Wells Fargo (Integrated Marketing Campaign)


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Wells Fargo (Integrated Marketing Campaign)

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  2. 2. Table of Contents Competitive and Positioning Analysis---------------------------------------------1 Opportunity Analysis-------------------------------------------------------------------6 Customer Analysis-----------------------------------------------------------------------7 Market Segmentation Strategy-------------------------------------------------------8 Campaign Objectives--------------------------------------------------------------------9 Strategy------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 Implementation-------------------------------------------------------------------------15 Public Relations-------------------------------------------------------------------------19 Budget (Simple Version)--------------------------------------------------------------20 Allocation of Spending---------------------------------------------------------21 Creative Samples------------------------------------------------------------------------22 References--------------------------------------------------------------------------------28 Appendix A: Competitive Analysis-------------------------------------------------36 Appendix B: Expanded Budget------------------------------------------------------48 0
  3. 3. Executive Summary Extensive research has proven that the college-aged market is being missed. This is a unique and easily-accessible market which will prove very profitable since its population is on the verge of making the most important financial decisions of their lives. During this delicate age, college students and recent graduates form important loyalties with financial institutions that, if handled correctly, lead to mutually beneficial, lifelong partnerships. Though easily accessible, this target (Generation Y) is unique in several ways and doesn’t usually respond well to traditional advertising. For this reason, Wells Fargo should implement a scratch ticket promotion. This promotion will specifically cater to the target market’s tastes. Furthermore, it will be low-cost but very effective. The bread and butter of the entire promotion is the scratch ticket, but it will be supported by guerilla marketing on Facebook and Twitter, as well as banners, posters, ads on the Wells Fargo website, a press release, and partnerships with local restaurants. To save money and increase effectiveness, “Street Teams” will distribute scratch tickets on college campuses and hang posters. This personal touch will be more impactful and actually less expensive than mailers. For recent graduates, the tickets will be mailed. Finally, existing customers within the target market will receive their tickets with their monthly bill/statement. Wells Fargo will partner with local restaurants to have them help distribute the tickets. This will give Wells Fargo additional credibility as a bank with personal touch and will give the restaurants advertising. Finally, the remaining marketing will draw customers to the branches, where they can pick up a scratch ticket. The real genius of the scratch ticket program is that it must be scratched by a teller, which will bring many new customers into the branches. Furthermore, the prizes that can be won all relate to Wells Fargo products: reward points, ATM Fee Waivers, and Overdraft Forgiveness. The first encourages use of a rewards-capable account (or the opening of one if the winner doesn’t already have one) and the second two reduce resistance to banking in general and make Wells Fargo appear more affordable or more generous. Also, to redeem the second two, the winner must bring the card into a branch, giving Wells Fargo an additional selling opportunity. Finally, if any participant opens 2 new accounts, they will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing, which has much better prizes, including a Toyota Prius (a “green car” will appeal most to Gen. Y) Using these strategies, Wells Fargo will spend $250,000 but will gain 24,760 responses and an estimated 3068% ROI. (Equal to $7,673,180) 0
  4. 4. Competitive and Positioning Analysis Wells Fargo Image o Wells Fargo is a powerful bank that exudes security and permanence. Wells Fargo has over $540 billion in assets, over 80 businesses, over 6,600 retail branches, over 160,000 employees, and over 23 million customers. It is ranked sixth in market value and fifth in assets. The market value of Wells Fargo’s stock is $119 billion. Wells Fargo is number one nationally in number of mortgage stores (2,400 stores) and also total number of stores (5,915 stores). Wells Fargo is the United States' 25th largest employer. It has maintained consistent, conservative positioning by using the stagecoach and horses as its logo and not attempting to conform to cutting-edge media trends. This has given Wells Fargo a classic, yet unique image. Wells Fargo is also notable because the bank has long prided itself on conservative lending standards, portraying an image of stability. Wells Fargo holds the powerhouse position in the market by offering the most financial services and the farthest-reaching network of branches. Wells Fargo gives the customer something they can always count on. It always looks the same: strong, unwavering, and professional. Bank of the West Image o Bank of the West is a small bank that looks to serve low and moderate income communities. Through personal service, teamwork, fair pricing, and building economically healthy communities, Bank of the West considers itself a high performance organization. o Consumers of Bank of the West view it as a smaller and more local community banking system with a more personalized store atmosphere. 1
