Marsh sports


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Some selected photos of growing grandsons, Kyle and Chad Marsh. These boys are into sports and love it.

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Marsh sports

  1. 1. The Marsh Family of Oswego, Illinois and Their Sports! A Lyle V. Johnson Production January 9, 2011
  2. 2. The Marsh family just several years ago with two boys who were growing then, but may soon become “Giants”! The Marsh Family comprised of Brad and Cindy Marsh with their boys Kyle and Chad!
  3. 3. Kyle Marsh now a 16-year old sophmore at Oswego High School. He is already over six feet tall, weighs 190 pounds, and wears size 14 shoes!
  4. 4. Chad Marsh is a 14-Year old eighth grader at Thompson Junior High School in Oswego, Illinois. He stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds, maintains an A+ average grade in his honors math class, and wears size 12 shoes!
  5. 5. The two Marsh boys love sports!
  6. 6. An Inseparable Trio! Both boys love sports and so does Dad! Oswego Youth Tackle Football Coach Brad Marsh with sons Chad and Kyle!
  7. 7. Kyle Marsh played on the “A” squad of this year's 2011 Sophmore Football Team at Oswego High School, and now plays Junior Varsity basket ball.
  8. 8. This was Chad's last year to play Oswego Youth Tackle Football (“OYTF”). Next year (2012) he will play football in high school!
  9. 9. Chad with his favorite “OYTF” coach this past football season, his own Dad – Brad Marsh! We don't remember where this big stadium was this past season!
  10. 10. Football is over but Chad is now out for basketball at his school for this winter!
  11. 11. Chad spent most of last summer playing on the Pony League traveling baseball team. His Dad helps with that too!
  12. 13. These two – Father and Son just seem to hang together, regardless of the sport!
  13. 14. Kyle Marsh (Center Back Row) Played Pony League Baseball in 2010!
  14. 15. In the Spring of 2010, Kyle Marsh decided to try out for the Freshman Tennis team at Oswego High School, and he made it!
  15. 18. Maybe the Marsh Boys will be here someday??
  16. 19. Grandma says Kyle and Chad are both good students. They need to be encouraged to get good grades and be sure their educations are of their first priority. All Because Grandma Says So!
  17. 20. Thanks for Watching! Music: “Theme from Legends in the Fall” A Lyle V. Johnson Production January 9, 2011