody has been sabotaging your peaches! What happened and why? On the other side of this page, draw a picture to show what happened to your peaches.
  • 6. © Creaons by LAckert Name: _____________________________________________________ August 5th: August is National Picnic Month Have you ever been on a picnic? Do you enjoy picnics? If so, why? If not, why not? Imagine what your best picnic would be like and describe it! Where would it be? What would you eat? What would you do for fun? On the back, draw a picture of the perfect picnic.
  • 7. © Creaons by LAckert Name: _____________________________________________________ August 6th: Wiggle Your Toes Day Wiggle Your Toes Day is here. Why do you think there is a day devoted to wiggling your toes? You want to celebrate the day and participate in all the fun. You should treat your toes to something nice! What will you do? On the other side of this page, draw a simple picture using your toes instead of your fingers!