  5. 5. 1st Bank Image o 1st Bank started as a small local bank and has fought hard to maintain that image. Still only present in three states, 1 st Bank is the smallest on the list of Wells Fargo’s top 5 competitors along the Front Range. However, it is now Colorado’s second-largest depository and is Colorado’s largest locally owned bank. 1 st Bank focuses on providing “a high level of service for our customers and in the community.” It has been positioned against Wells Fargo as the anti-big bank, basically insisting that it knows the customer much better than Wells Fargo ever could. Chase  Image o Execute superbly  Demand and maintain strong financial discipline, building for good times and bad  Create and maintain a “fortress balance sheet”  Design and maintain the best systems and operations  Eliminate waste and bureaucracy  Maintain a strong system of internal governance and control  Measure performance through a complete and balanced scorecard o Aspire to be the best  Develop a world-class franchise in every business it operates  Be field- and client-driven, consistently delivering the best products and services in a cost-effective way  Innovate, test and learn  Create powerful brands that carry a commitment of quality and integrity o Build a great team and a winning culture  Operate with the highest standards of integrity 2
  6. 6.  Train and retain great managers  Be open and honest with self, colleagues, shareholders and communities  Get incentives right  Foster an environment of respect and inclusiveness  Give back to communities U.S. Bank  Image o U.S. Bank is trying to be a local, “big brother” type bank. By heavily investing in local projects while focusing on high ethical standards and business excellence, U.S. Bank has secured its place in the market as the bank that is big enough to offer virtually everything a customer needs but small enough to invest in and care about local interests. U.S. Bank also focuses on staying up-to-date with technology, but doesn’t want customers to think it is sacrificing security or service quality by doing so. Competition Ratings: Mountain Region J.D. Power 5 Bank of the West 0 Chase Overall Convenience Account Fees Account Transactions U.S. Bank Satisfaction Initiation/ Statements Wells Fargo Product Offerings Scoring Legend: 5: Among the best 4: Better than most 3: About average 2. The rest 3
  7. 7. 4
  8. 8. For more competitive analysis, please see Appendix A. 5
  9. 9. Opportunity Analysis Customers The market of college students is largely being abandoned. Partly due to the recession, many banks are ceasing to offer loans or aid to college students. According to the St. Petersburg Times, Citibank has begun to deny students from smaller institutions and US Bank is refusing to offer private student loans. College is a critical time in a person’s life because they will soon be making the most significant financial decisions of their lives, forging important loyalties. Wells Fargo needs to be that bank. Similarly, recent graduates are currently making those critical decisions and forming life-long ties to financial institutions. What better time to market to them? Finally, it is common knowledge that current customers are the least expensive to connect with on a marketing level. Plus, they will have a much lower resistance to new solutions. Current Marketing Because of Wells Fargo’s current image of security and stability, their place in the market is more akin to the values of the settled and elderly. However, Wells Fargo’s recent “someday” campaign has helped alter this perception slightly. The problem with the “someday” campaign is that it is just that. The most memorable part of that campaign is that Wells Fargo helps the consumer reach someday, but how much can that mean to the “Now Generation?” College students and recent graduates need to see the immediate benefits of banking with Wells Fargo, or even of just visiting the bank. The ski pass promotion is a good example of this, but is very expensive. Currently, most Wells Fargo marketing is typical bank marketing: brochures, up-selling through the website, TV commercials, sponsorship, etc. There’s nothing wrong with those necessarily, but they blend in. Wells Fargo needs to utilize new methods to gain the attention of the MTV Generation. One possible method is social networking. According to Wall Street and Technology, a recent study found that only 30% of the major financial brands had a social media presence, but 80% of them were being discussed by customers in unofficial groups on the sites. 6
  10. 10. Customer Analysis Generation Y  Composed of two sub-segments o “Twentysomethings” o Teens  High Potential for Growth  Most Highly-educated  Easily Bored  Tech-Savvy o 80 percent use e-mail, cell phones, or text messaging  Convenience  Brand-Sensitive  High School Grads, Students and College Grads, Young Couples Beginning Families  Individualistic and independent  Traditional Marketing isn’t very effective at communicating messages to Gen Y o Effective ways to reach Gen Y include  Event Sponsorships  Electronic media  Finding ways to engage with the market  Correct language, music and images are essential  Honesty, humor, uniqueness and information are important  TV and Media that were designed for them have become a norm o “American Idol”, “Big Brother”, “CSI”, MTV o Maxim Generation Y is a growing part of the banking world every day. New technologies are targeted toward them and existing products are being adapted to their needs. Wells Fargo is positioned to offer students and older members of generation Y the products they need to satisfy their banking needs. Student Checking is a great option for many of generation Y and is possibly one of Wells Fargo’s best checking accounts offered. By attracting students with either student loans or checking accounts, it creates an opportunity to cross-sell various other products. The tech-savvy population of Gen Y also demands convenience from its bank, sometimes more than the bank is willing to give. However, Wells Fargo does offer a variety of online products such as online banking, online bill pay, and mobile banking. In addition, as Gen Y’ers move away from home, renter’s insurance is another product that Wells Fargo can conveniently offer them. 7
