The Forests and Parks of cypurs


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  • Hello, I am Christina and this is my classmate Iakovos. We re going to present you our project which is about the forests and park in Cyprus
  • Cyprus is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea in the southeast part of Europe, a member of the European Union.
  • 20% of Cyprus is covered by forest which are on the mountains. There are two (2) mountain ranges. Pentadaktylos along Kerynia coastline and Troodos which is located in the center of the island.
  • Troodos is the highest mountain of Cyprus and it stretches across most of the western side of Cyprus. Its highest peak is Mount Olympos at 1952 metres.
  • There are large areas of plants, small rivers waterfalls,
  • Nature trails
  • and bridges
  • It is as beautiful in the summer,
  • as it is in the winter
  • There are small picturesque villages, hidden in the forests
  • as well as famous Greek Orthodox Monasteries that attract a lot of worshippers and tourists.
  • Pentadaktylos Mountain lies alongside the northern coastline of Cyprus which is now under the Turkish occupation.
  • It has a characteristic palm shape with five fingers and so it has gained the name Pentadaktylos which in Greek means five fingers.
  • The flora of Cyprus. The biggest part of the Cyprus flora is found in the forest. Flora of Cyprus is unique because it includes 2000 different trees species, shrubs and flowers. 140 of them are considered endemic, they are found only in Cyprus and nowhere else in the world. for example…
  • Pine brutia is a tree which reaches 35m height, usually with a wide peak of irregular branches.
  • Cyprus Chedar is one of the 4 kinds of cedars that exist in the world and it was well known by the ancients. Cedrus brevifolia is found only in Cyprus.
  • Cypress, reaches 30m height and it has a conical shape. Alongside the trees, grow beautiful flowers, for example
  • Cyclamen cyprium
  • Erysimum kykkoticum
  • Crocus cyprius
  • Ophrys kotchy
  • Tulipa Cypria
  • Cyprus Fauna A great part of Cyprus fauna finds shelter within the forest where animals find food, shelter and protection from their physical enemies for example
  • Cyprus Muflon – which is the emblem of Cyprus Airways
  • Fox
  • Partridge
  • Vulture
  • Trees are our lungs-Forest is our life
  • Forest are valuable Forest means beauty, health, civilization, life.
  • Forests with their natural beauty are a place for humans to relax, to have fun, and amuse themselves.
  • People who live in towns like to visit their forests
  • The forestry department has created places for excursions for families and people in general.
  • Our duty and responsibility is to keep the forests out of danger.
  • Our various actions and activities there should keep it clean always
  • Christina and I, live in Larnaca which is the third biggest city in Cyprus on the southeast coast, some way away from forests. Next to Larnaca airport there is a wetland of unique beauty called the Salt Lake of Aliki
  • It attracts many migratory birds like flamingoes.
  • Next to this lake is a park for ecological activities, for running as well as for relaxation.
  • Thank you for your attention!
  • The Forests and Parks of cypurs

    1. 1. The forests and parks of CYPRUS Comenius Programme 2009 - 2010
    2. 3. 20% of Cyprus is covered by forests Troodos Mountains Pentadaktylos Range Aliki Park
    3. 4. Troodos
    4. 10. PEDOULAS-Village at Troodos
    5. 11. KYKKOS monastery
    6. 12. Pentadaktylos
    7. 14. Flora of Cyprus
    8. 15. PINE
    9. 16. CEDAR
    10. 17. CYPRESS
    11. 18. Cyclamen cyprium
    12. 19. ERYSIMUM kykkoticum : Rare endemic species
    13. 20. Crocus cyprius – Endemic species
    14. 21. Ophrys kotchy Endemic species
    15. 22. Tulipa cypria Endemic species
    16. 23. Cyprus Fauna
    17. 24. Cyprus Muflon – Endemic species
    18. 25. Fox
    19. 26. Partridge
    20. 27. Vulture
    21. 28. Trees are our lungs … Forest is our life
    22. 29. FOREST IS VALUABLE Forest  beauty , health , civilization , life
    23. 30. Troodos
    24. 32. Troodos park
    25. 33. Forest before the fire
    26. 34. Forest after the fire
    27. 36. Aliki Salt Lake and park in Larnaca
    28. 37. Flamingoes in Aliki Salt Lake
    29. 38. Aliki Salt Lake and park in Larnaca
    30. 39. Thank you for your attention! <ul><li>Christina Flourou </li></ul><ul><li>Iacovos Toumazis </li></ul><ul><li>Saint George’s Lyceum </li></ul><ul><li>Larnaka-CYPRUS </li></ul>