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White paper

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White paper

  1. 1. About the Author: Emily Barrera did research and studies, and found out what is in this article. She has written How To Write an award wining book about white papers, essays and research papers.<br />The common problem of losing that paper can now be the thing of the past with this tool.<br />Forgetting things you need to do? Having trouble finding where you put that piece of paper where you wrote what you need? This is a common problem for all busy students. This solution is right in sight; you don’t have to go far for it.<br />Losing Things<br />Often, students write down the things they need to do then they end up misplacing that paper and forgetting what they needed to do. This usually happens when you are rummaging through your purse or backpack for that one piece of paper, or place in a notebook. I myself do this, I forget to put it somewhere I know I will look later and then I end up forgetting and then I miss a test or a meeting. This is no ones fault, you just get caught in the moment of listening to a lecture or trying to get out of class and hurry where you need to go that you may drop it or throw it away.<br />So no matter where you are, you will sooner or later find that you wrote something somewhere and you forgot. This common problem stops people from going to important test days, or keeps them from deadlines that have to be done. Clearly there is a tool that needs to be utilized here for this on going problem.<br />Helping Hand<br />There is a simple tool called Forcedo.com. This web page is free of charge and has a simple interface to work with. This tool can help all kinds of students with managing their time and keeping reminders. Once this problem is stated you can surely come to this site and make sure you don’t <br />miss an appointment or a social event you wrote down and lose the address and time on.<br /> The common problem of losing that paper can now be the thing of the past with this tool. This tool helps you keep your tasks in line, you can put the times you need them to be an even the duration of your project. This simple site helps with a little but important task. To remind you and help you manage your time. Any student can visit this site while you are at school near <br />It has easy options, you can’t get lost here.<br />a computer. The site will look friendly and end up helping you with the things you don’t have to write down and lose.<br />Forcedo is your best bet.<br />Friendly Interface<br />Forcedo has a fast, simple, user friendly look to it. It is easy to set up tasks to their duration, and even to say when it is due. Once you pass that day it tells you that you are over do, then once a task is completed it moves to the done tab. So then you don’t have to worry about done tasks cluttering you list space. <br /> “The layout and simplicity of this site<br /> makes it worth taking the time to look at it.”<br />It has easy options, you can’t get lost here. You have your tasks your settings and then signing out. Settings are not hard to understand and have standard defaults that you rarely have to change. I find myself using this tool more because I am a forgetful person.<br />It this is an easy way to keep up with your to-do list without going really out of the way.<br />This site even links with twitter a popular social site where people have short blogs. You can get reminded of tasks you started and when they are done. Many people use their phones to updates status’ or to see what everyone is saying. At that same time you can check your tasks. It this is an easy way to keep up with your to-do list without going really out of the way. <br />The site has a simple face of blue white, standard colors that don’t hurt the eyes and keep it from looking to plain. Even if you don’t want to check it constantly online, you can always write them up online and then print them if you like the old fashioned way of getting your tasks together.<br />Any Doubts? <br />You can log onto Forcedo.com and find out for yourself if it really is that effective for you. There are no hidden fees or charges. They even have a feedback option so you can share your thoughts and comments. Either you want some new feature or just want to say you appreciate their efforts. Go see what they are about and see what you think.<br />