  11. 11. Market Segmentation Strategy Three groups were chosen to target: 1) Current college students 2) Recent college graduates 3) Existing customers (within the two areas above) Current College Students  Easily, cheaply accessible  Very social, WOM-conducive environment  Close to making many of the most important financial decisions of their lives  More easily “converted” than someone who has more significant financial commitments  Missed by many competitors  If successful, they will likely be a customer for life Recent College Graduates  Higher average income than those without college degrees  Currently making many of the most important (and binding) financial decisions of their lives  More easily “converted” than someone who has more significant financial commitments  If successful, they will likely be a customer for life  Of all groups, these are most likely to be “in the market” for Wells Fargo services Existing Customers  Most qualified  Don’t have to change banks, only get more solutions  Lowest cost to connect  Lowest resistance  Hopefully have already established relationships with their local Wells Fargo bankers 8
  12. 12. Campaign Objectives Main Objective To increase foot traffic in Wells Fargo by distributing scratch cards to Wells Fargo new and existing customers and performing supportive advertising and promotions while maintaining Wells Fargo’s positive image and rewarding all customers. Overall Objectives for New Customers To gain 24,760 new customers from 3.4 million scratch cards distributed during the six-week promotional period. (2% response rate) Since all “scratchable” prizes involve having an account at Wells Fargo, all participants will be encouraged to open an account. Furthermore, since participation in the grand prize drawing requires opening two new accounts, customers have a very significant added incentive to open new accounts. Objective for Existing Customers Out of 115,904 cards, 2,318 customers will redeem their scratch cards. (2% response rate) Objective for Everyone Else Since people outside the targeted area will not be contacted directly (by being mailed or handed a scratch ticket), and since the promotion is less appropriate for their tastes, a lower response rate is expected. An estimated .5% response rate will be used for forecasting. Out of an estimated 2.9 million contacts, 14,488 will redeem scratch tickets. Budget Objective Spend $250,000 on this promotion and receive a 3068% ROI. (Equal to $7,673,180) 9
  13. 13. Strategy All advertising and promotions will be centered on a scratch ticket promotion to be run all along the Front Range. A grown-up version of McDonald’s Monopoly Game, the scratch ticket promotion will still feel like a game while generating excitement and buzz in the community. This promotion will be open to everyone, but marketing will focus on the target markets listed previously of college students, recent grads, and existing customers. The scratch tickets will always reveal a “win,” but the prizes will vary. Prizes From Scratch Cards:  Reward Points (awarded immediately, entices guest to open account or activate rewards if they can’t use rewards currently) o Rewarded $100 worth of points towards any rewards-capable account o Rewarded $300 worth of points towards any rewards-capable account o Rewarded $500 worth of points towards any rewards-capable account 10
  14. 14.  Overdraft Protection Card o Card covers 1 overdraft fee  Must go into bank to redeem (allows for repeat customer traffic)  ATM Cover Charge Card o Reimburses holder for any ATM fees incurred in a single transaction  Must go into bank to redeem (allows for repeat customer traffic) From Grand Prize Drawing (Guest enters when they open 2 new accounts by filling out their scratch ticket with contact info; tickets that were mailed already have info on label):  New Toyota Prius (1 for entire Front Range)  42” TV (30 available)  Las Vegas Trip Explanation of Prizes The reward points were chosen as a prize for two reasons. The first and most obvious is that people like rewards programs and this prize will stimulate further spending or the opening of a rewards-capable account. The second is that the ticket will say “$500 value” (which is how much the consumer must spend to accumulate them) for 500 reward points, but they would actually only cost Wells Fargo $5. 11
