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Media studies a2 lydia hills
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Media studies a2 lydia hills


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  • 1. Media Studies A2 By Lydia Hills RESEARCH PLANNING EVALUATION - Trailers vs. Teaser trailers - Time Management - Evaluation Q1 - Film Certification - My Film Certification - Evaluation Q2 - Marketing Campaigns - Teaser Trailer Planning - Evaluation Q3 - Print Media - Poster Planning - Evaluation Q4 - Audience Research - Magazine Planning - Storyboard for Teaser - Layout plan for Poster - Company Logo - Shooting schedule and plan BRIEF: To produce a promotional package for a new film, to include a teaser trailer, together with a film magazine front cover, featuring the film and a poster for the film.
  • 2. The BBFC The British Board of Film Classification is an independent, non- governmental body which has classified cinema films since it was set up in 1912 and videos/ DVDs since the Video Recordings Act was passed in 1984. U PG 12A 12 15 18 R18 – only licensed cinemas and sex shops reserve the right to show these films and the viewers must be over 18. The BBFC protects against discrimination, drugs, horror, imitable behaviour, language, nudity, sex, theme, violence, titles, Photo or pattern sensitivity, motion sickness and reactions to low frequency sound, trailers/advertisements, Public information advertisements/charity advertisements, video games. Last year, the BBFC cut 5 films. I will be aiming for a cert 15. As is horror genre and this tends to appeal and be suitable for those over 15.
  • 3. Company Logo LH LH LH LH Productions Productions Productions Productions I decided to call my company LH Productions because my initials are LH and it is easy for people to understand that it is a production company. Below are five styles of fonts that I tried with my company name:1)Chiller 2)Adobe Caslon Pro Bold 3) Baskerville Old 4)Broadway5)Elephant I chose ‘Broadway’ as it is clear and simple and would suit any genre that my company chose to produce. Furthermore, the style looks like a font it is from the 80’s era therefore making my company have age and reliability. The colour of my company’s logo will depend on the colour of the background but I will ensure that it is always clear and legible When I used the Mac’s software, the fonts were different so in the end I used the font ‘Bernard MT Condensed’.
  • 4. Poster Planning I found that I had many different ideas for my film poster and found it extremely difficult to choose just one to produce. My initial idea was to have a black background with a vibrant red heart in the centre. The heart would be a real picture of a heart rather than a cartoon one. The second idea I had was to have the same design but to have a pile of bright red poker chips in the centre. This was because my film was to be titled The Game. My third idea was to use the same design and have a large sharp knife with blood on it in the centre. Due to being stuck with three different ideas that all fit the conventions of the horror genre, I am going to product three different posters and ask a collection of people to answer a questionnaire to decide which poster I wanted to use.
  • 5. Poster Planning Here are my three initial posters that I made during the planning stage
  • 6. Teaser Trailer Planning In order to think of an idea/plot for my teaser trailer, I made a brainstorm with different heading. These include: costume, setting, genre, character(s), sound, props, camera angles. I decided that I wanted to create a trailer that included many shots that would entice the audience but leave them not being able to entirely tell what the plot is. This will create ambiguity, mystery and a sense of unknowing. I also decided not to film much outside when it is dark as I learnt through the preliminary task last year that it is risky as the footage can very easily become grainy. I decided to make sure that I carefully planned the time that I would film in order to avoid this issue.
  • 7. Teaser Trailer Storyboard Here are my storyboards. A bigger version is displayed on this link - / and /
  • 8. Magazine Planning I planned my magazine cover on paper first. The top design was my initial idea and the bottom one is the idea that I chose to create. Here is a link to a bigger version - hotos/72128071@N05/6 515489083/in/photostre am
  • 9. Magazine Here is a copy of my magazine front cover. A link to my magazine cover is - hotos/72128071@N05/ 6515406581/in/photost ream/
  • 10. Time Management In order to keep up to date with the tasks I need to do, I made lists of everything that I needed to do. I also made use of a checklist with everything on it and which week it should be completed on. This made it clear to me on what I needed to do and what was outstanding.
