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Masthead designs

  1. 1. Lydia PlattsMasthead DesignsThe name/ masthead for my magazine will be Vibes, I have chosen this name as it is relevant to thegenre of my magazine as it is a music magazine. I have also chosen Vibes to be the name of mymagazine because it sounds very current and as the young generation is my target audience, beingcurrent is relevant and appeals to this generation. Now I have decided the name of my magazine Inow need to choose a specific font type that is appropriate to the style of my magazine. To find afont I have used the website .The first font I sampled was M12 Match Biker, the reasons for me choosing this font was that itstood out and caught my eye. However once I sampled it I felt that it wasn’t appropriate for my styleof magazine as to me it looks quite quirky and techno and this is not appropriate for an R’N’Bmagazine so I continued to search for a font.This is the second font I decided to sample, the font name is Mabella. At first I really liked this font asit was formal, however I then realised that this wasn’t appropriate to my magazine because I want toappeal to younger generations therefore an informal style would be more appropriate.For the next font style I decided to go down the music route and see if there were any fonts thatrelated to music and I found this one called Distracted Musician. Although this was appropriate tothe theme of the magazine, the font is just not suitable to be used as a masthead as it could be seenas childish, and this is not what I want.
  2. 2. Lydia PlattsAs I wanted to find a formal font for my magazine I decided to sample the font Fabada Regular. Thereasons for my wanting a formal font is because my target audience is the younger generation andinformal font would not be appropriate. Although this font is formal I do not believe that it isappropriate for a masthead because the font is too thin and wouldn’t stand out, which isn’t whatyou want for a masthead, you want it to be big and bold so it stands out.VIBESLooking again at formal fonts I sample the font called Haettenschweiler, I sampled this font as it wasformal as well as big and bold. I found that out of all the sample fonts I did that this result was mostsuccessful therefore I will be using it within my magazine.