  15. 15. The ATM fee and the overdraft forgiveness are simply designed to reduce resistance to opening new accounts. These are commonly considered some of the most bothersome bank fees, so letting consumers win waivers will make them more likely to open new accounts. The only catch is that the ticket must be scratched by a teller in a Wells Fargo bank. If it is not, any prizes won cannot be claimed. This way, foot traffic into the store will also be drastically increased. Also the grand prize drawing strongly encourages customers to open new accounts. All of the prizes in the grand prize category appeal specifically to the target market. The Prius is “green” and trendy, the TV centers around technology and entertainment, and the Las Vegas trip is an entertainment-centered trip which strongly appeals to younger audiences who enjoy partying and the “night life.” Consumer Attitudes The main goal of the scratch ticket campaign is for consumers’ attitudes to form in the sequence of Cognitive—Affective—Conative. By having the cognitive component of attitude as the first form to take place, customers recognize the Wells Fargo brand as a general bank. This could either spark need recognition, or just make the consumer aware of the brand. Second, an affective, or emotional, attitude will be formed from the promotion. Seeing the unique and exciting scratch ticket that offers financial incentives will make the consumer more apt to choose a Wells Fargo bank and will certainly draw them to the store. Also, the grand prizes of flat screen TVs, a Las Vegas Trip, and a Prius will create an emotional attitude of possibly winning an item that is seen as socially desirable to friends, or even of the personal benefit of actually owning a luxury item like these. Lastly, the conative element of the consumer’s attitude is to turn the first two feelings into a type of behavior or action. When the consumer sees that a Wells Fargo bank teller must scratch their ticket, referencing back to the cognitive and affective attitudes they just experienced, the goal is that the consumer will find enough positive reasoning to act upon those attitudes and visit a Wells Fargo to participate in the promotion. 12
  16. 16. Product Positioning Wells Fargo has already created a strong and unique brand image for itself. However, this traditional image makes marketing to the target market of college students and recent college graduates a bit more challenging. This is why the scratch ticket was chosen; it is a fun and mysterious way to appeal to these customers. Because competitors are offering other financial incentives such as money for opening up a bank account, additional incentives were chosen to help Wells Fargo become more appealing. With free overdraft fee coupons, credit card points, and ATM fee credits, plus flat screen TVs, a Las Vegas trip, and a car, the possible benefits of choosing a Wells Fargo bank will far outweigh those of a competitor’s bank, creating a superior product position. Means-End Theory This campaign was designed based on the means-end theory. It is important for consumers to find a means in the scratch cards that will lead them to a desired end state. The means which will lead to the end is the desire for the prizes that are being offered and the requirement that the teller must scratch the ticket. Even if the biggest prize they win is one free overdraft forgiveness, many consumers can relate to a time when they have been frustrated about an overdraft fee and how inconvenient they can be. Such prizes reduce purchase resistance. However, the larger prizes such as the chances to win a TV or even the car are even more influential means which would cause the consumers to act upon their desires. These are also leverage points because the benefits of the product can be linked to personal values, such as saving money in these hard economic times or winning a TV that has been a wanted luxury item for years. Also, the car chosen (Toyota Prius) is an environmentally friendly model because “going green” is a value which is on the rise today, especially among the target market. Media Strategy The media strategy consists of direct mail, statement inserts, banners around Wells Fargo, direct handouts on campuses, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and advertisements for the promotion on the Wells Fargo website. These were chosen because they are low cost and highly effective for the target market. Due to the design of the scratch cards and the fact they will be shipped first class, they will stand out from junk mail. When placing a scratch card with important documents, such as bank statements, current customers have an increased chance of paying attention to them. By hiring people to visit college campuses and hand out scratch cards, Wells Fargo will be able to reach a large portion of the target market which is most likely to automatically throw away advertisements in mail. Because Wells Fargo’s online banking system is one of its strongest services, it is essential to advertise the campaign on the website. This will get customers who are very dependent on the online services to want to come into the bank, get a scratch card, and participate in the promotion. 13
  17. 17. Internet  Create Facebook, MySpace pages about the scratch card  Twitter-create buzz surrounding the scratch card Other Marketing  Design banner and poster promoting the scratch cards. Display these posters around campuses along the Front Range such as CSU, UNC ect. Wells Fargo will display the banners outside their banks (preferably over the entryway or facing a major street)  Paid Street Teamers – Distribute scratch cards on college campuses and in “hotspots” that are heavily populated with the target market  Restaurant Partnerships – Wells Fargo will partner with local restaurants who will offer the scratch cards with the purchase of certain meals. The restaurants get publicity on the Wells Fargo posters and buzz marketing and Wells Fargo gets to show its “local side” as well as reach additional customers. 14
