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What makes KDE tick?
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What makes KDE tick?


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talk about the KDE community at COSCUP 2013

talk about the KDE community at COSCUP 2013

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. What makes KDE tick? A look behind the scenes of a large Free Software project Lydia Pintscher @Nightrose COSCUP 2013
  • 2. This is KDE
  • 3. and this is KDE
  • 4. and for some this is KDE
  • 5. But really, this is KDE.
  • 6. And this!
  • 7. Some numbers nearly 17 years old over 200 individual projects more than 5000 people contributed code + countless contributions in other areas
  • 8. Some KDE programs
  • 9. Why are these people doing this? skills fame freedom friends job opportuities sharing ...
  • 10. What do people work on? code translation artwork quality assurance community management marketing documentation accessibility ...
  • 11. Why is KDE important? Innovation Education Freedom
  • 12. 2 Central Documents Code of Conduct Manifesto
  • 13.
  • 14. Be considerate Be respectful Be collaborative Be pragmatic Support each other
  • 15.
  • 16. Open Governance to ensure engagement in our leadership and decision processes
  • 17. Free Software to ensure the result of our work is available to all people
  • 18. Inclusivity to ensure that people of all origins are welcome to join us and participate
  • 19. Innovation to ensure that new ideas constantly emerge to better serve people
  • 20. Common Ownership to ensure that we stay united
  • 21. End-User Focus to ensure our work is useful to all people
  • 22. Benefits (shortened): 1. Technical and social support by the community 2. Support and representation by KDE e.V. 3. Increased visibility
  • 23. Principles (shortened): 1. Support of KDE's Code of Conduct 2. No mandatory contributor license agreement 3. Staying true to established practices common in KDE unless forced to deviate 4. Direct write access to all software for all contributors 5. Trademark continuity
  • 24. How KDE is set up
  • 25. Where does the good stuff happen? mailing lists Planet KDE meetings IRC wikis
  • 26. Where is KDE heading? Frameworks for Qt developers Umbrella organisation
  • 27. Your first steps 1. Find something you are interested in 2. Hang around a bit and get to know the people 3. Try to find a small task you can do (or ask for one) 4. Success!
  • 28. Email me if you have questions: