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Question report

  1. 1. Lydia PlattsQuestionnaire resultsFor my market research I created a questionnaire to collected and gain information for mymagazine. The questions I have created will help me on deciding which target audience I will be basemy magazine around as well as what genre of music audiences that my magazine will appeal to. Thecharts below show my results of the questionnaire; What is your gender? Female Male 50% 50%This chart shows that 50% of the people I asked were female and the other 50% were male, thismeans that my results should not be bias towards a certain gender meaning that my results shouldbe reliable. How old are you ? Under 16 0% Over 25 10% 20-25 20% 16-19 70%Here we see that 70% of the people that participated in the question are were between the ages of16-19, 20% were between 20-25, 10% over 25 and no one was under the age of 16. From this itshows that the results of the questions I have asked will more likely favour the younger generations.
  2. 2. Lydia Platts What is your current occupation? Employed 10% Unemployed 10% Student 80%I asked this question to gain more on an understanding of the lifestyle of the target audience of mymagazine, these results shows that with 80% the majority of the people I asked were students. Thiswill help me when deciding what to include in my magazine and help me with decided the price as itcannot be too expensive as my target audience are students. What genre of music do you prefer? Jazz 0% Other 10% Pop 20% RnB/Hip-Hop 40% Classical 0% Rock 30%The results from this question show that the majority of people prefer RnB/Hip-Hop, however thereis a large percentage of people who also enjoy Rock and closely behind that is Pop. These resultshave now established the genre of music my magazine will aim to appeal to which is RnB/Hip-hophowever because Rock and Pop were also popular, I will also try and appeal to these audiences too.By appealing to a range of different genres it means that the target audience will be wider meaninggreater profit.
  3. 3. Lydia Platts What attracts you when buying a magazine? Housestyles Competetions 0% Other 0% 0% Interviews 15% Articles Cover Star 31% 54%The results here show that the main aspect that attracts people when buying a magazine is the coverstar. This means that the image I will have on my front cover will need to be attractive and eyecatching so that it stands out and people will want to buy it. I will also make sure that the article inthe magazine are interesting and appropriate towards the target audience as this was the secondpopular answer. How much would you pay for a magazine? Under £1 £1 - £2 0% 0% £4 - £5 Over £5 10% 10% £2 - £3 40% £3 - £4 40%These results show an equal divide of 40% between the price people are willing to pay for amagazine, as both answers which were £2-£3 and £3-4. This means that when deciding on the priceof the magazine it will need to be between £2-£4 otherwise people will not be willing to buy themagazine.
  4. 4. Lydia Platts How often do you purchase magazines? Daily 0% Weekly 10% Never 30% Monthly 60%From these results we can see that 60% of the people asked by magazines on a monthly basis,meaning that for my magazine to sell successfully and make profit it would be appropriate to themmonthly as the results shows that 10% of people buy them weekly and nobody buys them daily. Alarge percentage of the people I asked do not actually buy magazines at all, this is large potentialtarget audience so I need to include articles and offers in my magazine to get appeal and try to makethese people want to buy this magazine. How do you access music? Other TV/Radio 5% 10% YouTube CDs 29% 9% Illegally 14% iTunes/Spotify 33%As my magazine is going to be a music magazine I needed to go more in depth into how peopleaccess and listen to music, I found that the most popular response was iTunes or Spotify. I can usethis information to my advantage in my magazine as I can include offers/vouchers for iTunes andSpotify which will attract my target audience as this is something that relates and appeals to them.
  5. 5. Lydia Platts How often do you use social networking Rarely Monthly sites? 0% 0% Never 0% Often Weekly 10% 0% Daily 90%The introduction and the use of web 2.0 technology has become very popular and successful overthe last few years. I believe that this use of technology can benefit the magazine as 90% of peoplego on social networking sites on a daily basis and I can use social networking sites to promote andmarket the magazine and the benefit to this is that it doesn’t cost anything. Would you prefer an online or paper magazine? Online 30% Paper 70%As technology has become very popular and part of peoples everyday lives I wanted to know ifpeople would prefer a paper copy of a magazine or an online version. The results from this questionsurprised me as I thought that people would prefer an online copy due to the popularity oftechnology but this wasn’t the case, the majority of people preferred the traditional papermagazine. Therefore due to popular response my magazine will be paper.
  6. 6. Lydia PlattsIn conclusion, looking through my results from the questionnaire, the genre of my magazine will beRnB/Hip-Hop as the majority of people selected this as their preferred music choice. Although themagazine will be an RnB magazine I will still include articles and stories that relate to other musicgenres as this will maximise my profit and gain a larger target audience. As the cover star is whatattracts most people to a magazine I will need to make sure that I use an image and model that isattractive and will appeal to my target audience so that people will be attracted to the magazine andwant to buy it. Most of the participant of my questionnaires were students and wouldn’t be willingto pay over £4 for a magazine, I will make sure that the cost of the magazine is an appropriate andreasonable price; otherwise the magazine will not be bought. I also found that the higher percentageof people only buy magazine monthly so therefore my magazine will be published monthly. A largepercent of the participants also said that they do not actually buy magazines and I want mymagazine to change that and make them want to buy this magazine. I will target this audience whodo not actually buy magazine by the use of social networking sites, as I found in the results of myquestionnaire that the majority of people use these sites on a daily basis and on these sites I canmarket my magazine and also post deals and offers on the magazine to try to appeal to this targetaudience. Although the use of technology is highly popular my magazine will still be the traditionalpaper copy magazine as when asked people preferred this.