  18. 18. Implementation After researching and analyzing the target market, it has been determined that there are several effective ways to communicate the program to customers. Below is an overview of the media plan. Some of the media options will be geared towards existing customers, some to new customers and others to both new and existing customers.  Mail o Justification and Summary  Direct mail is going to be one of the primary ways of getting the scratch tickets into customers’ hands. It is fairly cost-effective and allows for a far reach. A 2% response is expected, which is slightly higher than a normal response rate due to the more involved and compelling nature of the scratch tickets. Other methods and channels of promotion will be used to supplement the mailed scratch tickets.  Billing statements o Will account for 36.8% of mailings o Mail out the scratch tickets with the customers’ billings statements. This will attract existing customers into stores, getting them used to the idea of coming inside, rather than just using the ATM.  Direct Mail o Will account for remaining 63.2% of mailings o Scratch cards will be sent potential customers  Internet o Justification and Summary  Since Gen Y is tech savvy, it would be prudent to utilize an outlet that they easily relate to and commonly use. This will also show the consumer that Wells Fargo is moving with the trends rather than being stuck in the “Stage Coach Days.”  Twitter o Easy way for Wells Fargo to hit the masses  Young professional/student oriented  Financial tips (educational factor)  Link of instructions and info about the program  New promotions outside current event  Facebook o Way to provide more visual information o Mass invite people to join Wells Fargo for promotions  Student-oriented  Picture of what the “card” looks like for customer to verify  Link of instructions and info about the program  New promotions outside current event 15
  19. 19.  Wells Fargo Website o Small Press Release o Advertise on gateway screen  Campus Handouts o Justification and Summary  This will help to reach students in person (higher involvement) apart from the Internet and cut down on direct mail costs  Paid “Street Teamers” stand in “hotspots” on campuses, handing out the scratch tickets  Posters o Justification and Summary  Posters will be especially vital for colleges/universities with no real “hotspot.”  They will serve as a more lasting form of marketing for the entire promotional period, rather than the “Street Teamers” who will only be there for 2 days.  Serve as reference material for students who wonder what it is  Banner o Justification and Summary  Simple banner will attract customers who may not have received the direct mail scratch ticket.  Reminder for customers who forgot to go into the store for their ticket  Outside Wells Fargo buildings, on the busiest side of the building  “Choose to win. Choose Wells Fargo”  In-store tickets o Justification and Summary  Anyone can walk in and get a ticket. Since the tickets encourage opening new accounts, they will drive sales for all users.  Leaving it open and telling everyone they can get one in Wells Fargo will make everyone feel appreciated and “in the know.” 16
  20. 20.  Restaurant promotions o Justification and Summary  Wells Fargo will partner with local restaurants and utilize them to help distribute scratch tickets.  Have restaurant choose a few select menu items which will come with a Wells Fargo scratch ticket  Restaurant will be promoted on Wells Fargo posters and Wells Fargo will be promoted in the restaurants, while gaining credibility as a local bank.  Both parties will benefit from the buzz generated. Media Schedule Marketing activities will be very heavy at the beginning of the campaign, mainly due to direct mail, which is a primary staple of the promotion. This strong start will build buzz and anticipation as customers who have not yet received a scratch ticket wait for theirs. Some existing customers will wait the longest because these are monthly bills/statements. Of course, the tickets will be sent with the earliest statement in the promotional period, but those who receive their tickets in the fourth week of the promotion will have waited quite a bit more than new customers. 17
  21. 21. Tracking Traffic As customers bring their tickets in to be scratched, bankers must enter the code number (which references what media attracted them into the store), the scratch ticket number, along with the customer’s primary account number. Prizes must be redeemed on the spot. This will track the success of the promotion via certain channels and among certain groups and will prove helpful for future promotions. Tracking Code Examples Media Outlet Code # Campus Handouts HA- 112233 In-Store Tickets IN – 112244 Direct Mail MA - 112266 Bill/Statement Inserts BI - 112277 Restaurant RE - 112200 18
  22. 22. Public Relations This campaign will use an external public relations strategy. Throughout the campaign, Wells Fargo will promote an image that says “Wells Fargo is always there, especially during critical turning points in your life.” PR Tools Ensuring all employees are informed:  Training for all bankers who will work with customers in this promotion  A company newsletter (can be sent via e-mail)  A PR release (within the company)  Post information in the break room These forms of media will be used to convey all the important information/purpose of the campaign. These communications will also reinforce Wells Fargo’s positive image within the company and make employees feel valued. Stakeholders  Employees  Stockholders  Front Range Community  Customers Proactive Prevention Strategies By requiring that the card be scratched by the teller at Wells Fargo, there is a certainty of angry guests. When they scratch off the card at home and realize that they have a prize worth redeeming, guests are going to want to go into the bank and try to redeem the card. In order to avoid negative PR, Wells Fargo will implement the following strategies:  Make it very clear that the card is invalid if it is scratched outside the bank, state it repetitively o On the ticket itself, front and back (see examples) o In the Official Rules  Train bankers to deal with this situation, i.e. “I’m sorry, the rules say you cannot redeem a ticket that you have scratched yourself. However, you’re welcome to pick out another unscratched ticket and tell me which square you’d like to scratch!” 19
