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Sony IBC2008

  1. 1. Sonaps Networked Production
  2. 2. Network production since 1999 US/Canada ABC T.S. Europe Tribune Gp (5) Japan Reuters, LNN (UK) Belo Gp (3) Shizuoka Hoso Parliament TV (Northern Europe) Cox Gp (1) FujiTV RAI, VideoTime, E-Biscom (Italy) VideoTime, E- Emmis Gp (5) NHK Canal+, TF1(2), LCI, F3 Rennes, F3 Reims (France) Turner Sports FBS VRT (Belgium) TXN TV2 EastJutland (Denmark) WDIV Telemadrid (Spain) MSG Plaza Media, NDR (Germany) CHUM-TV (Canada) CHUM- SIC (Portugal) Asia/Oceania SF DRS (Switzerland) Latin America TV2 Lorry (Denmark) 9 Network (Australia) China Skai (Greece) Cable TV (HongKong) (HongKong) TV Globo (Brasil) (Brasil) Sports channel (Qatar) Televisa (Mexico) >200 Systems ENTV (Algeria) TV Naccional (Chile) Over 300 large systems world-wide
  3. 3. Recent systems in Europe ON AIR TV2 Lorry – Denmark ON AIR Skai – Greece ON AIR ON AIR Canal+ – France ON AIR ON AIR RAI - Italy In Rehearsal ON AIR
  4. 4. In Partnership with Sobey Digital Sonaps references in China CCTV-5 (Sports) Remote Production & Transmission ON AIR ON AIR CCTV News Sharing Solution ON AIR ON AIR ON AIR Beijing TV Total Solution Design, Consultation ON AIR ON AIR ON AIR Shanghai TV Large Scale Media Asset Management ON AIR ON AIR Chongqing TV Content Management platform ON AIR ON AIR Shenzhen TV Expanded Total Network System ON AIR ON AIR Chengdu TV Total MAM and Information System ON AIR ON AIR Shenyang TV Networked Production System
  5. 5. Skai case study SKAI news is the largest independent provider of television news in Greece. The Athens-based television news channel was re-launched in April 2006 with the objective of offering the fastest, most comprehensive quality news service available to Greek viewers
  6. 6. Skai case study – Key ideas Workflow key to fast production workflow HD migration key to better quality pictures Ready for future technology Confidence in ROI
  7. 7. System overview Sonaps V2.4 SD 16:9 operation ENPS News Room Computer I/F to V5.0 Blue Order XDCAM shelf-based archive 4 x Craft edit stations 55 Journalists edit stations 350 Hours central storage @ IMX30 10 Simultaneous SDI ingest + 4 x XDCAM network ingest
  8. 8. Key features Market-leading workflow from planning to archive Seamless integration with ENPS and Blue Order Streamlined metadata handling through entire system Intelligent searching across all available content Full support and integration for XDCAM acquisition Significant reduction in production time Increased output from existing resources Fully tapeless production
  9. 9. System in operation Newsroom Gallery
  10. 10. Sonaps Overview The technology behind the scenes
  11. 11. System overview
  12. 12. File-based Workflow Support • Interoperability with XDCAM HD • Supports XDCAM HD compatible MXF as native
  13. 13. Material server IT Industry Servers DataDirect Networks S2A series will be used Highest bandwidth for video applications. Max Capacity : Up to 440TB ( 500GB FC HDD) • 16700 Hours / 50Mbps High Resolution Video and Audio Reliability • Redundant Controller/Fan/Power Supplier. • Active/Active Mode Successful stories • CCTV, BTV, GDTV, CQTV, SZMG, CDTV, SMG, HK Cable TB
  14. 14. Playout server Scalable up to 50 ports, 10 studios Capacity can be gradually increased High Bandwidth Reliable Hot Swap with Optional Redundancy
  15. 15. Redundancy Network Dual Connections/FC Links Clustered DB server Clustered Metadata Server Mirrored Material Server - Option Mirrored Playout Server - Option
  16. 16. External Interfaces MOS Gateway for communication with NRC-systems Common Gateway for exchange with 3rd party Applications such as: • Archive • File Exchange • News Agency feeds • NLE systems
  17. 17. Standards MOS V2.8.2/3 MXF OP1a and OP-atom XML for metadata exchange
  18. 18. Integration with 3rd-Party archive Partners • Blue Order Features • Integrated NRCS • Federated search of materials on the journalist workstation of NRCS
  19. 19. Other Archive Options Shelf-based Archive for XDCAM Media File transfer between Sonaps and Archive application
  20. 20. Workflow overview File-based workflows in Sonaps
  21. 21. System overview
  22. 22. New assignment on NRC Assignment is entered on NRC newsgathering grid