  • 11. Trailers Vs. Teaser Trailers Teaser trailers are created for primarily for blockbusters to show the audience what the overall film will be like rather than what the plot is about. This means that they include a lot of action and special effects rather than dialogue and script. This is to attract viewers to watch the film when it is released in cinemas. Teaser trailers tend to be a lot shorter than theatrical trailers and sometimes do not include any actual footage from the film itself. An example of this is __________. Trailers, however, are normally always made of actual footage from the film as they are made after filming and are usually released shortly before the film comes out. They will usually include an exact date of release whereas teaser trailers tend to include a season rather than a date or do not include one at all. Typical genres that have teaser trailers are action, thriller and horror. These trailers will include the conventions of the genre and include minimal parts of the storyline, some actors and some include the producer, director or editor.
  • 12. Print Media Masthead – a masthead is the page of a newspaper or magazine which list the publisher, editor, advertising rates, etc. Strapline – slogans that are used in advertising are called straplines. Cover Line – these are catchy phrases or sentences that are used on the cover of the magazine. (________ENTER EXAMPLE) Screamer – a screamer is a headline which is very loud and bold. It grabs the attention of the reader. Billing Block – a billing block is used on posters, DVD covers, etc and it gives information, credits and logos of all the people involved in the making of the film. Tagline – this is similar to a slogan however differs as a tagline is created for a product brand whereas a slogan in created for a product campaign and can vary depending on the target audience.
  • 13. Magazine Cover Analysis Title/Name Tagline and websiteMain cover line/ .screamer Main image Cover line . Cover line Image to attract attention
  • 14. Magazine Cover AnalysisThe title of the magazine The cover includes theis in bright red. This website and tag linecatches the eye of the under the header whichaudience as it stands out shows introduces a newagainst the dark form of media (thebackground. internet).The use of capital The background image isletters on the ‘Massive of the main characterPreview Special’ is a from the film. This is usedfocal feature and draws to attract the viewers whoa lot of the attention at like this actor. The bloodfirst glance. on his face and shattered glasses also suggest the“You need to know” is a direct genre of the film.way of talking to the viewersand it makes the reader feel likeit is compulsory. The taboo language here is used as a shock factor aimed at the reader of theThis image is used to help text. The yellow writingentice more readers in. It underneath isn’t as brightmeans that even if a reader as the white as it isdoes not like the film on informing.the cover, they know thereare others inside whichthey may like.
  • 15. Magazine Cover Analysis Subheading Title/Name Main Cover Line Main Image.Cover Line Cover Lines.
  • 16. Magazine Cover Analysis The capital letters used inThe cover stands out the sub-heading which isbecause of the bright above the title, is in yellowcolours in the background which distinguishes itselfof the main image. from the rest of the poster. The date, price and issue number are all listed here and as they are in aThis highlights the fact that small font they don’t draw anyyou can only read about this attention away from the otherfilm in this magazine which objects. The magazine’s website is alsois giving the audience a here to direct readers to another formreason to buy this film of media in which they can discovermagazine over others. even more about films.Johnny Depp is an actor andis seen as a sex symbol to The image is clearly showing thewomen. He has become a audience that it will be a film that isunique selling point for this crazy, and out of this world. This ismagazine issue as due the costume, make up andconsumers would buy this props. It is quite clear to thepurely for the reason of audience that this is about Alice Inreading about Depp. Wonderland as it is a very well known, old story which many know.This listing is used to drawreaders of this media text toread the article mentioned.The plug at the end “and 38 This helps to entice evenmore…” adds a sense of more readers in as itmystery and makes the highlights the names ofsuspicious readers need to even more film stars thatfind out what they’re talking will feature in thisabout. magazine.
  • 17. Poster Analysis The image of the main This quote is used to show actress strongly the name of the director suggests it’s genre as it but also that he has made is in a very blue and great films in the past. The black light rather than genre is suggested even bright colours and the more by the words ‘master emotion of fear/anxiety of shock’. on the womans face. The setting appears to be dark and dirty which is oftenThe marks on the the setting for a film of thisfemales chest suggest genre. The element of havingviolence and this helps something/someoneto reinforce the genre following you is reflected inand the film’s plot. this picture by the actor looking back over her shoulder. The title of the film is in largerThe billing block includes letters and a yellow colourthe names of companies which stand out against theinvolved, such as: costume dark main background image.designers, make-up artists, The font style that has beeneditors, directors and used is reflective of the genreproducers. due to being cracked.