  23. 23. Budget (Simple Version) Tickets for Recent Grads $85,707.28 Tickets for College Students $34,828.12 Tickets for Existing Customers $24,585.53 Tickets for Everyone Else, Restaurants $6,519.58 Reward Points (Tiered) $24,760.18 ATM Fee Waivers $18,322.53 Overdraft Forgiveness $8,253.39 Toyota Prius $18,000.00 42" TVs $16,499.70 Las Vegas Trip $372.00 Promotional Posters $1,600.00 Storefront Banners $5,100.00 Admin. Costs and Extra $5,451.67 Total $250,000.00 Total Visits Generated 24,760 Cost Per Generated Visit $10.10 ROI Total $7,673,180.43 20
  24. 24. Allocation of Spending Tickets for Recent Grads Tickets for College Students Tickets for Existing Customers Tickets for Everyone Else, Restaurants Reward Points (Tiered) ATM Fee Waivers Overdraft Forgiveness Toyota Prius 42" TVs Las Vegas Trip Promotional Posters Storefront Banners Admin. Costs and Extra For expanded budget, please see Appendix B 21
  25. 25. Creative Samples Ticket Front Ticket Back 22
  26. 26. Poster 23
  27. 27. ATM Fee Waiver Front Back Overdraft Forgiveness Front Back 24
  28. 28. Banner Wells Fargo Online 25
  29. 29. Facebook 26
  30. 30. Twitter 27
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  39. 39. APPENDIX A: COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Products Wells Fargo Bank of the West Chase U.S Bank 1st Bank Personal Banking x x x x Online Banking x x x x x Checking x x x x x Savings x x x x x CDs x x x x x Credit Cards x x x x x Debit Cards x x x x x Gift Card x x x x Student Banks x x Loans x x x x x Home Mortgage x x x x x Home Equity x x x x x Student Loan x x x x Personal Loan x x x x x Auto Loan x x x x x Investing and Insurance x x x x The Private Bank x x x Mutual Funds x x x Brokerage x At some Locations Retirement x x x x x Insurance x x x x x Small Business x x x x x Checking x x x x x Savings x x x x x CDs x x x x Credit Cards x x x x x Loans x x x x x Lines of Credit x x x x Business Rewards x x x x x Payroll x x x x x Merchant Card Processing x x x x x Insurance x x x Retirement & Investment x x x x Verification of Deposit x x Expand Employee x x Businsess Online Banking x x x x x Business Bill Pay x x x x x Direct Pay x x x x x Foreign Exchange Online x x x x x Online Invoicing x x x x Commercial x x x Anti-Fraud Strategies x x x x Equipment Purchase or Lease x x x x x Merchant Solutions x x x x Risk Protection x x x x Treasury Mangagement x x x x International x x x Real Estate x x x x x Investment x x x x x Employee Benefits x x x x x Shareowner Services x x 36
  40. 40. Price Wells Fargo Bank of the West Chase U.S Bank 1st Bank ATM Fee $ 5.00 $ 1.50 $ 2.00 $ 3.00 $ 2.00 Overdraft Fee $ 10.00 $ 36.00 $ 15.00 $ 30.00 $ 5.00 Insufficent Fund Fee $ 25.00 $ 26.00 $ 25.00 $ 19.00 $ 31.00 1-800 Calling Fee $ 2.00 $ - $ - $ - $ - Opening Deposit for Checking $ 100.00 $ 100.00 $ 25.00 $ 50.00 $ 1.00 Opening Deposit for Savings $ 25.00 $ 100.00 $ 300.00 $ 25.00 $ 100.00 Non-Wells Fargo ATMs Transaction (U.S.) $2.50* *$30.00 ($8.00 per day after initial fee) Balance Inquiry fee: $1.50 each *$19.00 One time fee International Transaction fee: $5 each Distribution Wells Fargo Bank of the West Chase U.S Bank 1st Bank Distribution and Locations Locations 23 states 19 states 60 Counties 24 states 3 states Branches 6,000 700 5,000 2,850 130 ATMs 6,900 753 14,000 5,173 unknown 37
  41. 41. Wells Fargo Products Offered o Personal  Online Banking, Bill Pay, Checking, Savings, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards  Loans: Home Mortgage, Home Equity, Student Loans, Personal Loans, and Auto Loans  Investing & Insurance: The Private Bank, Mutual Funds, Brokerage, Retirement o Small Business  Checking, Savings & CDs, Credit Cards, Loans & Lines of Credit, Business Rewards, Payroll, Merchant Card Processing, Retirement & Investments, International Business Service  Online: Business Online Banking, Business Bill Pay, Direct Pay, Foreign Exchange, and Online Invoicing o Commercial  Business Needs: Anti-Fraud Strategies, Equipment Purchase or Leases, Merchant Solutions, and Risk Protection  Products & Services: Treasury Management, Financing, International, Real Estate, Investment, Employee Benefits, Insurance, Shareowner Services  Channels o Small branches inside supermarket stores, traditional branches, ATMs, Phone Banks, internet, and mail  Advertising and Promotion o Promotions  Earn rewards with Wells Fargo Credit Card and Check Card  Earn 1 point for $1 on credit card purchases and 1 point for $4 on check card purchases  Reward options include travel, cash rebates, gift cards and merchandise  Points never expire  Online Consumer Reviews o From the BetterBusinessBureau.com, out of 2115 complaints, 1856 were resolved and 265 were administratively closed. Top issues included:  Bill or Collection issues (38%)  Refund or Exchange issues (17%)  Customer Service issues (16%)  Service (16%) 38