  23. 23. New Assignment on NRC NRC notifies Sonaps Sonaps creates Material List folder and item in Planning List NRC Newsgathering grid Story folder created This links the NRC story to a specific Sonaps folder Sonaps planning list
  24. 24. New Assignment on NRC Sonaps returns unique MOS ID to NRC Sonaps material list NRC Newsgathering grid Story folder created MOS ID notified NRC shows list of Sonaps material This links the NRC story to a specific Sonaps folder Sonaps planning list
  25. 25. Sonaps Planning Planning List metadata and Material List Folder location is written to the XDCAM disc metadata area Sonaps planning list Metadata This links the media to the NRC story and to the Sonaps folder
  26. 26. Planning/Acquisition Shooting in the field adds AV content and enhances metadata Sonaps planning list Hi res Proxy Metadata Rec start Metadata Good shot Metadata+ EDL
  27. 27. Ingest When disc returns, Sonaps reads metadata and sends A/V and metadata to correct Sonaps folder for the story Sonaps planning list Hi res Proxy Metadata+ Rec start Metadata Good shot EDL This links the media and AV content to the NRC story and the Sonaps folder
  28. 28. File Based Import Disc returns to station, metadata and proxy is loaded to Sonaps first (~x30 - x40) Proxy is available to all journalists in a few seconds Sonaps server Proxy Metadata
  29. 29. File Based Import Proxy viewing and editing can begin immediately by everyone Multiple discs can be assigned to one story XpriNS Sonaps server Proxy Proxy GBEthernet Metadata Metadata Metadata Metadata
  30. 30. File Based Import Hi res material is then ingested during Lo res browsing/editing Sonaps links proxy EDL to Hi res material XpriNS Sonaps server Proxy GBEthernet Proxy Metadata Metadata Metadata Metadata Hi res
  31. 31. SDI Ingest Multiple SDI simultaneous ingest capability Sonaps router control Recording control & metadata input Sonaps material list Sonaps Hi res server Simultaneous SDI inputs Multiple sources Router Proxy SDI Metadata
  32. 32. Network File Import Common Gateway is watched by Sonaps Sonaps material list Sonaps Hi res server Proxy Metadata Common gateway MXF file Other applications
  33. 33. Common Gateway Import FTP Transfer MXF Decode Sonaps material list Sonaps MXF MXF Hi res server file file Proxy Remote contribution from hotel/home/region/bureau or agency Metadata Common gateway MXF file FTP server
  34. 34. Common Gateway Import MPG->MXF->Sonaps Sonaps material list Reuters agency Sonaps .MPG server .XML Hi res .ENC WNE server Metadata .MPG Common gateway .MXF .XML Flip Factory
  35. 35. Network File Export Remote distribution to MXF->FTP Region/bureau or other site Sonaps material list MXF MXF file file Hi res MXF file FTP server Common gateway Metadata Sonaps server
  36. 36. Sonaps site to site connection Shared Network User Rights control access Sonaps in Regions/bureau Sonaps in Regions/bureau Sonaps Partial Hi res server Sonaps material list Sonaps material list Proxy Metadata Remote site gateway Sonaps in Regions/bureau
  37. 37. Journalist editing Search for materials using NRC application NRC
  38. 38. Journalist editing NRC searches Sonaps and the Archive system NRC Archive Sonaps server
  39. 39. Journalist editing Librarian is notified to retrieve disc for shelf archive material or Sonaps automatically retrieves required archive materials NRC Archive Sonaps server
  40. 40. Journalist editing Results are displayed in NRC and XpriNS is activated when the result is selected NRC XpriNS for journalist Archive Sonaps server
  41. 41. Journalist editing Proxy from Sonaps and archive can be edited on timeline Complete edit in Craft Editor or send directly to Playlist NRC XpriNS for journalist Craft suite EDL Playlist Package Archive Sonaps server
  42. 42. Journalist editing XpriNS Proxy package can be dropped directly to playlist XpriNS for journalist Package Playlist
  43. 43. Craft editing XpriNS EDL can be picked up by craft suite for finishing XpriNS for journalist Craft suite EDL XpriNS for craft editor Hi res Hi res Metadata Metadata Archive Sonaps server
  44. 44. Craft editing Story package is dropped to playlist Story is made in Hi res and put to on air server New proxy generated for on air material On air server XpriNS for journalist Hi res Craft suite A EDL B Pool Metadata Dist Playlist Hi res Hi res Metadata Metadata Archive Sonaps server