  • 18. Teaser Trailer Analysis Saw 3D - The Saw 3D effectively uses black screens with lettering/words on throughout the teaser trailer. The words used is linked what is happening in the trailer and gives the audience an insight into what the film is going to be about. Many of the shots used are dark in colour and the trailer is a montage of clips from throughout the film. The music is dramatic and suspenseful and this helps to indicate the genre of the film. The sound hits a climax which mirrors the footage . The release date is shown in the trailer and this is important so that the audience knows when to expect the film. The font used suggests the genre and the use of the colour red also connotates danger and blood.
  • 19. Teaser Trailer Analysis American Psycho - This trailer is different to the Saw 3D in that the footage used is a lot lighter in colour. The company logo is present at the beginning of the trailer to inform the audience who made the trailer/film. This trailer also includes the use of visual words on the screen. This appears both with at the bottom of the screen which has footage behind it and also writing on a black title screen. Camera shots such as pans, mid shots, long shots and close ups have been used to create variety.
  • 20. Poster Analysis – Saw 3D These posters were used around public areas, on billboards, buses, bus shelters, etc. They are all linked together by the graphics used in the main image with the object exploding and the tag line at the top also links all three. All three images used a human organ which adds to the viewers expectation of the genre and what the film is about. The same style of writing is used in all three poster which helps to build a ‘brand’ image for the film. The background colours are plain black or white which makes the central image stands out more. Despite the images appearing to be computer graphics rather than real human organs, the images are very details and this adds to the expectation of a high quality film.
  • 21. Website Analysis – Saw 3D After entering ‘Saw 3D’ into the Google search engine, I discover that there is an official website for the Saw collection which features all of the films and then there is an entirely separate official website just for the release of Saw 3D – the final chapter. As soon as you open the website you know straight away what it is for. This is because the ‘loading’ image is of a revolving saw which is present in the film/previous films so the viewer knows that they have come to the right place It then plays an interactive questionnaire of which torture methods/machines you would like to see in the next Saw. Once finished, then there is an option to send it to Twitter or Facebook which is an example of the marketers planning to take the marketing virally. The theatrical trailer plays automatically in order to make viewers want to see the film. You can download the film posters to use as backgrounds or print out for posters which helps to spread the word about the film. There are also photos on the website of the actors whilst filming and of the director which helps the audience to gain an insight into the film and the filming process before they watch the film. There are videos on the website which contain teaser trailers, theatrical trailers and trailers to demonstrate the use of 3D in the film. These all make the viewers want to see the film more. There is an ‘About’ page with a basic overview of the plot and a list of featured cast members. This helps to entice in viewers that have not seen any of the other Saw films as they know what it is about and know who is who in the film. Saw music is played throughout your time spent on the website which adds mystery, suspense and the sense of thrill. This plays repeated to keep up the atmosphere and to keep the website having a scary feel to it.
  • 22. The Ride Analysis – Saw 3D Saw 3D also created a rollercoaster rider at Thorpe Park in Surrey in order to promote the release of Saw 3D – the final chapter. The ride features of the Thorpe Park website where there is a 360 °interactive video in order to know what to expect and photos of the ride. This makes people want to go on the ride and to find out about the film if they do not already know. The ride imitates the film in that there is suspenseful music playing whilst you are stood in the crowd and sudden gun shot sounds go off the scare the viewers and to make them jump. The ride is in a warehouse style building and the barriers that for the queue and metal and give the sense of being trapped. The old machinery in the queuing area add suspense and make the person feel like they are actually in the film. To keep the film fresh and updated, after the ride came the release of a Saw maze. This features real life actors who taunt and scare people as they walk through a maze and try to escape. The maze contains fake blood to build the tension and even contains the smell of real urine to make the person feel totally involved in the film. This is an equally strong marketing campaign as the audience can fully understand and experience the terror and fear of the characters in the film(s). However, the Saw maze may seem to contradict the film as the film has just one master whereas the maze has many scary actors. Overall I believe it was a successful campaign as it entices people to see the movie but also to get an understanding of what the viewers can expect based on the ride. It is an example of synergy, where Merlin Entertainment Group and the makers of Saw 3D have come together.