  42. 42. Bank of the West Products Offered o Personal  Checking, Savings Accounts and CDs, Credit Cards, IRAs, Online Banking, Consumer Loans and Lines of Credit, Private Banking, Pacific Rim Banking, Auto Leases, Telephone Banking, Financial Calculators, Wealth Management and Trust, Insurance, Investment Services, Home equity loans, Military Loans, Auto Loans, Home Loans, Recreational Vehicle loans, Retirement planning, Education Savings Solutions, and Auto, Home, and Life Insurance. o Small Business  Checking, Savings and CDs, SBA lending, International Trade, Business Services, Loans and Lines of Credit, Business Online Banking, Business Insurance, Wealth Management and Trust, Cash Management, Equipment Financing, Debit and Credit Cards o Commercial  Lending, Cash Management, Capital Markets, International Trade, Equipment Financing  Advertising and Promotion o Get $100 to spend at local businesses when you open a checking account and pay bills online (Bank of the West). o Open a small business checking account and use debit card for 5 transactions and you will get $100 into your account  Online Consumer Reviews (Better Business Bureau, 2009) o The Better Business Bureau.com reports that out of a total 63 consumer complaints, 54 were resolved, 8 were administratively closed, and 1 had no response. The top complains included:  Billing or collection issues (43%)  Customer service issues (22%)  Service issues (17%) o Overall rating of “B” 39
  43. 43. 1st Bank Products Offered o Personal  Accounts  Checking  Savings  CD/Time Accounts  Health Savings Account  IRA  Loans  Mortgage  Home Equity  Cash Reserve  Auto Loans  Credit Cards  Construction Loans  Loans to Purchase Real Estate in Retirement Account o Business  Accounts  Checking o Check Card  Savings  Credit Card  Services  1031 Exchanges  Cash Concentration 40
  44. 44.  Desktop Teller  Internet Services  Lockbox Service  Merchant Services  Loans  Construction  Line of Credit  Mortgages  Letters of Credit  Single Payment Loans  Advertising and Promotion: Overall, in their advertising, 1 st Bank seems to seek originality, fun, humor, and a distinctly “un-bank” style. The bright orange of 1 st Bank’s logo and its casual language make it feel approachable and light-hearted. o Online Banking with Bunnies commercial  1st Bank ran a very successful commercial highlighting how pleasant their online banking experience was. This commercial focused on personality, humor, and seemed aimed at people approximately ages 18-40 o Twins in coffee shop commercial  1st Bank ran a similar commercial with a very similar feel which highlights 1 st Bank’s concern with protecting customers’ identities. This ad seemed targeted at a slightly different group though, trendy young professionals.  Online Consumer Reviews o As 1st Bank is somewhat smaller than the others, it does not have nearly as much presence on the BBB website or in JD Power reports. To gain insight on consumer perspective, several online review sites were utilized:  According to 2 reviews on citysearch.com, 1 st Bank received a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. (CitySearch)  According to 3 reviews on yelp.com, 1 st Bank Denver received 4.5 out of 5 stars. (Yelp) 41
  45. 45.  According to 2 reviews on yelp.com, 1 st Bank Wheat Ridge is rated 2 out of 5 stars. (Yelp)  According to 5 reviews on userinstinct.com, 1 st Bank received 6 out of 6 stars. (UserInstict) By calculating a weighted average of these scores, we can estimate an overall satisfaction rate of 97.69% Chase Products Offered o Personal Banking  Checking, credit cards, savings, CDs, debit cards, gift cards, o Business  Business banking, commercial banking, business credit cards o Personal Lending  Home equity loans, mortgage, auto loans, student loans  Advertising and Promotion o Advertising (data collected from YouTube commercial ads.)  Ads showing how fast it is to operate an ATM  Expressing the advantage of free reward point when using your debit card  Promote their fraud alert option with their credit cards  Ads appear to promote the family, being able to buy what you want (rewards), seem to also lean to younger demographics. o Promotions (data collected from http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5164598730)  $100 for opening a Chase checking account  $125 referral coupon  $10 bonus for online bill pay  Reward points for debit cards 42
  46. 46.  Travel points  Online Consumer Reviews o The Better Business Bureau reports that within the last 36 months that there were 783 recorded complaints with Chase Bank.  All 783 were resolved o Overall, the Better Business Bureau gave Chase Bank a B grade. US Bank Products Offered o Personal Banking  Wealth Management  Investments & Personal Trust, Private Banking, Financial Planning & Insurance, and Find an Advisor  Credit Cards and Prepaid Cards  Credit Cards, Your Credit Card Account Online, Visa Gift Cards, and Visa Buxx  Loans  Equity, Auto, Boat, & RV Loans, Personal Line of Credit, and Student Loans  Mortgages  Mortgage Programs, Mortgage Calculators, Homebuyer, and Find a Loan Officer  Online Banking  Internet Banking, Internet Bill Pay, Mobile Banking, and Online Investing  Checking and Saving  Checking Account Options, Savings Accounts & CDs, and Check Cards with Rewards o Small Business 43
  47. 47.  Business Services  Cash Management, Payment Solutions, International Banking, and Business Insurance  Employee Services  Payroll Services, Direct Deposit, Workplace Banking, Health, and Savings Account  Credit, Loans & Leasing  SBA Loans, Real Estate Loans, Credit Cards, and Equipment Leasing  Checking & Savings  Many Checking Account Options, Savings & Investing, Check Cards With Rewards, and Online Account Access o Commercial and Government  Corporate Payment Systems  Commercial Cards, PowerTrack, Voyager Fleet Systems, and Government Services  Trust & Investing  Asset Management, Corporate Trust Services , and Institutional Trust & Custody  Financing, Capital & Leasing  Traditional Lending, Specialty Lending, Structured Capital, Equipment Finance, and Commercial Real Estate  Industry Expertise  Government & Nonprofits Banking, Financial Institutions, and Mutual Funds & Partnership Services  Employee Services  Corporate Relocation, Direct Deposit, Workplace Banking, and Health Savings Accounts (HSA)  Deposit & Payment Solutions 44