  45. 45. Journalist and Craft Editing Easy to move from Proxy to Craft Editor Colour-coded tracks XpriNS with simple storyboard Switchable source/master viewer XpriNS with advanced craft editing functions
  46. 46. EDL Executor Operation Background Rendering Engine for XpriNS XpriNS for journalist EDL executors
  47. 47. EDL executor operation Quick proxy editing with XpriNS Releases journalist to next job without waiting XpriNS for journalist EDL executors EDLs Proxy Metadata Sonaps server
  48. 48. EDL executor operation Access Sonaps Hi res material automatically XpriNS for journalist EDL executors EDL Proxy Hi res Metadata Metadata Sonaps server
  49. 49. EDL executor operation Output completed Hi res file based on EDL and send to on air server XpriNS for journalist On air server Hi res EDL executors A B EDL Pool Metadata Dist Proxy Hi res Metadata Metadata Sonaps server
  50. 50. EDL executor operation EDL manager can receive and manage multiple EDLs XpriNS for journalist On air server Hi res EDL executors A EDLs EDL manager B EDL Pool Metadata Dist Proxy Hi res Metadata Metadata Sonaps server
  51. 51. Playout Playlist is downloaded from NRC to Sonaps NRC Sonaps Playlist MOS gateway
  52. 52. Playout Available material is transferred to Playout Server NRC Sonaps Playlist MOS gateway A Hi res B Pool Dist Metadata
  53. 53. Playout Playlist changes can be made during TX NRC Sonaps Playlist MOS gateway A Hi res B Pool Dist Metadata
  54. 54. Playout GUI displays live windows of “now” and “next” for each channel Sonaps playout GUI Now ‘A’ Next ‘A’
  55. 55. Playout Channel and status is passed back to NRC Sonaps playout GUI
  56. 56. Archiving All material is available to be archived Sonaps material list
  57. 57. Archiving – Sonaps near-line Drag and drop to archive list Sonaps material list
  58. 58. Archiving – Sonaps near-line Material is sent to archive directly or as part of a schedule Archive Sonaps server Proxy Metadata Hi res On air server
  59. 59. Archiving – 3rd Party archive Material with proxies/metadata can be exported to 3rd party archive Sonaps material list Sonaps server Hi res Proxy Metadata Metadata Hi res Proxy Metadata On air server Archive proxy server
  60. 60. Sonaps to Archive Example Metadata flow Planning Acquisition Field Edit Ingest Newsroom Craft Edit Playout Hi res, Proxy Clip titles, Clip descriptions Custom comments Program XpriNS Edit suite Record start mark Key frames, Essence marks Custom descriptions Channel Editor Editor Good shot mark Essence mark notes Added Key frames Playlist Clip detail Clip detail Date, Time, Location Storyboard, Sub clips, EDL Added Essence marks Duration Duration Sub clip detail UMID Detailed Essence mark SOM, EOM Program Duration Disc ID Content descriptions Date, Time Last edit date Program Disc title Program definition EDL: executor Last edit date Description Creator Rights Place Date Time Photographer Reporter Country People Sonaps material server Location Event Archive Genre
  61. 61. Remote site connection
  62. 62. Remote connection workflow HQ Efficient Distribution and Contribution Remote real-time searching/ Browsing real- /Trimming of materials Selectable material transfer Field Editing Network Network Infrastructure Infrastructure Station A Station D Station C Station B Materials access and exchange among main and affiliate stations
  63. 63. Remote Connection Example (Doha to Beijing) Doha Beijing Up-load from Material Data Data XDCAM Archive Searching Searching Acquisition Ingestion Field Editor Archive WMS Server WMS Server Live Ingest DS3 Lines Transfer Server Transfer Server Material Material (LR & HR) (LR & HR) Server Server Proxy Proxy Editing Editing Voice Over Voice Over Craft Craft Editing Editing Play Out from Beijing Play Out from Doha
  64. 64. System in operation
  65. 65. System remote connection benefits Reduced travel costs operational staff Immediate access to content Operational redundancy and security
  66. 66. Support
  67. 67. Support SNMP support for Remote monitoring Automatic email/pager for fault reporting Local 1st line rapid response with Remote dial-in diagnostics and maintenance Ongoing upgrade and enhancements, On-site spares Access to central spares holding with advanced shipment Tailored plan to meet specific requirements Local telephone help for operational support