  • 23. Target Audience Definition of Demographics – the attributes of people in a particular geographic ‘ area. Used for marketing purposes, ethnic origins, religion, spoken language, income and age range are examples of demographic data.’ – TechEncyclopedia. Demographics for The Game Language: English Ethnicity: Any Primary Age Range: 15 – 25 (older teens – to younger adults) Gender: Both genders I am aiming for a 15 certificate. This is because I do not want to have rules and boundaries that are too strict to portray the conventions of a horror film. Despite deciding what certificate I am aiming for, I should refer to the BBFC guidelines to ensure the restriction of more outrageous footage such as: extreme swearing, nudity, sex, horror, drugs or violent behaviour, etc. There is no speech in my teaser trailer therefore there are no language barriers that means it couldn’t be used in different languages – only the written titles would need adjusting. I believe that it will be targeted primarily at British audiences rather than American as it will be shot in England and using actors with British accents. Furthermore, my film does not contain any special effects and is not the typical Blockbuster style that does well with American audiences. However, it is worth considering that Saw 3D – the final chapter made $45,710,178 in America/Canada. This film is, however, part of a film series.
  • 24. Shooting Schedule & Plan Shooting schedule – When deciding same road. I wanted to film the whether to create a shooting schedule, majority of the trailer inside and I decided that I would film in the wanted a location where I wasn’t bound chronological order of the teaser trailer. by the restraints of time. I also took This is because I felt that this would into account the restrictions on having minimise continuity errors and also so my props in a public space, e.g. the that I could feel the order of the large kitchen knife. storyboard and not miss out any  Props – I used many props in my filming. I found this very useful as filming which included: a knife, when I watched back my footage before cigarettes, a lighter, a hand-written editing, I could get a general feel for card, a handbag and a pen and paper. how the trailer would look. I decided to This is because they are a combination film each shot as many times as of items which you would not expect to possible because I can cut clips see together so do not give away the down/find the best shots during the storyline but still fit the horror genre. editing stage but I cannot make clips longer or better without re-filming them  Costume – This is not anything that I which may create continuity errors with need to consider as my character is things such as lighting or the hairstyle supposed to be a normal person who is of the character. just mentally distressed. The lack of scary costumes and only one actor Location – the location of my trailer is worked well as I would like to keep a in Celina’s house and along her road. I sense of the unknown. have also used the doorstep of three people that I know that live on the
  • 25. Poster Here is the finished copy of my film poster for Personal Justice. As you can see it is very similar to my initial drawing phase and the billing block at the bottom of my poster has been made by hand in accordance of the other billing blocks that I have researched. The billing block contains the names of my individual producers and cast. To open a bigger version, please follow this link - /72128071@N05/651540685 1/in/photostream
  • 26. Final Teaser Trailer Here is a link to my final teaser trailer – e=plcp&context=C2945bUDOEgsToPDskJW_3t9KLYdbRk Npg4NmXb0
  • 27. Demographics Before producing my teaser trailer, film poster and film magazine front cover, I asked my prospective audience questions on their film preferences. I did this in order to discover what my audience thought so that I could fit the ideas of my marketing package around their ideal qualities.
  • 28. Questionnaire Results1) How old are you? 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 13-15 16-18 19-21 22-25 26-30 My results show that 8 out of 10 of the people I asked were aged between 16 and 18. This is ideal as I was aiming my film to be a 15 certification. My target audience was 15 to 25 so it will be helpful to have feedback from the two people who are aged between 19 and 25.
  • 29. 3) Would a teaser trailer entice you enough to go to the cinema and watch the film? romantic 0 rom-com 1 sci-fi 0 horror 62) Which of the following is your yespreferred genre? thriller 3 no comedy 0 animation 0 action 0As you can see, horror and The majority of people answeredthriller were my target yes which means that the teaseraudience’s favourite trailer is a vital part in thegenres. This is ideal for marketing as my idea is for ahorror-thriller film.
