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Agenda 21 Agenda 21 Presentation Transcript

  • Agenda 21
    School: St George’s Lyceum Larnaca
  • During the last few years, environmental pollution due to industrial progress and technological achievement has reached not only dangerous levels but in many instances, destructive levels, for the earth’s biosphere.
    We very often hear on the news that a certain industry has thrown its waste into the sea. We all know the consequences of such irresponsible behaviour.
    Factory waste ends up in the sea. Even the factory chimneys spread their pollution into the atmosphere which we breath and have difficulties in our breath
  • Causes of environmental pollution
    Exhaust fumes and industrial waste.
    Exhaust fumes created by transport, (cars and tracks)
    Waste created by people living in big cities.
  • What is the result?
    Increase in the atmosphere’s temperature.
    Lots fo dead fish on the coast
    Many people with different diseases.
    Destruction of the forrests.
    Water pollution.
    Ozone hole.
  • Ways of solving the pollution problems
    Installation of waste treatment plants of local and industrial waste.
    Installation of catalysts in vehicles using petrol
    Treatment of gases created by industry before they are released in the air.
    Garbage recycling.
    Setting up correct boundaries and proper use of, at the places of refuge burial.
    Wider application of technology which makes use of renewable sources of energy.
  • Our Agenda 21 at school:
    Bring recycling bins at school and use them, instead of throwing our rubbish in the streets or in the school yard.
    Planting trees in our school yard.
    Collect plastic bottles to put in recycling cans.
    Collecting aluminum tins for recycling.
  • The phenomenon of pollution is very important and everyone should do something about it before it’s too late!
  • Thank you for your attention!
    Prepared by:
    Andreas Demosthenous
    Andreas Konstantinou
    Eleni Pastellidou