  48. 48.  Checking Accounts, Treasury Management, International Banking, Payment Solutions, and ReliaCard® Visa®  Advertising and Promotion o Advertising  U.S Bank made more than $22.6 billion in loans and investments during 2007 to help support the creation of affordable housing, economic revitalization, and organizations providing critically-needed services to low- and moderate-income individuals and areas  U.S. Bank is also proud to co-sponsor an annual Community Service Initiative in partnership with The Financial Services Roundtable.  U.S Bank employees work together to support such causes as Special Olympics, Junior Achievement, and Habitat for Humanity.  $20.7 million in cash grants were given to qualified nonprofit organizations in 2008  U.S. Bank supports more than 150 sponsor relationships across our banking region annually and is one of the top 100 sponsoring companies in America  Support a wide variety of pro, minor league and collegiate sports, innovative arts and cultural venues and programs, as well as festivals and civic events o Promotions  Earn reward when you use your credit card  Cash Rewards  Travel Rewards  Merchandise Rewards  Retail Rewards  Establish credit  Earn rewards when you use your check card  Cash Reward  Travel Reward 45
  49. 49.  Merchandise Rewards  Online Consumer Reviews o 1.71 from Rate it All o From Lending Tree  Overall 4.3 out of 5  Fees and Cost 3.7 out of 5  Responsiveness 4 out of 5 Wells Fargo has a significant competitive advantage over the community banks along the Front Range in product line breadth and depth. The community banks are either unable or unwilling to participate in offering student checking accounts and student loans. However, Chase and Key Bank offer similar products. Although Wells Fargo does offer online banking options, Chase is the first among those listed to begin working with iPhone applications. Build Your Bill Credit Loans iPhone Apps Auto Loans Checking Checking Banking Banking Student Student Savings Mobile Online Online Loans Basic Free Pay Wells Yes Yes Yes College Yes Goal Yes Yes Yes N/A Fargo Combo Savings Accounts Bank of Yes N/A N/A N/A Choice Yes Yes N/A Yes N/A Choice Checking Chase Yes Yes N/A College Chase Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Checking Checking KeyBank Yes Yes N/A Student Express Key Saver Yes Yes Yes N/A Checking Free Checking FirstBank Yes N/A N/A N/A FREE Regular Yes Yes Yes N/A Checking Savings 46
  50. 50. J.D.POWER BANK STUDY 2009 Retail Banking Study J.D. Power.com Overall Satisfaction: This score is based on how customers rate their overall experience with their current primary financial institution. Convenience: This score is based on how customers rate the hours of branch operation, number of branches, and ease of access for their current primary financial institution. Account Initiation/Product Offerings: This score is based on how customers rate the ease of opening an account, variety of banking services available, innovation of new services offered, ease of making changes to accounts, effectiveness of communication of products and services available, and competitiveness of interest rates (including checking, savings, money market, CDs, etc.) for their current primary financial institution. Fees: This score is based on how customers rate fees assessed including account maintenance, overdraft, check order, and cashier’s check/money order fees for their current primary financial institution. Account Statements: This score is based on how customers rate the ease of understanding, clarity, and information provided in account statements from their current primary financial institution. Transactions: This score is based on how customers rate the various transaction methods used (as applicable) including in-person, ATM, online, automated phone, and phone transactions with a live representative for their current primary financial institution. 47
  51. 51. APPENDIX B: EXPANDED BUDGET Tickets for Recent Grads Est. 5 years in college Est. 70% enrollment in target age 28 cents each 1st class postage 15 cents each production $200 design (spread out) Total $85,707.28 Tickets for College Students 15 cents each production Est. 40 people needed to distribute 3 peak distribution hours daily $10 per hour pay Est. 4 days needed to complete $200 design (spread out) Total $34,828.12 Tickets for Existing Customers 15 cents each production $7000 fixed cost statement inserts $200 design (spread out) Total $24,585.53 Tickets for Everyone Else, Restaurants Triple number in target group Est. .5% response rate x3 to account for restaurants and uncertainty 15 cents each production Total $6,519.58 Reward Points (Tiered) 33% Chance Divide est. tickets by 3 for target $5 each for 500 points 33% chance $3 each for 300 points 33% chance $1 each for 100 points 33% chance Total $24,760.18 ATM Fee Waivers 33% Chance Average $2.22 ATM fee Total $18,322.53 48
  52. 52. Overdraft Forgiveness 33% Chance Est. $1 processing each Total $8,253.39 1 Grand Prize Toyota Prius $18,000.00 42" Panasonic TVs 30 TV Prizes Drawn $549.99 each Total $16,499.70 Las Vegas Trip Airfare Hotel Stay Total $372.00 Promotional Posters 80 cents each production 50 est. colleges/universities Est. 15 posters per institution $1000 professional design Total $1,600.00 Storefront Banners $200 each production At 25 Wells Fargo stores $100 design Total $5,100.00 Subtotal $244,548.33 Remaining for Admin. Costs and Extra $5,451.67 Total $250,000.00 Total Visits Generated 24,760 Cost per Generated Visit $10.10 Profit per Customer (According to Corporate Executive Board) $320.00 ROI per Customer $309.90 ROI Total $7,673,180.43 49