  • 30. 5) Do you like film posters to be simple or complex? yes simple4) Do you like to see the plot in nothe trailer? comple x6 people answered 9 out of 10 people said that theyyes, however, 4 people prefer simple film posters. I willanswered no. As this is take this on board and ensure thatquite an equal split I will my film poster is fairly simple asinclude parts of the plot this is the feedback from mybut leave a lot unseen so target audience.that a sense of mystery iscreated.
  • 31. Risk AssessmentRisk Why is it a risk? How can I overcome this risk?Knife Somebody could get Nobody will run with the knife. The shot injured whilst using the will be calm and sensible to prevent prop. It is illegal to carry a accidents. The knife will be removed from knife in public. the bag before we go outside.Cables Cables from lighting and I will use tape to keep the wires stuck the camera causes a trip down to the floor to lower the risk of hazard. people tripping.Cigarette Smoking inside could I will ensure that there is an ashtray next(inside) cause a fire if not to the actress and that as soon as the adequately extinguished . cigarette is no longer needed, I will ensure that it is put out put filling the ashtray with water.
  • 32. Evaluation Q1 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?For a link to my answer to this question, please follow thislink -
  • 33. Evaluation Q2 How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts (i.e. magazine cover/poster)?For my response to this question, please follow this link -
  • 34. Evaluation Q3 What have you leaned from your audience feedback?For this question, I made graphs to represent my audiencefeedback.I have also included the link to the first edit of my teasertrailer to show the progression that my trailer underwent.
  • 35. Q1) do you think the teaser Q2) rate the editing out of ten trailer fits the conventions of a horror/thriller? 6 2 7 3 8 5 9 1I asked this question as it would give me an insight I asked this question sointo whether my trailer fitted the right genre. If it that I knew how much Ididn’t, I would be able to ask what about it doesn’t fit needed to improve theand change it. editing of my teaserAs you can see from the graph, 9 people said it did fit trailer. From this I canthe conventions of a horror/thriller and 1 person said see that my editing couldit did not. be improved.
  • 36. Q3) how well did the Q4) do you feel that theteaser trailer flow in terms trailer gave you an insightof plot, pacing and into what the film wasediting? about?This was an open question This was another opentherefore the answers are question therefore thenot able to be displayed in answers are not able to bea graph. However, most displayed in a graph. Manypeople agreed that the people understood thegeneral pace near the general theme but felt thatbeginning was slightly my teaser trailer wouldslow in comparison to the benefit from having someend. This is something title screens in to help mythat I changed during the audience to understandfinal editing process of my the plot. This led me toteaser trailer by cutting add in title slides thatout some of the lengthy suggested the plot withoutfootage that was present fully giving the story the start.
  • 37. Q5) rate the use of camera Q5) what did you think ofshots out of ten only having one character in the trailer? 6 1 The general feeling was that the use of one character in my 7 2 trailer was effective. One person said ‘excellent use of 8 2 one character. We know that it centres around her – we know what to expect.’ I found this 9 5 question useful as I found out that I didn’t need to add any other characters into myThis question would give me on knowing whether Ihave used a good variety ofinteresting shots. The resultsclearly show that the use ofcamera shots is marked highlyand therefore I didn’t need tore-film any of my trailer.
  • 38. Q8) is the trailer similar to Q8) any improvements orothers of the genre that you comments?have seen? The main themes were: • Add appropriate sound • Increase the pace at the start • Smoother editing my adding more transitions • Add title slides to indicate plot After these comments, I changed my teaser trailer by adding sound, taking out someI asked this question as it would footage from the beginning andsuggest whether my trailer fitted adding in transitions. I alsoin with other in regard to forms included some black title slidesand conventions. 9 people said and added in the word ‘kill’ inthat it was similar and 1 person red to further connotate love andsaid that it wasn’t. This told me danger.that my trailer suited the genrewell and so re-filming wasn’tnecessary
  • 39. Evaluation Q4 How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?To watch my video response to this question,. Please followthis link -