Double page spread analysis


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Double page spread analysis

  1. 1. Main Image: Unlike the double page spread in the NME, on this particular page of the magazine there is only one image and this has been spread across the two pages and has been used as the background. The image is of a young man sat around in what looks to be a music studio as he is surrounded by musical instruments and music software, the image is very appropriate for the article as it sets the scene that it will be about this persons music. The fact that the magazine has chosen to do an interview with a young person is appropriate as the magazines target audience appeals to the younger generation therefore this image willMasthead: The masthead for relate to the target audience. By making this image the background and spreading it across two pages makes it in your face andthis page spreads from the striking which in my opinion is a positive thing as it makes you look at the page and draws you into reading the article.left hand bottom cornerdiagonally across to the Article: This particular article ispage. The font used is about a musician namedinformal which is Swindle’s work and how he isappropriate to the genre of proving himself in the musicthe magazine as the target industry. The article isaudience is young and positioned near to the bottomtherefore the use of formal left hand corner, which istext would not be needed. different to the traditionalThe colour of the text is layout that the NME used bysilver which blends well with placing the article in the topthe back ground image. Also right hand corner. The articlethe colour is relevant to the only consists of 1 1/3 ofimage and the genre of the columns which makes themagazine as silver represents article look quite small,technology and dance music however the text size used isis produced using small therefore still containingtechnology. most of the information that would have been included if the article was a bit bigger. The use of a drop-cap has been used to establish theHouse Styles: The colours used on this page are blues, greens and silvers, which are not the same as the colours used on the front cover start of the as the colours used there are, black, silver and yellow. By using these colours on this page they are not following a particularhouse style. Not using a house style could be said to be a bad thing as the magazine is not following any consistency making themagazine look unprofessional. However it could also be said to be a good thing as it gives each page of the magazine a fresh lookmaking it exciting to turn the page as there isn’t the same repetitive style. The colours used on this page contrast hugely with thecolours on the NME double page spread as they do follow a house style and the colours used are very formal.
  2. 2. Main Image: The main image has been placed in the top centre of the page, and unlike the Mixmag magazine there are several other images on the page. The images used are all images of the artist Florence, who the article is about, just like in the Mixmag magazine they too have chosen to interview a young artist and use images of a young person as it appeals to the target audience of the magazine as the magazine targets a young generation. Using several images makes the page look attractive to look at because if the article was all text and no images it would put people off reading the article as all the text would look daunting. I think using several images is a very positive feature to have as it makes the page look interesting and attractive. House styles: The houseMasthead: The masthead styles in this magazine consistfor this particular article of white, black and red,has been placed on the these colours are very formalprevious page, this is due and in comparison to theto the popularity of the Mixmag double page is quiteartist that they have been dull, however by making theable to dedicate several house styles formal they dopages for her article. This not sway to a particularcould be said to be a good gender, they appeal to both.thing because it builds up The use of red is very cleverthe anticipation for the as it could be said that it isarticle making the reader representing the artists’ hairwant to read on, i see this as she is famously known andas a negative thing to do. I recognised for her red hair.believe it isn’t a very good In some whys the houseidea to have the masthead styles are consistenton a previous page as it throughout the magazine ascould confuse readers as very formal colours and thethey may not see the use of red have been used onprevious page and not be the front cover and also onaware of what the article is the contents page.about and therefore wouldnot read the article. Article: This article is considerable larger that the article in Mixmag, this is due to the popularity and how big the star is. The font size is a similar size to that used in Mixmag, this font size allows the article to contain a large amount of information and still be clear and able to read, and because I have seen this font size used in two magazines I believe that it would be appropriate to use it within my magazine article. The use of drop caps has also been used in both magazines to indicate the start of the article or the start of a new part of the article, I like the idea of using drop cap to indicate the start of the article as it gives the magazine a traditional and professional look.